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Annual Parish Council Minutes - 2009




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 13th May 2009 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs Calnan, Mercer and Panton, Clerk D. Hancock ,and one member of the Parish. 


Declaration of acceptance of office

Cllr Rothwell was proposed and accepted as chairman. Cllr Calnan was proposed and accepted as Vice Chairman. Cllr Calnan chaired the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed . The Clerk reminded Councillors to update any changes on the Register of Personal Interests.  



Apologies were received from Cllr Rothwell, Cllr Fishwick and P.C. Marsh. 


Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th March 2009

These were approved and signed by the vice chairman , Cllr Calnan 


Matters Arising 


It was agreed to invite Lucy Baron, the manager of the AONB to the July meeting. 

Footeran Lane

The Officers Road Safety Group confirmed that 20mph signs couldn’t be placed in the absence of traffic related injuries. They agreed that the spacing and sizes of the 30mph repeater signs should be checked and consideration should be given to introducing enhanced SLOW road markings together with SCHOOL warning signs .The Clerk will request that priority should be given to the placing of 20mph signs should National policy on Speed limits change. 

Dykes Lane

There is no evidence of any clearing work having been undertaken. The Clerk will contact the Highways Authority. 


Police Report

  P.C. Marsh had provided a written report. He stated that the figures for the Yealands show an increase in reports of criminal damage. This is due to a number of repeat incidentsof damage at Cinderbarrow, the bins at the primary school and on Well Lane.

A ‘Private No Footpath’ sign on the Leighton Hall estate has been damaged and there has been one theft. P.C. Marsh has conducted patrols, both mobile and on foot to deter


Speeding vehicles and anti-social behaviour. He hopes to conduct speed monitoring over the coming weeks. 


AONB/Landscape Trust 20th Anniversary Project

 There has been no progress on the purchase of the pond . The Parish Council agreed that should it be impossible to complete the purchase, consideration should be given to spending surplus cash on another community project such as restoration of the pump. 


Best Kept Village Competition 

Cllr Calnan agreed to write a piece for the Village news letter publicizing this event . Householders would be encouraged to tidy their properties. John Holmes will be asked to clear Public areas. He has painted the bench by the pump and filled the Planters.



Cheques were approved

A.White £56.40 Fee for web site maintenance 2008-2009 

LALC    £38.43 Annual fee  

Relyant gardening £63.99 

AONB donation £100



The accounts for the year 2008-2009 were presented. The balance on 31.3.2009


Current Account £342.61

Deposit Account £1679.76

Cash                     £4.87

The Council approved the Statement of Assurance, which was signed by the Vice Chairman and Clerk. The report explains why the Balance remains high. It also explains that the Parish Council have addressed the issues raised by the External Auditor of Fidelity Guarantee and Valuation of assets. 


Reports from the regional Conference and Clerk’s Network Meeting  

The Regional conference suggested that Asset management could be passed onto Parish Councils in the future. However this could have implications in that a precept increase could be perceived as a double payment for services. Environmental projects are considered to be very important. 

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Clerks must come into line with national agreements Contracts for all Parish Council employees have to state whether there are payments for holidays, sickness or pensions. Retirement is at age sixty-five. 


The amount of confidential information should be kept at a minimum. The Council must consider the liability of public interest. A reason must be given for each resolution and the confidential note attached separately.

The Clerks network meeting was told that there is no service in place to progress the parish plans. It is hoped that the Parish Charter should improve the relationship. 


Highways management has been split into three smaller regional areas in the hope that there will be better liaison. Our officer is Jim Robson, Highways Area Manager North, Hampson Lane, Galgate, Lancaster, LA2 OHY. 


Parish Council records may be stored at the Lancashire Record Office, Preston. Mr Heaton agreed to arrange to deposit old records there. 


Dates of next meetings 2009-2010

The next meetings will be held 1st July, 2nd September 4th November 2009 and 6th January, 3rd March and 5th May 2010.