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Annual Parish Council Minutes - 2010




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 5th May 2010 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllr Calnan, Vice Chairman, Cllrs Panton, Mercer and Jackson, Cllr Fishwick, Clerk D. Hancock and five members of the Parish. 

There were apologies from the Chairman Cllr Rothwell  and P.C. Marsh.

Cllr Calnan welcomed Cllr Fishwick and the members of the Parish.

The Clerk presented the Chairman’s report. 

Annual Meeting – 2010

Chairman’s Report 

These are some of the main points from the last year. 

Council Meetings

There were six Parish Council meetings, including the Annual Parish Council meeting. 

Planning Matters

The most contentious planning application was by Rogersons for a wind turbine mounted on a free standing 18 metre steel mast on their land close to the A6. The Parish Council meeting was well attended by members of the public who expressed strong views both in favour and against the proposal. The Parish Council took the majority view and objected to the application: whilst being sympathetic for the need for alternative energy there was concern whether the site was appropriate and whether the turbine would reach the claimed levels of performance. The location is low lying and sheltered by a railway embankment and there is no evidence that any wind speed measurements have been carried out on site. Lancaster City Council granted permission. 

Christmas Tree

The Parish Council were grateful to Mr and Mrs Redshaw for erecting a Christmas tree on Dykes Lane at their own expense. 


We will continue to press for a 20mph speed limit near the school. We also intend to formulate a set of requests for other safety measures. 

Village Pond

A letter was sent to the landowner asking if he still wished to sell the pond for £1 giving him a deadline of the end of January 2010. We are very disappointed that we have not had a reply and have now ended negotiations.

The School wished to erect a 1.8 metre chain fence on the north side of the playing field in order to prevent access to the pond. The Parish Council approved this request.


Thank you again to Alan White for maintaining our website. It contains a copy of minutes of Parish Council meetings, “The Yealands” newsletter and a list of events. 


Given that there is a healthy balance in the deposit account, it was decided to reduce the precept from £1,500 to £1,000. Thank you to Dawn Hancock as treasurer and George Heaton as internal auditor. 


Thank you to all the councillors for their contributions through the year and to Dawn Hancock for again doing an excellent job as clerk and treasurer. I have decided not to stand as a councillor at the next elections. I believe strongly in having new blood and hence new ideas and approaches to the business of the Parish Council. It is therefore a good time for the Council to have a new chairman.  


The Clerk presented the Accounts for the year 2009-2010 .Mr Heaton had kindly completed the internal audit. Our balance stands at £2329.36. In view of this high balance, the Parish Council has reduced the precept to £1000 for the current year.  


Cllr Calnan asked members of the Parish for suggestions for any projects that the Parish Council could contribute to. Cllr Fishwick reported that Yealand Redmayne Parish Council had asked if it would be possible to pay for extra gritting on side roads in icy weather . However the City Council would then be obliged to grit all roads .It is hoped that there will be spare capacity next winter.

Cllr Fishwick confirmed that more members of the public had attended the site visit at Keer Bridge than at any other site. Many more letters have been sent requesting that the facility remains open. It is hoped that the County Council will consider the strong public views on the proposed closure. 

Cllr Fishwick advised that the County Council are going to monitor three areas to see whether 20mph signs have any impact on speeding vehicles. The Parish Council welcomed this move.


Declarations of acceptance of office.

Cllr Rothwell did not wish to stand for Chair. Cllr Calnan was elected Chair for 2010-2011 having been proposed by Cllr Panton and seconded by Cllr Mercer. Cllr Panton was elected vice –chair, proposed by Cllr Calnan and seconded by Cllr Mercer. Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed. Cllrs were reminded to update any changes on the Register of Personal Interests.



There were apologies from P.C. Marsh and Cllr Rothwell.


The minutes of the 31st March 2010 were adjusted. Cllr Jackson did not want her personal record of the Village history to be lodged at Preston records Office. The minutes were then approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising

Wind turbine

Details had been passed on to the Planning department and the AONB. Consideration would be given as to whether retrospective planning permission is required.


The ivy has been cut back on Yealand Road. John Holmes will be asked to keep the footpaths clear.


The AONB will check these and liase with the City Council . It may be necessary to remake these signs.


Cllr Mercer had been unable to find out where the old records might be stored.


Police report

P.C. Marsh had sent his report by email. Crime in the Carnforth area has fallen by 8% during the last twelve months. The most notable incidents were arsons at the primary school. The Carnforth Neighbourhood Policing team conducted a covert operation in response to this. Enquiries are on-going in relation to the theft from vehicles in the area last Autumn. Two cross-border operations have been held aimed at criminals who target rural areas. Both were successful in reducing overnight crime and generating intelligence. It is hoped to repeat this in the coming months.


United Utilities

Cllrs had studied the correspondence from United Utilities and Pine Lake. Although there was a discrepancy in the history of the events United Utilities were to be congratulated in the way they dealt with the matter. The Clerk would write to the manager of United Utilities, thanking them and asking to be kept informed of future work. The Clerk would contact the manager of Pine Lake emphasising the great inconvenience that was caused and our trust that it will not happen again.


Best kept Village Competition

Letters have been delivered regarding this competition. Judging will take place from 1st June. It is hoped that everyone will make an effort.



A cheque for £100 was approved for the Annual Donation to the AONB

A cheque  for £352 was approved for the correct amount for Clerks ‘wages and expenses.

£5.62 for photocopying to be paid to Cllr Rothwell from petty cash.


Accounts 2009-2010

The Accounts for the year 2009 –2010 were presented. The balance on 31.03.2010 was £2329.36. There were unpresented cheques amounting to £485.39

Current Account   £631.72

Deposit Account £1681.82

Cash                    £15.82

The Council approved the statement of Assurance, which was signed by the Chair and the Clerk. The Clerk would report to the Auditors explaining what measures have been taken to reduce the assets.


Traffic issues

Cllr Rothwell had drafted some proposals for the Parish Council to consider. Mr Foster of County Highways had suggested that there were two areas where work could be done given that they have limited funding.

1 The road past Yealand School is now substandard and there is now a reasonable chance that it would qualify for a reduction to 20mph.

The Cllrs felt that a 20mph limit should be a priority but that a physical barrier such as a planter would probably be a traffic hazard.

2 The entrance to the village from the south has a Yealand Conyers Sign followed by a pair of 30mph signs. Mr Foster feels that this could be improved to make more of a visual impact. The double bend sign should be moved to a safe site.

Cllrs approved this measure.

3 The Parish Council felt that the white lines should be removed when the road is next resurfaced . The absence of white lines makes motorists more cautious.

Cllr Rothwell would be asked to draft a request to the County Highways Department.



10/00311/FUL. Demolition of existing building and erection of a four bedroom property and access works. The Sheiling, Kylbarrow Lane, Yealand Conyers.

Mr Howson, the property owner was invited to speak. He explained that although planning permission had been granted to improve the existing property, the fabric of the house and design was poor. By building a new house it would be possible to have a more eco friendly build. The new house would be lower and the surrounding hedge would shield the property from view of the neighbours. Traditional materials would be used. Concern was expressed about the very modern design.

The Parish Council discussed the proposal in private. The Parish Council approved the new build but was concerned about the size and amount of the windows. Other new buildings in the Parish had been very restricted on window size.

The Parish Council did not approve the use of tan coloured rendering. They felt that it would be more appropriate to use some stone facing. This would also make the build more sympathetic to other houses in the area.

The Parish Council asked that if there should be more thought to renewables such as collection of grey water. The septic tank and water supply should be large enough for capacity. 


Dates of meetings 2010-2011

The dates of the meetings are July 7th, September 15th, November 3rd, 5th January 2011, March 9th 2011 and May 11th 2011. 


Reports from meetings

Cllr Jackson was invited to report from the AONB partnership conference. She had learnt about channel movements in Morecambe Bay and the effect on the coast line. The delegates were told about the possible effects on marine life from wind farms. The proposed National coastal path might have to cross  farmland because of erosion of the coast.