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Parish Council  Annual Minutes - 2006




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Minutes of The Annual Parish Meeting held on the 17th May 2006 in The Quaker Old School Yealand Conyers.


Cllr Rothwell [Chairman], Cllrs Calnan, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock plus five members of the Parish and Support Officer Deborah Gwilliam.

The Chairman Cllr Rothwell presented his report

Council Meetings

There were six Parish Council meetings, including the Annual Parish Council meeting.

Leighton Hall Home Farm

There was one major planning application: office accommodation at Leighton Hall Home Farm. The Parish Council was disappointed that the promises made by Leighton Hall in 2000 to keep us informed about this scheme were not kept. A working party was formed (Cllrs Rothwell, Hoskinson, Mercer plus George Heaton) and a report produced. In summary the report stated that a) the Parish Council is sympathetic to the principle of development on this site, b) we understand the need to finance the maintenance of Leighton Hall, c) we are, however, strongly opposed to the development in its current form, d) there are steps that could be taken to lessen the impact of the development which could, if fully implemented, allow the Parish Council to support development on the site. The City Council refused permission because of a) adverse effect of the access road on the north east side of the site on the setting of Leighton Hall and the associated stable block which are grade II* and Grade II Listed Buildings b) adverse impact of the new access road on the north east side of the site on the character of the Arnside/Silverdale AONB c) adverse impact on the surrounding landscape, and adverse impact on the area, especially the village of Yealand Conyers, by reason of the additional traffic generated on rural roads d) detrimental to highway safety - additional traffic using narrow roads to and from the site with substandard visibility at road junctions e) scheme involves new employment related buildings in an isolated rural location accessible only by private car, with no public transport available.

Other Planning Matters

We asked the City council enforcement officer to act on Rogerson’s portacabins which did not have planning permission. They took action to reduce them to a single storey. Comments have been made on planning application for replacement of a conservatory at 21 Yealand Road, extensions at Glendavian (where we asked for the stone wall to be reinstated), waste water treatment at 6 Dykes Lane, new farm access on Flat Lane, satellite dish at Green Garth, gable windows at Low Dykes Cottage. All were approved.

Carnforth Connect

The Parish Council were extremely concerned that County Councillor Tony Martin decided that Carnforth Connect would cease without little or no consultation. The Parish Council wrote to him, our City and County Councillor and our MP. We are pleased that it will continue, albeit with a reduced service.


We have installed a new planter next to the pump. There had been continuing problems with the organisation and work done by the lengthsman, who was under the control of the County. We therefore decided to appoint our own lengthsman, John Holmes. Thank you to Cllr Calnan for organising his work schedule.

Traffic/County issues

HGVs and coaches continue to cause concern. Whilst there are signs indicating “unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles” these are advisory. We have recently received some suggestions from Highways which we need to consider. At our request a chevron sign is to be placed outside St. Mary’s church in the hope that it will reduce the number of vehicles demolishing the wall. We have asked Highways to look at the legal situation regarding the 30mph signs. There is some concern that having one rather than a pair might mean that the speed limit is not enforceable. At our request, the County removed the compacted detritus on Church Road. We have asked the County Council to suggest improvements to the Dykes Lane/A6 junction. This is still in progress.

School Travel Plan

The chairman provided assistance to the school in obtaining a grant to produce a School Travel Plan. A management group is to be formed to monitor the actions arising. The school has written to adjacent landowners about the possibility of installing a footpath between the villages to serve the school. At the Parish Council’s request, the County Council has earmarked some money for the footpath.

Parish Plan

There was a joint meeting with Yealand Redmayne to discuss the actions arising from the Parish Plan. It was agreed that these have been completed or no further progress was possible.


Thank you again to Alan White for maintaining our website. In future, it will contain a copy of “The Yealands” newsletter as well as the list of events.


Councillors attend various meetings, including Village Hall, AONB, JPC, MUGA, LAPTC, Lancaster Area Road Safety Committee, Lancaster District Sustainable Transport Forum, Lancaster/Kendal Canal, Lancashire Local - Lancaster and School travel plan.


We opened a new deposit account paying a higher rate of interest. The precept has been kept at the same level as last year. There is a healthy balance, but £1000 is earmarked for the MUGA. We reclaimed VAT. Thank you to Dawn as treasurer and George Heaton as internal auditor.


Thank you to all the councillors for their contributions through the year and to Dawn for again for doing an excellent job as clerk and treasurer.


Mr Sumner was concerned about the number of portacabins and size of the sign at Rogersons .The Clerk agreed to write to the planning department to ask whether the development satisfies the planning application. There was concern expressed over the parking of a trailer on Dykes Lane .Deborah Gwilliam asked that any Parishioners dealt directly with the Police on Highways issues. Ms Panton assured the Parish Council that the verge and wall outside her property would be restored in agreement with the builders and the County Council.

Deborah Gwilliam reported that there had been few incidences over the last year. There had been some neighbour disputes, a rabbit shooting incident near the school, sheep on the road and graffiti on road signs. It was agreed that a Police Report will be put on the agenda for each meeting.


The Clerk had copies of the Accounts for the year 2005/2006
'Planning for Village and Rural Needs'

The City Council has to consider the points raised in Parish Plans in their decisions. Cllr Rothwell invited suggestions as to how the wishes of the Parish could be given full consideration by the City Council.