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Parish Council Minutes - December 2009




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 2nd December 2009 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Jackson, Panton, Clerk D. Hancock and eleven members of the public.


Open Meeting

Cllr Rothwell explained that the meeting had been called because the planning application 09/01105/FUL was likely to be contentious and the Parish Council wished to represent the views of the Parish. It was agreed that parishioners could speak during the Parish Council meeting.

Traffic issues were discussed. Mrs Mason enquired whether the 30mph limit on Dykes lane could be extended down to the A6.

Mrs Butler asked whether a ‘School’ sign could be painted onto the road near to the school. Cllr Rothwell advised that the AONB would be sympathetic to a 40mph limit throughout the area .It was agreed to put these items on the January agenda.

Mr Hindley had contacted Cllr Rothwell regarding the sign on Dykes Lane, which names the houses on the private road. Planning permission was not required .A change of name for this lane would require a change of post code .In fact the road south of The Bower should be Hyning Road not Yealand Road.



There were no apologies. 


Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th November 2009

These were approved and signed by the Chairman, Cllr Rothwell 


Matters Arising

There were no urgent matters arising. 


Planning Applications

09/01105/FUL Rogersons, Tarnwater, Yealand Conyers.

Siting of a 11 KW wind turbine mounted on a free standing 18 metre steel mast. 

Cllr Rothwell explained that this application is to be considered by a delegated Authority i.e. a specific Planning Officer.  However if the Parish Council wished the application to be considered by Committee we could ask Cllr Fishwick, our City Councillor, to propose this.

The present application will have to be resubmitted .The proposed site is too close to the railway embankment so the turbine would have to be moved further west.

East and West are transposed on the plans.

County Highways have no objection to the placement of the turbine closer to the A6.

Mr Clarke owns the land on which the turbine would be sited.  He has not been approached for permission.

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The Clerk had asked for clarification on the position of the AONB. They are sympathetic to the use of renewable energy but only for small projects providing power generation for private use.

Mrs Heaton asked whether there could be any increase in the number of turbines on the site . She was assured that this would require another application.

Cllr Calnan asked whether the height could be increased .The height would have to comply with the application. A lower height would not be practical.

Mr Heaton pointed out that the application states that ‘wind speed tests have been made.’There has been no temporary mast and planning permission should be sought for the erection of this type of structure.

Cllr Calnan that another identical wind turbine had been used as a model. Mr Heaton suggested that it should be possible to make a site visit to a similar enterprise. Cllr Calnan confirmed that the noise from the turbine would be like a car passing at 40mph and the ‘ticking’ of the vanes would only be audible for 150metres. 

Mrs Mason asked whether it would be possible to enquire whether Cllr Fishwick and Geraldine Smith MP have a view on this type of renewable energy.

Serious concerns were raised over whether the generous subsidies outweighed the efficiencies of these enterprises.

Mrs Butler expressed the feelings of the majority of the meeting, in that she felt if   permission were granted it would lead to other larger applications.

The majority of the meeting had serious concerns about this application.

The Parish Council agreed that the decision should be delegated to the Planning Officer, Mr Rivet.

It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Planning Officer expressing our strong concerns over this application. We would ask that:

 [a] The resubmitted application is returned to us for consultation.

 [b] The exact location of the turbine should be defined.

 [c] We would like evidence that the wind tests are appropriate to this site.

 [d] Information on other similar projects and whether it is possible to arrange site visits.   

Cllr Rothwell also urged that individuals could make comments directly to the Planning Office.

Cllr Rothwell agreed to speak to Mr Rivet and Cllr Fishwick on this matter. 

09/01068 renewable Energy project at Claughton Quarry, Claughton Moor

Farleton Old Road, Lancs

Comprising of the erection of 20 wind turbine generators each with a maximum height of 126.5 metres together with associated access track, hard standing areas, control sub station building, borrow pits, meteorological mast and temporary construction and site storage compounds on Claughton Moor and Whit Moor, Lancaster.

The Parish Council had been asked to comment on this application because it would be seen from some parts of the Parish.

The Parish Council opposed this application on the grounds that it lies within an AONB .It would have an impact in that there would be a loss of peat moor land. There would be a visual impact and an increase in noise. The Parish Council felt that approval would set a precedent for further development in protected areas.