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Annual Parish Council Minutes - 2013

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 7th May 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock, Mrs S. Harrison, Cllr James and two members of the Parish.

Cllr Calnan welcomed everybody and presented her report.



A summary of Parish Council business for the year 2012 –2013. 

There were six Parish Council meetings including the Annual Parish Council meeting and one open meeting. 


After discussion of the Parish Council’s financial commitments at a time of rising costs, the council decided to raise the precept for the year 2013/2014 by £480 in order to cover the extra costs which will be incurred in employing a new clerk, extra summer village maintenance, [as a positive response to complaints regarding the overall village untidiness] and the addition of a new formula for council tax.

The precept for 2013/2014 is £1860. 

The Parish Clerk presented the accounts for the year 2012–2013. Mr, George Heaton kindly acted as the internal auditor. 


Yealand Conyers Parish Council takes planning applications very seriously. Councillors individually scrutinise each application. Time is given at council meetings for applicants / objectors to discuss any submitted plans. 

Planning matters brought before the council this year are as follows –  

12/00426/CU - Leighton Hall - redevelopment of the existing Home Farm Complex including conversion, extensions and new build to 19 self catering holiday units with associated parking and landscaping.  This was granted with the provisos that the construction traffic would be confined to the hours of 7am - 5pm and that the conditions of the 106-travel agreement would be assured. It was also agreed with the developers that when construction commenced the council would discuss the possibility of ongoing help in maintaining the village environment. 

The application was passed with the agreement that £28,000 would be put to support the local bus service for the next 4 years and that construction traffic would be limited to the hours of the working day. 

12/00416/CU – Yealand Manor – change of use of upper storey of coach house to ancillary residential accommodation.

There were no objections to this application. 

12/00439/FUL – The Sheiling, Church Lane. Erection of a two-storey extension to the side and a two-storey extension to the rear.

This application was withdrawn and submitted later with suggested amendments made.

12/01091 – resubmission of the above made.

The Council supported the application. 

11/00727/ FUL – 53 Yealand Road. Conversion and alteration to an existing garage to create a granny annexe.

The council did not support this application.

This application was passed. 

12/01041/FUL – new industrial unit on the A6 owned by Rogerson.

The Council did not oppose this application but conveyed to the city planners some misgivings about possible further expansion. 


The Council’s web site continues to be updated.   Minutes of Council business are routinely place on the council notice board in the village by the ‘Old School’. Items of interest or urgency are mentioned in the village newsletter. 


Due to the resignation of the Council’s present clerk, Mrs Dawn Hancock an advertisement and interviews for a new clerk have taken place.  Mrs. Susie Harrison will take up the position in May 2013. 

Dispensation was sought for Councillors to discuss financial matters. 

All the Councillors have filled in forms identifying Councillors’ interests.  

The Council formally adopted the Code of Conduct. 


Open Meeting

An open meeting was convened to enable all parishioners to hear from the developers regarding the proposal for the Leighton Hall development. Two representatives of ‘Natural Retreats’ came to the meeting, which was well attended. 


Jubilee mugs were given to children of pre-school and primary school children living in the parish.  The mugs were well received.


A member of the fire service visited Yealand Council to talk about a proposed fire safety initiative. Information regarding this was placed in the village newsletter. 


The Council continues to employ a lengthsman during the year to oversee the tidiness of the village.

Although the village was not a winner in the ‘Best Kept Village’ competition this year parishioners had made special efforts to make the village look attractive. 

It was decided not to enter the competition in 2013 but wait until the new maintenance arrangements enhance the tidiness of the village.

Due to the very wet summer of 2012 it proved an impossible task for one person to keep the village roadside and paths weed free.  As a consequence the Council have investigated ways of tidying and maintaining tidiness of the village, especially during the summer months.

Up to date the following has been carried out -

·         - Continuing to employ a Lengthsman.

·         - Agreeing with the High Ways Department to clear the overgrown verge at the top of Dykes Lane.

·         - Asking  ‘Community Pay Back Scheme’ to clear weeds along Yealand Road. 


Together with some parishioners the future installation of super broadband is being monitored. Appropriate agencies have been contacted. 


The police continue to monitor traffic speed through the village.

20-mph signs have been erected outside Yealand Primary School.


Keer Bridge Recycling Depot  

This has remained open. The Council continues to monitor if there are any possible changes to this.     

Local Crime 

The village is patrolled regularly in order to deter anti-social behaviour and inconsiderate driving. 

A crime report is given to every Parish Council meeting. 

During the past 12 months there has been some minor criminal activity in the village. Stealing of property, e.g., purse/wallet and laptop, damage to car tyres, a burglary, theft of an electric fence energiser, an attempted burglary to stables, an incident when ball bearing guns were used.  

Council Representations 

Council representation is made at the A.N.O.B. and Canal Trust meetings.  The Council is a member of L.A.P.C. (Lancashire Association of Parish Councils).


As Chair of Yealand Conyers Parish Council, I wish to thank Mrs. Dawn Hancock for being a super efficient and reliable clerk, Alan White for his hard work keeping the web site up to date, John Holmes for being our valued lengthsman and Mr. George Heaton for voluntarily undertaking to be Council internal auditor. 

Finally, I wish to thank my fellow councillors for their forbearance, hard work and support.

Maureen Calnan.    Chair of Yealand Conyers Parish Council. 


The Clerk presented a report of Accounts 2012-2013

Accounts 2012-2013


This year we brought forward a balance of £538.02. We raised the Precept to £1300. Our total income was £1914.19.

The expenditure was £1599.06 leaving a balance of £315.13. We spent more on the Lengthsman than the previous year. There has been a small increase in the LALC fee but otherwise other outgoings have remained the same. 

The Parish Council have reviewed the Precept for 2013-2014. The appointment of a new Clerk will entail training costs, an increase in office and travel expenses, and payment for 2.5 hours work per week rather than 1.5.

The Council would also envisage spending more money on maintenance of the village. Therefore the precept has been raised to £1860.


There was some discussion on the way forward to improve the tidiness of the village. Cllr Panton felt that she was not in a position to monitor the whole village, although it was agreed that the Lengthsman needed guidance on which jobs needed attention each month. It was agreed that the Chair, Clerk and Cllr Panton would meet to discuss a work plan. The Lengthsman from Silverdale would be asked to quote of removal of weeds and soil from Yealand Road.

The Parish Council acknowledged that we do live in a rural area but attention should be paid to undergrowth encroaching on the Highway, which limits the passage of pedestrians.

There has been no action taken by the City Council on Dykes Lane, The Clerk will write again. She will also write to Ian Welsby, Head of Highways expressing our disappointment on the lack of response.

The poor state of the road surface from Warton to Yealand Storrs is a major concern. A letter to Highways will ask for urgent attention to be taken. In areas of poor visibility it is impossible to see the potholes. This is a particular problem for cyclists. Cllr James is going to ask the Cabinet Member to drive around the area with her.

Cllr Jackson asked that the Highways Authority should be asked to inspect eroded areas on the side of Roseacre Lane.

Members of the Parish are pleased that prompt action was taken over salting the roads last winter.

Cllr Mercer enquired whether work had started at Leighton Hall. The Clerk confirmed that work was due to start in June 2013


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