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Parish Council Minutes - January 2008




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 16th January 2008 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs, Rothwell, Panton, Calnan, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock plus three members of the Parish, Mr Calnan, Mr Heaton and Mr Winder.


Open Meeting

Mr Calnan and Mr Heaton expressed concern that no measures have been undertaken by the Police to stop speeding through the village. As action had been promised at the last meeting, the Clerk will write formally to request that measures are taken urgently. 



Apologies were received from Cllr Fishwick. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 21st November 2007

These were approved and signed by the chairman Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters arising

[a] Bus Timetable

The electronic sign has still not been amended. A paper timetable has been posted on the Parish Notice Board. As the Clerk has not received any reply to her letters ,she will write again.

[b] Dead cherry tree 

Cllr Panton reported that all residents in the area of the tree were agreeable to it being felled. No other objections had been received . Cllr Panton would ask John Holmes if he could undertake this work. 

[c] Leighton Hall Home Farm

The Government Office for the North West had responded to the letter from the Parish council by stating that they could not comment on the way which the Council either handles or reaches a decision on a particular planning application. The department has no jurisdiction in reviewing a planning application once a decision has been made.

Mr Hall, Development Control Manager had responded to the letter sent on 20th November 2007 by email on 16th January 2008.

He stated that the Councilís view was that the latest scheme is quite different in character and raises different issues to the original submission. This did not make a case for automatic referral to the Secretary of State. The City Council felt that the appearance and impact, the travel patterns [with and without a public transport option] and the general nature of a commercial/business development will be very different to a holiday timeshare scheme.

Mr Hall also stated that careful reading of the decision letter in relation to the time share development made no reference to that scheme being a departure from the Development Plan. It was called in because the Secretary of State wished to ensure that the development was acceptable in the context of national policies and because of itís impact on the environment and the Listed Building. The Council felt that the new application was more in keeping with the principles of both national and local policy requirements.

The Parish Councillors discussed whether they had grounds for complaint on the way this decision had been taken. Mr Calnan and Mr Heaton, who had been asked to assist the Parish Council, felt that three points need to be addressed:

1 Some of the affected residents in Yealand Conyers had not been given notice of the proposed development.

2 In assessing the needs of Leighton Hall as a historic building, no consideration had been given to the English Heritage guidelines.

3 The impact of increased traffic should have necessitated a referral to the Secretary of State. There has been no consultation with the Parish Council in regard to the S106 requirements, although this was promised.

The Parish Council felt that it was most important that money should be put into the local transport system rather than a mini bus service.

After further discussion it was agreed that the Chairman would ask for an urgent meeting with Andrew Dobson. The chairman would also write to say that the Parish Council feel that the response from the Planning Department is not satisfactory and that we are considering making a formal complaint.  

[d] Planning


Installation of two solar energy panels to roof, Rogersons



Change of use and conversion of Coach House to holiday cottage, Yealand Manor



Change of use of barn to holiday cottage with vehicle access from A6, Barn Field no 2187, Mr Winder

Refused on two counts:

[a] The barn is clearly visible when viewed from the south and west. Development of the site in the manner proposed would lead to the urbanisation of the landscape to the detriment of the character of the neighbouring AONB

[b] Whilst subject to improvement, the access will still provide a substandard sight line to the south on emergence from the site onto a high speed road. The remote nature of the site could lead to erratic manoeuvres on the highway particularly in the hours of darkness. Development of this site is considered detrimental to highway safety.


Police Report

No police officer attended this meeting.                                         


AONB /Landscape Trust 20th Anniversary Joint project

Mr Winder wishes to sell the pond to the Parish Council for £1. He has instructed  his solicitors, Banister Bates accordingly. The parish Council agreed to cover legal fees on both sides.

Following advice from the AONB it was agreed to change the word pond to Turlough a flooded piece of land. We will need to do a risk assessment for insurance purposes but the proposed improvements will make this area safer. The Clerk has asked Silverdale parish council for guidance. They have ponds in their Parish.

The Clerk agreed to be the Responsible Officer whilst the work was being done and would ask guidance from the AONB. Cllr Rothwell would liaise with the School.

The Parish Council would like the information board to have illustrations of what could be seen in and around the Turlough. Recognition will be given to the bodies that donated money. 



A cheque for £30 was approved for Relyant Gardening. 



The Parish Council set the precept for 2008-2009 at £1500.


Reports from meetings

There were no reports. Cllr Rothwell expressed an interest in attending a Chairmanís course in Lancaster. Cllrs Calnan, Panton and the clerk wished to attend a planning meeting on the 14th February 2008. It was agreed that  any costs would be covered. 


Nomination of a Parish Representative for the Standards Committee 

None of the Councillors wished to be nominated for this position.