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Parish Council Minutes - May 2014

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 7th May 2014 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Chair Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Jackson, Alan Tyldesley, Clerk for Yealand Redmayne Sue Brown, Clerk S. Harrison.


Cllr Heaton, Graham, James.

Cllr Hancock welcomed everybody and presented her report.

Open Meeting

Alan Tyldesley asked the Chair if she had any update as to when the village was due to get super fast broadband.

Julia Watts from BT stressed in her email To Chair Hancock that this area is very high priority for Lancashire County Council. BT believes they know how to efficiently and economically deliver fibre to this area.

In terms of funding they have two plans, one is to work to free up additional funding through generally making savings in the contract to push coverage further. Secondly, BT have secured additional funding for Lancashire for around £8m. BT need to go through a procurement exercise but it means that if BT wins this funding they can extend the existing roll out plan. This will take longer but it is definitely happening and moving forward.



Dispensation was sought for Councillor’s to discuss financial matters.

Chair Hancock presented the Annual Report.  

This has been a year of changes for the Parish Council. Two of our Councillors, Cllr’s Calnan and Cllr Butler have resigned, and Mrs Norma Heaton and myself, Mrs Dawn Hancock have been co-opted onto the Council. I thank them for their for their contribution, especially Cllr Calnan who continues was Chair for longer than she had planned. Cllr Mercer has missed some meetings due to ill health and we wish her well.

A new Clerk Mrs Susie Harrison has been appointed. The Council will continue to support her in her new job.

It has been a quiet year for Planning Applications. All Applications have been considered.

The erection of a new industrial unit at Rogerson’s, Tarnwater, Milnthorpe Road is still under consideration. We have continued to liaise with the AONB.

All Planning Applications are now paperless. Consideration will have to be given as to the best way to consider Planning Applications. Further advice will be sought from the City Council.

We continue to work with our ‘local heroine’ Mrs Christine White in obtaining super fast broadband for the Parish. Unfortunately we have not been able to obtain a definite start date from B.T. Therefore, l as Chair, will be looking at other options such as the BAYS proposal. Their plan is to lay fibres through the Parish, so we need to be involved. We have ascertained that there is a wish to improve speeds to the area.

The Lengthsman works to keep the village tidy. We ask if residents can draw attention to any particular areas that require attention. We also hope to re engage Community Payback to clear weeds and vegetation from Yealand Road. Residents are asked to maintain their own boundaries.

It is hoped to pursue the idea of setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. It is hoped that we all follow up any suspicious activities. However the scheme would allow information to be fed to the village newsletter and website. A formal Neighbourhood Watch scheme can mean a reduction in household insurance premiums.

It has not been appropriate to use a SPID device within the Parish because there are no suitable and safe places to erect one. However there is now a 20mph  speed limit near the school. This is enforceable when children are going to and leaving school.

It was necessary to raise the precept in 2013 in order to cover employment costs and provide training for the Clerk. It has been necessary to raise the Precept again for this financial year. It should be expected that further training and support will be necessary for both Councillors and Clerk, in order that the Parish Council can truly represent the needs of the Parish.

Dawn Hancock  Chair of Yealand Conyers Parish Council.


Planning matters brought before the council this year are as follows:


Erection of a 70 metre high wind turbine at Greenland’s Farm, Tewitfield.


Erection of a 100kw wind turbine at Burton Services.

Yealand Conyers Parish Council opposed this application.

This was passed by Lancaster City Council.


Demolition of a section of wall to curtilage of listed building to form a pedestrian gateway and partial demolition of an outbuilding beyond curtilage in a conservation area to improve vehicle access and sight lines.

The Cllr’s approved the plans.

Lancashire County Council Property Group applied for planning permission to build a new store and covered seating area at Yealand C of E School.

The Cllr’s were all in agreement about the proposed planning.


Bank Barn, Yealand Conyers.

Erection of greenhouse at the rear of the property.


Erection of a new industrial unit – pursuant to condition 5 on application no



Sunningdale, Milnthorpe Road, Yealand Conyers

Retrospective application for conversion of outbuilding to accommodation.


The precept for 2014/2015 is £2000 + £80 (allowance for council tax)


The Clerk presented a report of Accounts 2013 – 2014.

Accounts 2013 – 2014

This year we brought forward a deficit of £9.54.  

The Bank Reconciliation 2013 – 2014:

Income:                      £2265.69

Expenditure:                £2165.60



                   -£44.63        LALC fee

                   -£65.00      Thirsk Payrole Services


                                    -£9.54 Deficit

We spent more money than planned because of unexpected payments for computer upgrade and room hire invoices. Due to new management at the Quaker Old School the invoice for the year’s room hire was presented twice within this financial year.

Expenditure next year will have to cover future courses for the Clerk.  

The Cllr’s decided to close the Deposit Acct with Santander due to the low interest rate. There have been changes to the Banking rules which means that our Account is now a view only Account, thus it has become very difficult to move money between Accounts.

Due to the changes in the PAYE system it was decided by the Cllr’s for Thirsk Payrole Services to undertake this work which resulted in a £65 charge.

Other payments were similar to 2012/2013.

Careful controls will be necessary in order to carefully consider how money is spent in the next financial year.

The Parish Council have reviewed the Precept for 2013 – 2014 and decided to increase the Precept to £2000 with £80 added to cover for the council tax support. The Parish Council may have to employ contractors to clear the vegetation and undergrowth on Dykes Lane

Mr George Heaton kindly acted as the internal auditor.


Chair Hancock spoke of how we must keep a tight control on expenditure this financial year. The Clerk needs to be able to view the bank statements online and Chair Hancock was going to enquire whether this would be possible.

The Precept for Conyers is fairly small and a large amount of it goes on the Clerk’s wages and the insurance. The Cllr’s said there was little that could be done to change this unless Parishioners were asked to pay more.

Cllr Panton asked the Chair whether the donation to AONB could be reduced for this financial year to £70 and the Cllr’s were in agreement.


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