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Annual Parish Council Minutes - 2012




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 1st May 2012 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.


Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Mercer, Butler, and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock and one other member of the Parish.

Cllr Calnan welcomed everybody and presented her report.



A summary of Parish Council business for the year 2011 -2012

There were six parish council meetings including the Annual Parish Council meeting. 


After discussion regarding the parish council's financial commitments and at a time of rising costs the precept was not raised in the year 2010-2011. It was agreed to raise the precept this year (2011-2012) by 300. The precept now stands at 1,300. 

The Parish Clerk presented the accounts for the year 2011-2012.   Mr. George Heaton kindly acted as auditor. 


The National Planning Framework - 

The Council has been advised that Lancaster City Council is Committed to building 400 new houses a year and sites have been identified.   At present no areas in Yealand Conyers have been identified. 

Planning matters brought before the council this Year are as follows-  

11/00172/FUL wind turbine on land south of the Burton Services.   The Council objected to this on the grounds that the height and design would result in a significant and inappropriate visual impact. 

11/00256/CU Change of barn into a dwelling at 'Sunningdale', Milnthorpe Road.   No Objections. 

11/00500/lLB, reroofing the barn  at the New Inn, Yealand Conyers.   No Objections. 

11/00882/RENU Renewal of a past application 08/01228/FUL, The Sheiling, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers.  No objections. 

11/00727/FUL Conversion and alteration to existing garage into a granny flat.  Application is still pending. Council objected on the grounds of dangerous access onto Yealand Road.

12/00042/LB Change of use and conversion of the Coach house to holiday accommodation at Yealand  Manor. No objection, but did register concerns for the future. 

APP/A2335/C/11/2167826 and 2167898 appeal land adjacent 7 Dykes Lane, Yealand Conyers. This was notification only from Lancaster City Council. 


The Council's website continues to be updated.  Minutes of Council business are routinely placed on the Parish  Council's notice board in the village by the 'Old School'.  To enable quicker communication of council business it has been agreed to place draft minutes on the notice board.

Important items of interest and urgency are placed in the village news letter. 


The Council continues to employ a lengthsman during the summer months to oversee the tidiness of the village. 

Although the village was not a winner in the ''Best Kept Village ' competition this year parishioners had made special efforts to make the village look attractive. 


The Council has communicated with  Lancaster City Highways  regarding the following matters  -

the resetting of the double bend sign on Yealand Road,

the cutting back of vegetation which was obscuring signage

consideration should be given to gritting Dykes Lane during  the winter months when there is snow and icy conditions. Highways agreed to include it in 'secondary gritting'.

Efforts have been made to create a new footpath  between Yealand Conyers and the school. These have been unsuccessful.  

The highways department was asked to clear Snape Lane and Church  Road as they were exceptionally dirty which was verging on being hazardous. This was promptly carried out.

The Parish Council has asked Highways if passing places can be created in Snape Lane as many areas are churned up by wheels of vehicles. 



The area around the memorial has been cleared and tidied. The cost has been shared with Yealand Redmayne Parish Council. 


The Council  are concerned about the increase of dog fouling and have taken advice from City Councillor Graham regarding this matter and were advised that bagged waste can be placed in communal dust bins.   The council placed a note voicing their concern in the village newsletter. 


The Parish Council have agreed to purchase 10 commemorative mugs. These will be given to every pre-school and primary school child who lives in the parish. 


The village is patrolled regularly in order to deter any anti-social behaviour and inconsiderate driving.   A crime report is given to parish council  meetings either by a Community Policeman at the commencement of the meeting or by E- Mail  to the clerk before the meeting.

During the last 12 months there has been some minor criminal activity in the Parish -  A chain saw theft, a burglary, an assault, and criminal damage to a window. 


Council representation has been made at the A.N.O.B., The Canal Trust and at the Carnforth  P.A.C.T. Meeting. 


As Chair person of Yealand Conyers Parish Council, I wish to thank Mrs. Dawn Hancock for being (yet again) a super, efficient clerk, Mr. Alan White for his hard work keeping the website up to date, Mr. John Holmes for being our valued lengthsman, Mr. George Heaton for voluntarily undertaking to be the Parish auditor.

Finally, I would like to thank my fellow councillors for their forbearance, hard work and support. 

Maureen Calnan.  Chair Person of Yealand Parish Council. 


The Clerk reported that the reserves have been reduced again this year to leave a balance of 538.02. Therefore the Precept has been raised to 1300.

Extra expenses have included the cleaning of the War memorial and the Jubilee cups. Consideration has been given as to whether the Insurance cover could be reduced and the Zurich has been provided with the information they require. The Council should be carefully consider any  large capital expenditure and the precept may have to be raised again in 2013.

The PAYE system has been set up.

A record of the fixed assets, the MUGA and the Pound, will be kept in the Receipts and Records Book. 


Mr Rothwell expressed his disappointment at the poor attendance. The Councillors agreed that more information about the Annual Parish Meeting should have been put in the Village Newsletter. Mr Rothwell wondered whether the website should be refreshed and explained that it is difficult to read using some platforms. It was agreed that the Clerk would see if some new photos could be used. The Councillors felt that it was unnecessary to spend money on a new website. Cllr Panton felt that the website should just provide information about the Parish Council, rather than being a forum for the village.

Cllr Butler and the Clerk agreed to liaise over information that will be placed in the Newsletter. We will also ask if anyone would like information about meetings by e mail. 

The poor state of Yealand Road was discussed. The Clerk will contact the City Council regarding date for the gullies to be cleared of debris and weed spraying of the footpath. The consensus of opinion was that this job was too much for John Holmes. The idea of use of Volunteers was dismissed but householders were encouraged to clear the areas in front of their own homes. Some areas of Dykes Lane have been much improved thanks to the work of one Councillor.

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