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Parish Council Minutes - May 2016

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 4th May 2016 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Chair Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Tyldesley, Page together with Joan Jackson, Alan Tyldesley and Clerk S. Harrison.


Cllr Arthurs

Open Meeting

Alan Tyldesley asked if there had been any developments regarding purchasing a defibrillator. Chair has contacted Livios Energy to ask about a donation from them but they’re still not ready to begin work but would keep in touch .The Chair said the Parish Council would be in a position to donate a sum and could the Council approach the Quakers for a donation, Alan Tyldesley said in principle that they would be able to give a donation.

The Clerk has contacted Cynthia Dereli the Parish Champion who said to email her with more details of the proposal regarding purchasing of a defibrillator.

Ongoing costs regarding the defibrillator would be electricity, replacement of the battery every 5 years which the PC would pay for. The cost of a defibrillator is approximately £1600 which would include a heated housing and locked keypad, the press button opening is slightly cheaper at £1200.

The British Heart Foundation had closed their grant applications but they did say that they would be reopening the grant applications in the near future and to keep checking their website. Chair said we need to explore other avenues of gathering money, one of the suggestions was to hold a fundraising event and Alan Tyldesley said we could hold an event at Quakers.  

Alan Tyldesley enquired re the new bus timetable which is now operating under a 1 year contract. Chair Hancock said that Cllr John Bennett from Silverdale Parish Council was keeping a close eye on the situation as we cannot allow the same situation to arise again next year. The train timetable is going to be changing so Cllr Bennett said the bus timetable might require changing. It would be better to timetable the buses  to coincide with the arrival and departure of the trains.

The Chair said that the 3 Parishes of Warton, the Yealands and Silverdale need to work together to ensure the bus services remain.

Alan Tyldesley thanked the Parish Council for their donation to the Village newsletter.


Annual Report Yealand Conyers Parish Council 2015-2016

This year we have welcomed Councillors Tyldesley and Arthurs onto the Parish Council. I, as Chair have welcomed their input as well as the contribution from Councillor Panton and Councillor Page.

All Planning Applications have been considered and recommendations sent back to the City Council.

The Parish Council objected to the Planning Application 15/01227/FUL  an electricity generation plant using waste  diesel at Green Dragon Farm, Burrton–in Kendal  and 15/00949/FUL ,a Solar farm on land south of Cinderbarrow Lane, Priest Hutton. Both developments would be visible from the Parish. Members of the Parish felt that they were not appropriate developments for a rural area.

The former application was declined, but the latter was passed by the City Council. It is hoped that we can be granted some money towards a Community Project once building is commenced. The Parish Council would like to purchase a defibrillator during the next financial year.

The Parish Council has responded to the AONB Consultation Plan regarding future housing development within the A.O.N.B. We will continue to represent the needs of the Parish, referring back to information provided from the Parish Survey.

Local Government cuts meant that we were in danger of losing our bus service. There was no consultation until after the Precept was set. Last minute negotiations have resulted in provision of a reduced day time service from Carnforth to the Yealands and onto Silverdale. I urge everyone to make use of the Service or we may lose funding after one financial year.

The Parish Council applied to have the New Inn accepted as a community asset. This has enabled the ‘Friends of the New Inn‘ the opportunity to raise money in order to purchase the building and retain the pub status .. Robinsons have now agreed an asking price and have extended the deadline for the purchase to be completed. The hope is to buy and restore the pub and to create a hub with local services.

Our Post Box disappeared last October. There was no consultation and it’s loss caused difficulties for many residents. Eventually a new one was placed on Dyke’s Lane. The Royal Mail Group consider this location to have a greater footfall and safer parking.

Neighbourhood Watch have continued to send links to various issues that may affect parishioners. Information is then put on the Web Site.

We have needed to consider expenditure and have limited the amount that we have spent on the Lengthsman this year.

The Parish Council have agreed to pay an Annual Fee towards the Village Newsletter. This is given  to everyone in the Parish.

My thanks to the Clerk, who has had to deal with new regulations regarding provision of information and increased legislation .  We will have challenges to face next year, but my hope is that we can move with the times whilst retaining the special identity of Yealand Conyers.

D. Hancock, Chair



The balance as at 31st March is £602.51 

This financial year has been a relatively quiet one with few extra expenses apart from the usual costs of room hire, clerk wages, website, pay role which have largely remained unchanged, the one exception being the insurance premium which has increased from £309 to £369 this year which is due to an increase in the insurance premium tax.

The Councillors decided due to the increased funds in the c/acct to increase the donation to the AONB from £70 back up to £100.

Expenses this year were £48 to enable the Clerk to become a member of S.L.C.C AND £26 for the Chair to attend a pension seminar, £25 for Clerk training plus petrol expenses of £31.50. A £50 annual fee was made to the Yealand Newsletter to help with printing costs.

The Parish Acct is in credit with a closing balance at 31st March 0f £602.51. This amount is due to the need to purchase a new noticeboard which wasn’t purchased until the new financial year had begun.

The Councillors have kept the precept at the same figure as last year of £2,500

The Bank Reconciliation

Income:                                                            £2720.85

Expenditure:                                                     £2118.34

Unpresented cheques:                                         £392.72

Balance:                                                             £602.51


S Harrison Clerk


There was no discussion over these reports



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