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Parish Council Minutes - January 2012




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 4th January 2012 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Jackson, Butler and Cllr Fishwick together with Clerk D. Hancock and one member of the Parish, Mr Heaton. 


Open Meeting

There is a large expanse of standing water on the A6 in the area of Rogersons. It was also reported that there is a problem at the bottom of Roseacre Lane and under the railway bridge. All these areas present a traffic hazard.  Cllr Fishwick agreed to report this to the Council.



There were apologies from Cllr Mercer, Cllr Graham and P.C. Marsh.


Minutes of the Meeting held on November 15th 2011

The minutes were corrected, approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.

Mr Heaton asked whether the draft minutes could be made available to the parish prior to the meeting. At present there is a delay of two months before the approved minutes are displayed on the website and notice board. The Clerk will make enquires about the rules concerning minutes.  


Matters arising


The Clerk had been informed that Dykes Lane has been added to the secondary gritting route programme. The secondary routes are attended to on completion of the primary routes, where persistent ice or snow is present or forecast over the next 24 hour period. The secondary treatment is only undertaken during daylight hours.

Cllr Panton had not needed to approach Mr Clark because there should be no need for an extra grit bin if these extra measures are satisfactory.


The Area North Highways team have visited the site and cut back the vegetation that was obscuring the road signage. They have also cleared the stone and other obstructions from the section of the highway verge that is adopted. The team will continue to monitor the boundary wall. The landowner will be informed if the condition should significantly deteriorate.

The road markings along the A6 in the vicinity of Yealand Conyers have been inspected and will be remarked when the weather conditions are suitable. 

War Memorial

The Clerk had been advised that the safe water treatment is only suitable for stone work that has been painted with metallic paint. Mr Heaton Informed that Parish  

Page 236

Council that several areas of the Quaker Meeting House have been safeguarded using this method. 

Best Kept Village  

The Clerk was requested to obtain a detailed copy of the Judges report so that the Parish Council might concentrate on improving specific areas.

Cllr Calnan had inspected all the main roads in the Parish. The Clerk will enquire whether the City Council can use a stronger weed killer on the footpath on Yealand Road. The County Council will be requested to manually clear areas on Yealand Road and Church Lane. There is debris present that is too thick for a road sweeper. Also there are some areas close to the walls that would be impossible to access with the mechanical road sweeper.

Cllr Calnan had been assured by the manager of the New Inn that he will keep the area around the pub tidy. Hopefully the work on the adjoining barn should soon be completed.

Mr Heaton kindly agreed to remove some of the ivy around the pump.

Cllr Panton agreed to speak to the owner of the motor home on Dykes Lane about the weeds growing under the vehicle.

It was agreed to enter the competition again and to make a real effort in this diamond jubilee year.


Application 11/00727/FUL Conversion and alteration to existing garage to create a granny annexe. This application is still pending. 

Footpath to School

The Clerk advised that there is nothing to prevent Parish Councils purchasing or leasing land. Loans are available from the Public Works loans Board but no more than 5 /elector.

Cllr Panton had obtained the draft document for the establishment of a concessionary footpath.

It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mrs Winder and enquire whether she would be willing to sell or lease a strip of land 2 metres wide running from Roseacre Lane to the school. If there is a positive response, the County Council would be approached to see whether they would be responsible for relaying a boundary hedge, constructing and maintaining a footpath.

Yealand Redmayne Parish Council have indicated that they are not pursuing the acquisition of land but welcome the proposed 20mph speed limit. 


Police Report

P.C. Marsh had sent his report in which he stated that there have been three incidents in Yealand Conyers. One incident was criminal damage to a window. The Village is patrolled regularly. Carnforth Neighbourhood Policing team will be conducting night time operations, targeting criminals who travel to and through rural areas. 

Page 237        


Village Newsletter  

Cllr Butler has drafted a piece for the Village newsletter. This will contain information about the gritting measures. There will also be a summary of the document produced by Cllr Graham about the land allocation document and the Development Management document. Prior notice about the Best Kept Village will be given together with a reminder that the Parish Council minutes are available on the website and the notice board. 


AONB Notice Board

The property committee at the Quaker Old School were felt that a third board would be out of place. Enquires would be made as to whether a board could be made which could hold eight pages of A4. This would allow the AONB and bus information to be displayed separately. Clarification is required regarding appropriate signage i.e. Yealand Conyers Parish Council and who would be responsible for any future maintenance.  



The Clerk has set up the PAYE system. PAYE will be paid quarterly online. Three payments have been made. Any future employees can be added to the system. A P60 will be issued at the end of the Financial year. The Chair thanked the Clerk for completing this task. 


Precept 2012-2013 

The Parish Council have reduced the amounts held in the deposit account by reducing the precept over the last two years. However our expenditure this year is already more than the 2011 precept. Therefore with consideration given as to expenditure in 2012 2013 it was agreed to increase the Precept to 1300. 



A cheque was approved 39 to Relyant Gardening. 


Reports from Meetings

There were no reports. 


Lancaster Canal Trust

There has been no correspondence regarding this project over the last year.  There has been no request for the Annual Fee. The Clerk has ascertained that the Trust is still a working body and the parish council agreed to wait for an update on the work of the Trust before paying any more money.


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