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Parish Council Minutes - January 2010




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 6th January 2010 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Panton and Mercer, Clerk, D. Hancock P.C. Marsh and Cllr Fishwick


Open Meeting

Cllr Calnan reported on her dealings with United Utilities over the disruption to the cold water supply during the Christmas period. Many households were without cold water for long periods. This was due to a burst in the private supply at Pine Lake Leisure complex.The management then pumped water from the mains in order to replenish their supply despite being requested to stop by United Utilities. Mr Heighton, manager of United Utiities indicated that a privately funded stop valve would need to be placed in order to stop this reoccurring. There had also been a burst in Well Lane. However old piping is to be renewed during 2010. Mr Heighton had invited members of the Parish Council to view the plans and to discuss this matter further. Cllrs Calnan and Panton agreed to arrange a meeting with Mr Heighton at the Kendal office. Meanwhile the Clerk would write to United Utilities expressing our concern that this problem could reoccur during periods of high demand. She would also thank them for the efficient and polite way that they tried to deal with the matter. A letter of complaint would be sent to the manager of Pine Lake emphasising the disruption that had been caused to private households. 



Apologies have been received from Cllr Jackson. The Chairman asked that any apologies should be sent via the Clerk. 


Police Report

P.C. Marsh reported that a car had been broken into on Snape Lane. Residents are urged not to leave property on view. There have been three incidences of sheep worrying in the area. A press release reminding dog owners of their responsibilities and possible consequences has been organised. The village has been patrolled regularly both on foot and in vehicles to deter both anti social behaviour and inconsiderate driving and speeding. It has not been possible to use the speed gun. There have been no incidences of anti social behaviour. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December 2009

These were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell.


Matters Arising


The Clerk agreed to remind Lucy Baron that she was going to forward a report on the work done in Cumbria on traffic calming measures. 

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Hedges on Dykes Lane

The hedges have been cut back and the only area that is currently encroaching onto the highway is through the retaining section of Dykes Lane and Church Lane. It has been suggested by the landowner that the vegetation is associated with the trees and roots on top of the retaining wall and that these trees have preservation orders. Enquiries have been made to the Tree Preservation officer about the status of the trees. If they are found to have preservation orders special permission will have to be sought to cut back the vegetation. Cllr Fishwick urged the Parish Council to contact Highways again in order to prevent further delays. It will not be possible to cut the undergrowth back once birds start nesting in the Spring. 


Village Pond project

The Parish Council agreed that a letter should be sent to Mr Winder asking if he still wished to sell the pond for £1 .The Clerk would request a formal response by the end of January2010after which we would assume that he was not willing to proceed further.

The School wishes to erect a 1.8 metre chain fence on the north side of the playing field in order to prevent access to the pond. The Parish Council approved this request and the headmistress will be informed.


Precept 2010-2011

The current account stands at £171.72 and the Deposit Account £2181.39 Cllrs considered future liabilities and agreed that the Precept should be set at £1000.



A cheque for £65 was approved for Relyant Gardening.

Mr and Mrs Redshaw would not accept any money towards the purchase of the Christmas tree. The Clerk will write and thank them for this gesture. It was agreed that the tree enhanced the village.



09/01105/FUL Proposed Wind turbine, Rogersons , Tarnwater, Yealand Conyers.

A revised plan had been received .The location is 51 metres from the boundary with railway land and lies within the Rogerson property. The Gaia wind turbine has been chosen because it operates efficiently at relatively low wind speeds. There is a similar installation in the Carlisle area but the precise location was not given.

The Clerk had agreed to attend the planning meeting to be held on 11.1.10 when she would represent the views of the Parish These are that whilst we are sympathetic for the need for alternative energy we are concerned whether the site is appropriate and whether the turbine will reach the claimed levels of performance. The location is low lying and sheltered by a railway embankment and there is no evidence that any wind speed measurements has been carried out on site.

We appreciate that the site is just outside the AONB and will not have a significant impact on the landscape. However residents are concerned that a precedent could be set which could lead to a situation where there would be a significant impact. There is  

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concern about potential noise generation in this rural location. Recent studies have shown that noise levels of existing turbines are higher than expected. 

If the application is approved we would ask that the night time noise level should be set at 33 decibels at the nearest residential property.

The Parish Council strongly believes that the claimed environmental benefits of this turbine are extremely weak, especially given the poor site location and that the benefits are not sufficient to outweigh the needs to protect the landscape and quiet rural area. Therefore we would ask that permission be refused. 


Highways-Speed limits within the village

The Parish Council agreed that the Clerk should write to the County Highways department requesting that he 30mph limits are extended to tom A6 .It was also suggested that red or green hatching could be painted onto the road. This gives the impression that this is a pedestrianís area and acts as a traffic calming measure. This could be employed outside the school and on narrow areas on Dykes Lane. Cllr Panton agreed to ask the householders if they had any objections to this idea.

It was agreed to write a letter of support for the proposal for the reopening of the Colne to Skipton missing rail link. The Parish Council feels that the use of public transport should be encouraged.