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Parish Council Minutes - January 2006




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 4th January 2006 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Hoskinson, Calnan, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock plus two members of the Parish and Community Support Officer, Deborah Gwilliam.


Open Meeting

Cllr Rothwell informed the Parish council that the Woodland Trust have a scheme for recycling Christmas cards. They can be deposited at Tescos, Smiths or the Yealand villages Post Office. Cllr Jackson also advised that used stamps could be collected for the Air Ambulance. They can also be left in a box in the Quaker Meeting House.

Deborah Gwilliam reported that a bay tree and wheelbarrow had been stolen from Clifford Hall.

Several residents had experienced difficulty driving along Dykes Lane due to a parked trailer and the position of other vehicles. Parishioners were requested to contact Carnforth Police on 63333 if this continued to be a problem.

Shots have been heard at night in Hynings Wood. Anyone hearing further disturbance should phone the Police.

Cllr Jackson said that she was having difficulty attending meetings on Wednesdays. Attention would be paid to this when arranging future dates.



The minutes of the meeting held on 16th November 2005 were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell.



The Precept was set at £1350.



Joint Parish Council Meeting

This will be held on 31st January 2006 at 7p.m. in the Village Hall. The progress of the Parish Plan will be discussed together with the Traffic and Transport report.


A6/Dykes Lane Junction

Mr Heaton advised that it was very difficult to see this junction whilst driving South along the A6 at night. There had been an accident on 13.12.05. Other parishioners concurred with his views.The Clerk to write to the County Highways Department and ask what steps could be taken to improve visibility without resorting to Street lighting. There were suggestions that either white kerb lines and/or cats eyes could be deployed.


St Mary’s Church Wall

A vehicle had destroyed the Church wall. Father Bamber had suggested that a chevron marker be placed on the wall or road in an appropriate place. The white lines on the road are also not very clear. The Clerk will write to the Highways Department to see what improvements can be implemented.


30m.p.h. sign. Yealand House, Yealand Road.

This has been knocked by a vehicle and is leaning over. This will be reported to the Highways Department.


School Travel Plan

The School has been granted money to formulate a Plan. Cllr Rothwell agreed to act as liaison officer and will try to link it to the Parish Plan. Mr Holt, Highways Department, has agreed to put in a bid for money towards the Plan but any money would have to be used within the school premises.


Carnforth Connect

The service will terminate on 27th March 2006 unless sufficient additional funding becomes available by 18th January 2006. Cllrs Calnan and Mercer will attend a meeting at Lancaster Town Hall at 2.p.m. on 13.01.06.



The Clerk reported that Yealand Redmayne Parish council were happy with the new arrangement with John Holmes. It was agreed to formally ask him to work for Yealand Conyers. Hours will be eight hours per month. Cllr Calnan agreed to liase with him. Jobs pending are litter picking, washing of road signs and tidying around the New Inn and Quaker Field.



Questionnaire on the purposes of National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This questionnaire had been returned to Countrywise Consultants. Its purpose was to give the Countryside Agency a better understanding of the extent that the relevant Authorities are aware and fulfilling their duty of protecting these landscapes.



Current Account    £220.20

Deposit Account  £2890.74

Petty Cash             £23.21

Cheques were approved for:

£49.48 - John Holmes, Relyant Gardening for work done on the War memorial. Yealand Redmayne Parish Council have paid half the cost to Yealand Conyers Parish Council.

£68.25 – Warton Parish Council. Final bill for the Lengthsman.



Leighton Hall Home Farm.

This application has been refused.

Cllr Rothwell gave a report on the main reasons for refusal.

The County Council highways found that the forecasted daily vehicle movements of two hundred and sixty eight were in excess of the Timeshare Development.

Car parking for eighty-eight vehicles was in excess of the forty permitted by their parking standards.

There was no realistic access other than by private car.

The City Council found that the proposed development would have an adverse effect on a listed building and the AONB.

There would be an adverse effect because of additional traffic and would be detrimental to highway safety.

The Scheme was contrary to Government advice in that it involved new employment related buildings in an isolated rural location. This is accessible only by car and there is no Public transport.


The Parish Council had been sympathetic to the principle of development of the site and understood the need to finance the maintenance of Leighton Hall. They were strongly opposed to the development in its current form. There were steps that could be taken to lessen the impact of the development. If these were fully implemented, the Parish Council could support development on the site.

One City Councillor had been very impressed by the Parish Council approach and Peter Rivet had commented on the constructive comments in our report. It was hoped that the Applicants, City Council and Parish Council could work together over any future plans.

Thanks were extended to Mr Heaton and Cllr Hoskinson.


New Farm Access, Flat Lane, Yealand Conyers.

The Parish Council had several objections to this plan.

There is already adequate access to the land.

It may be used to give access to the holiday cottage and the Parish Council would not want a separate entrance to this property.

The junction between Rose Acre Lane and Flat Lane is already a dangerous corner and the proposed new access is close to that junction.

Our Parish Plan highlighted the need of a footpath between the villages. Residents feel that there is a problem with speeding traffic along this road. Many pedestrians, especially school children feel vulnerable.

There is a commitment to trying to establish a footpath linking the two villages along this hazardous road. Whatever is done for the new access should not prevent there being a permissive path in the future, whoever owns the field.


Satellite dish Mr Calnan, Green Garth, 19, Yealand Road

Granted .The dish to be located on the rear of the central chimney

Clifford Hall, Dykes Lane

Cast Iron Bollards have been erected on the grass verges. 


Alterations and extensions, Mr Sands, Glendavian, Dykes Lane

Granted with the proviso that a stone boundary wall should be constructed in place of the existing fence.



Installation of first floor gable window opening, Ms Rigby, Low Dykes Cottage, Dykes Lane

No objections.