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Parish Council Minutes - January 2013

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 8th January 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk, D. Hancock and three members of the Parish.


Open Meeting

Mr and Mrs White expressed concern that the information that has been received regarding the role out of fibre broadband appears to be incorrect. Lancashire County Council has appointed BT to roll out fibre broadband to the remaining areas of the county not covered by commercial schemes. The Parish Council had been advised that the Parish would have access to this service, apart from the area around Crag foot and the top of Dykes Lane . The Parish Council had been advised that these areas are difficult to reach but no explanation has been provided. Andrew Halliwell, the Rural Broadband Officer has now advised that Yealand Conyers will be one of the more difficult to reach areas due remoteness. Ninety premises are served from a Carnforth Cabinet which is not currently in the plan. It was agreed that the Parish Council should obtain accurate information from Mr Halliwell. It was important to find out how we can address particular problems of access. Mr Halliwell had advised Cllr Fishwick that he would be in a position to talk about this in more detail in the next couple of months. This is not satisfactory.

The Clerk will also liaise with Vince Smith form Yealand Redmayne Parish Council to see if we can form an Action group in order to access other providers e.g. B4RN. It may be possible to apply for funding from Defra if there is sufficient community interest.



There were apologies from Cllr Fishwick and P.C. Marsh.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 13th November 2012

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.

Page 357


Matters Arising

Clearance of vegetation, Dykes Lane

This has not yet been done. The weather conditions probably mean that all works are behind schedule. The Clerk will follow this up if no action has been taken by the end of the month. Cllr Jackson drew attention to the standing water at the bottom of Roseacre Lane. The roots of the hedge are now exposed and she was concerned that lasting damage will be caused. The Parish Council agreed to monitor this area. There are so many flooded areas that it is unlikely that anything could be done at present.


Police Report

P.C. Marsh had sent his report. There has been one crime recorded, damage to car tyres on Yealand Road. The majority of calls have concerned highway problems on the A6. Northern Division Road Policing Unit has been carrying out speed enforcement in the area.


Planning Application Response


New Industrial Unit, Rogersons

There had been no objections to this application but some misgivings about possible further expansion. 


Erection of two storey extension to side and rear. The Sheiling, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers.

MrHowson, the applicant was invited to speak. He asked whether there were any particular problems about the revised application. The Parish Council had asked that the walls be stone faced. He advised that the Planning Department had stipulated that the north and east facing walls should be dry dashed render with limestone plinths. The planned rear extension had been lowered, so should not be so obtrusive.

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Localisation of Council Tax Support

Council Tax benefits and dispensations will be paid out of Council Tax but the Government is giving back 90% of the costs through the Business Rates Retention Scheme. This will be given to all other precepting authorities apart from Local Councils. It had been thought that the local Councils would be exempt from footing any of the benefit bills but this has now been refused.

Under the old scheme the Council Tax is The Precept divided by the Tax Base [set by the Billing Authority]= Council Tax rate at Band d.

From April 2013 the value of the tax base will be reduced by the value of discounts and allowances given in the Parish. The new Formula for Council tax becomes Precept reduced by grant divided by reduced tax base.

To date the Clerk has not received any information on the local scheme adopted by the City Council. Therefore it will be necessary to hold another meeting to finalise the Precept.

The Chair and Clerk had held some preliminary discussions over the projected expenses for 2013-2014.

A precept of £1860 would cover a wage for a Clerk working 2 ½ hours / week plus an allowed figure for courses and office expenses. A figure of £150 has been allowed for an outside contractor to clear weeds and undergrowth at the sides of the roads. 10% of £1860 could be added to cover Precept reduced by grant, giving a proposed Precept of £2046. It was agreed that the Internal Auditor should be asked to look at this figure when more information is available.



The Cllrs revised the list of Lengthsman’s duties. Highways would be approached to attend to heavy jobs e.g. heavily rutted verges. Large items of dumped rubbish should be removed by the City Council. Strimming and clearance of intrusive nettles and weeds along Yealand Road, Peter Hill, Dykes Lane and Roseacre Lane will be subcontracted. Allowance will be made in the Precept for this extra cost. Cllr Calnan will draw up a new job list for John Holmes. Cllr Panton agreed to liaise with John Holmes and to also find out what his hourly rate will be for 2013-2014.



Advertisement for a new Clerk

The Clerk will write an advertisement based on models received from LALC. A job description will also be drawn up. The Chair would approve the final advertisement. Applicants would be asked for the names and addresses of two referees. The advertisement will be put on the website, notice board, Village Hall Notice Board and LALC web site. Closing date will be 5th March.


Village Newsletter

Cllr Panton agreed to write a short piece about the work done by the Parish Council. This will include information about rural broadband, the work done by the Community payback scheme and information about the planning applications. It was agreed that the profile of the Parish Council needs raising.


Dates of next meetings

The dates of the next meetings are Wednesday 20th March 2013 and Tuesday 7th May 2013.


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