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Parish Council Minutes - May 2015

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 20th May 2015 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Chair Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Page, Arthurs and Clerk S. Harrison.


Cllr Jackson

Cllr Hancock welcomed the Councillors and to new Councillor Lucy Arthurs.

Open Meeting


Cllr Panton queried box and router provision and Chair Hancock said that John Calnan has got the boxes. It is the householders responsibility to have them fixed to the wall near a plug socket so when they are ready to ‘blow’ the fibre someone from B4RN will come to make the final connection At that point the householder signs the contract and pay the money and send it to B4RN. Chair said it was exciting how far it had come but Cllr Arthurs wondered capacity and speed drop a lot when a lot of people use the service. A fibre service should provide fast speeds for everyone.

Cllr Panton spoke on behalf of retiring Cllr Joan Jackson who has been a Councillor for 38 years.

She asked if the Clerk could minute that a Parish Council planted a white beam tree behind Yealand Lodge.

The other thing she felt strongly about is the canal. Cllr Jackson felt that if the locks and canal were restored to allow boat traffic, the Parish Council should be involved . The Chair agreed that the Parish Council should keep an involvement in developments, especially as it runs through the Parish.

The Parish Council will present Cllr Jackson with a leaving present in recognition of her hard work she has given over the years.

Cllr Panton asked if they could discuss jobs for the Lengthsman. It was decided to ask the Lengthsman to tidy up the area and roadside by the New Inn, Chair Hancock has bought bedding plants for the planter in the pump area and will ask the Lengthsman if he could tidy up the ivy around the pump.

Cllr Arthurs enquired using the Community Payback Scheme, Chair Hancock said that we used the scheme successfully last year and they are due to do the same again this year, Cllr Arthurs asked whether we could use them to tidy up the New Inn car park and frontage, church yard weeding Chair Hancock said we once we know the date the Community Payback are coming we can give them a list of what needs doing, although it has to be either off the road or on a pavement.



Annual Report Yealand Conyers Parish Council 2014 2015

Chair Hancock presented the Annual Report. 

This year has seen changes within the Parish Council. Councillor Mercer has resigned due to ill health and Councillor Joan Page was co opted onto the Council.

Councillors Heaton and Jackson have decided not to stand for re election. My thanks go to both Councillors for their input. Councillor Jackson has served for thirty two years and special thanks must be extended to her for her service to the Parish.

We have not been able to employ a Lengthsman this year but our improved finances will now allow us to pay for help during the next financial year. Community Payback scheme have been used in some areas of the village. At long last the Highways Department have cleared undergrowth on Dykes Lane. The Lengthsman will now be able to keep this area tidy.

A dog waste bin has been purchased. Dog Owners are urged to act responsibly.

All Planning Applications have been considered and recommendations sent back to the City Council. Plans are now only available on line.

The Police no longer attend meetings or send a report. However the Neighbourhood Watch Officer provides information which is posted on the Parish Council web site and the Village newsletter.

The Superfast Broadband scheme has been connected to the Village Hall. Parishioners are busy digging trenches to properties within the Parish. It is hoped that the service will be running by the end of 2015.

The barn at the New Inn has been reroofed but sadly there seems to be no sign of the Pub re opening. The Parish Council have indicated to the Brewery that it is their wish to see the Building continue as a public house.

My thanks go to Cllr Panton for being our Representative at the AONB meetings. We will continue to work on future development plans within the AONB.

My thanks go to all the Councillors and also to the Clerk for their work during the last year. We will continue to ensure that Yealand Conyers remains an attractive place in which to live and work.

Dawn Hancock Chair


The Clerk presented the Accounts for financial year ending 2015


The balance as at 31st March is £195.89

Due to careful budgeting this last financial year the Parish Council has managed to keep expenditure to a minimum and hence the current account is now in credit at the end of the financial year ending 2015.

This is mainly due to keeping any unnecessary expenditure to a minimum, the Parish Council only employed the Lengthsman to fit the dog waste bin and have not used his services this last year but now the account is in better shape this should allow us to employ him again.

The Councillor’s decided to reduce the donation it made to the AONB from £100 to £70 in the last financial year but we will discuss whether to increase our donation this year.

Expenses this year were to purchase from Limelight Signs two Neighbourhood Watch signs at a cost of £42.96 and a dog waste bin at a cost of £100.80.

Other costs were for the usual expenses such as room hire, insurance, clerk wages etc. Although these largely remain unchanged there has been a small increase to the room hire of £2.00, web site of £10.37 and the Clerk’s wages increased on January 1st of this year from £7.00 per hour to £7.50.

Although the Parish current account is now in credit it is not by a large amount and even though the Parish Council decided to increase the Precept for 2015 -16 to £2,500.The current account will still require careful monitoring and budgeting if we are to remain in credit.

The precept for 2015/2016 is £2500

The Bank Reconciliation 2013 – 2014:

Income:                                            £2090.46

Expenditure:                                      £1874.57

Unpresented Cheques:

                                Clerk Wage        £243.75                

                                Clerk Expenses   £60.00

                                LALC                 £44.90

Balance                                             £195.89



Cllr Arthurs queried the cost of the insurance and what it was for. She said if we gave her information regarding the insurance she would try and source a price with her own brokers and see if we could get the price lowered when it is up for renewal.



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