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Annual Parish Council Minutes - 2011




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 17th May 2011 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.


Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Jackson, Butler, Clerk D. Hancock and two members of the Parish.

There were apologies from Cllr Mercer.

Cllr Calnan welcomed the newly elected Cllrs and presented her report.

     CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT 2010 –2011 

A summary of Parish Council business for the year 2010 –2011. 

There were six Parish Council meetings including the Annual Parish Council meeting.


After discussion of the Parish Council’s financial commitments and recognising that the Council had a healthy bank balance the decision was made not to raise the precept for 2011. 

The Parish Clerk presented the accounts for the year 2010–2011.  Mr, George Heaton   kindly acted as the internal auditor. 

The Council’s bank balances presently stand at:
-  Deposit    £983.39
-  Current   £263.25 


The Parish Council has been asked by Central Government to comment on a range of matters involving rural planning and housing issues. 

The majority of planning matters this year have involved the erection of wind turbines.

Two outside the parish boundary, which the council felt it appropriate to comment on i.e., Claughton Moor and Burton Services, these were objected to on aesthetic grounds. The Council felt that they were not in keeping with the local landscape.  

Other planning applications considered were – 

10/00311 – ‘The Sheiling’  -  withdrawn.

11/0025/LB  Flat 6 ‘Yealand House’ – internal improvements -  accepted. 


The Council’s web site continues to be updated.   Minutes of Council business are routinely place on the council notice board in the village by the ‘Old School’. Items of interest or urgency are mentioned in the village newsletter. 


The Council continues to employ a lengthsman during the summer months to oversee the tidiness of the village.

Although the village was not a winner in the Best Kept Village competition this year parishioners had made special efforts to make the village look attractive.


The Council requested 20 M.P.H. signs along the road between Conyers and Redmayne.  This was refused, however a change in County Council policy will mean that 20M.P.H. signs will be placed outside all schools in the near future.

A prominent sign combining 30 M.P.H and a request for driver care has been placed at the southern  entrance of the village.   

During the year traffic speed had been monitored by the local police.


Keir Bridge Recycling Depot

The council lobbied for this to remain open.

The War Memorial

The Council applied to the War Memorials Trust for a grant towards cleaning the stone work.  A grant of £50 was received. Estimates have been received and a contractor has been engaged.

Yealand Redmayne are donating half of the costs towards this project.

Local Crime

The village is patrolled regularly in order to deter anti-social behaviour and inconsiderate driving.   A crime report is given to every Parish Council meeting.

P.C Marsh has attended the majority of Parish Council meetings.

During the past 12 months there has been some minor criminal activity in the village. Stealing of property, e.g., garden equipment, golf clubs, electric fire and a brass commemoration plate.   There have also been some sheep worrying incidents.

Council Representations

Council representation is made at the A.N.O.B. and Canal Trust meetings.  The Council is a member of  L.A.L.C. ( Lancashire association of Parish Councils).


As Chair of Yealand Conyers Parish Council, I wish to thank Mrs.Dawn Hancock for being a super efficient and reliable clerk, Alan White for his hard work keeping the web site up to date, John Holmes for being our valued lengthsman, Mr. George Heaton for voluntarily undertaking to be Council internal auditor, Mr. and Mrs Redshaw for their generosity in donating a Christmas tree and lights and maintaining it during the Christmas Season.

Finally, I wish to thank my fellow councillors for their forbearance, hard work  and support.

Maureen Calnan.    Chair of Yealand Conyers Parish Council.


The Clerk reported that because the Parish Council wished to reduce the amount of money held in the deposit account the precept had been set at £1000. expenses are expected to remain much the same for the following financial year. 


Cllr Panton drew attention to the fact that the Keer Bridge recycling centre has only been allowed to remain open for eighteen months. The Parish Council agreed to watch developments and strongly lobby that this facility remain open.

The Lengthsman is keen to remain in post. Mr Heaton requested that he pay special attention to the area around the pump. It is very overgrown with moss and ivy.

Cllr Panton thanked the Quakers for keeping the Notice board so tidy. The Clerk reported that the Parish Council notice board can become very cluttered. She will place a small notice requesting that only Parish council notices be placed on this board. 

The Clerk was asked to write to the owner of the Laurels and ask that they repair the wall where it has fallen into the road .She will also ask highways to clear blocked gutters and gullies throughout the village.

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