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Parish Council Minutes - January 2005




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 4th January 2005 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Jackson, Hoskinson, Clerk, D.Hancock plus one member of the Parish, Mr Heaton.and Deborah Gwilliam the Community Support Officer.      


Open Meeting.

Deborah Gwilliam reported that she had been responsible for a scheme aimed at increasing awareness in children of the need to be visible on the Highway. Cllr Rothwell told her of the Parish Plan aim of provision of a footpath to the School. There is a new Community Policeman, John Bassinger. A voice mail contact number will be provided, but meanwhile the Police can be contacted on 63333. Both Mr Heaton and Cllr Rothwell commented on slow response times from the Police. Cllr Rothwell also stated that he had received no feedback after an incident on Yealand Road when a wall had been knocked down. Deborah Gilliam agreed to investigate this matter. 

Village Hall. Cllr Mercer reported that there has been a flood in the Village Hall, which has damaged the Ladies lavatory and the kitchen. A meeting has been arranged to discuss whether it is feasible to do repairs prior to the proposed major upgrading. Cllr Mercer was asked to enquire of the Chair, Mr Lofthouse, who would organise and authorise the repairs and whether there will be any financial impact on the Parish Council.

Litter.  Mr Heaton asked the Clerk to contact the Cleansing department about the amount of litter on the A6.  The Road sweepers have not cleared Yealand Road for a long time.

Organisation of bin collecting has been poor. Several households did not receive the information cards and it was unclear as to when the small green bins would be emptied. It was too long before the large green bins will be emptied again. The Clerk would ask the Council to inform her if the collection days were altered. Information could be posted on the Notice Board.   

Tsunami Appeal. The Parish Council felt that this was a matter for individual donations.



The minutes of the meeting held on the 3rd November 2004 were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell.



Mr White has produced a draft Web Site. This is excellent and easy to use. This will cost between 5-6 per month plus a fee for the Host name, payable every two years. The Parish Council agreed to proceed with this. We will still need to produce a paper Newsletter for those unable to access the Internet. The Clerk to provide some new photos.

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Cllr Calnan read out the worksheet that included leaf clearing and attention to the Notice Board. The Clerk had received a costing from Steve Edwards that would allow us to spend another 113 this financial year and would keep the budget to 480.We still do not have her hourly rate .The Parish Council were concerned that there do appear to be problems with the organisation of the scheme and whether the amount of actual work done justifies the cost .It is possible that John Holmes, now doing work for Yealand Redmayne Parish Council could also cover Yealand Conyers. Mr Heaton was asked to liaise with Steve Edwards on the current situation.

The Clerk to ask the AONB if their volunteers could attend to signposts on footpaths.


Report on the Joint meeting with Yealand Redmayne Parish Council re Parish Plan.

A meeting was held on 17th November2004. It was agreed that small groups should be formed to tackle the main issues in the Plan. The nominated leader would report back to the Parish Councils. J. Stokes agreed to draft a letter to residents of both villages summarising the actions that need to be taken. The cost of publication will be shared between the Parish Councils.


Planning 04/01632/CU :Change of use and conversion of part of Stable Block to living accommodation. Leighton Hall.

No objection on the plans but it was questionable as to whether the Planning Department will allow a change of use.

04/01578/FUL : Demolition of Dairy Kennel Building and Replacement with timber framed and Clad Sheep house. 

No objection.



It was agreed to set the Precept at 1350.00



A cheque was approved for 288.75   Zurich Insurance Company.

A cheque was approved  for 6.80     Cllr Rothwell [travelling expenses].

The Current account        68.90

Deposit account          2786.93

Petty Cash                     18.58

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A sum of 500 to be transferred into current account. The Clerk to claim back VAT at the end of the Financial year.



Cllrs Calnan and Hoskinson reported back from the LAPTC meeting. It is possible that in the future smaller Parish Councils will be amalgamated. One Clerk from a Quality Parish council would have overall responsibility.



Progress is slow and some work needs to be redone. There is to be a meeting between the Chairman of the Governors, County Council and the Contractors.


Renewable Energy

No Councillors could attend the meeting for the Launch of the New Lancashire Environment Strategy.