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Parish Council Minutes - January 2014

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 15th January 2014 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.




Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Jackson, Butler, Mercer, Mr George Heaton, Clerk to Yealand Redmayne Sue Brown together with Clerk Susie Harrison.



None Received.


Open Meeting

Sue Brown gave an update with regard to the implementation of the SPiD, Yealand Redmayne and Warton are going ahead with installing them. The biggest problem with Conyers is that there is nowhere suitable to site the SPiD plus there is no safe place to erect them. They are only advisory, so option is still open if Conyers decide at a later date to install them.

Mr Heaton spoke regards to developments at the New Inn Yealand Conyers. The Cllr’s agreed that there is evidence of work going on but has it has since ceased maybe due to inclement weather conditions and Christmas. Mr Heaton also mentioned about the overgrown hedge which poses a danger to road users. The Cllr’s asked for the Clerk to send another letter to see when the work is due to be completed and about the hedge and that it is the landowners responsibility to cut it back.

Andy Denton, police liaison officer for Neighbourhood Watch, North Division is due to attend the village “Coffeestop” on Monday 20th January, 2014 to meet with villagers and discuss the scheme and view parishioner’s comments on re-implementing the scheme.

Mr Heaton queried the work carried out by the village lengthsman John Holmes, as he felt the village looked untidy and tasks weren’t being completed. The Cllr’s said that this was an item they were discussing within the main meeting.

Cllr Butler handed in his resignation from the Parish Council with immediate effect from the close of the meeting. The Chair and Cllrs thanked Cllr Butler for his time and contribution. The Clerk is to write to Lancaster City Council and give information of his resignation and generate a letter to recruit a new Parish Cllr and display on the village website, newsletter and the village boards.



Minutes of the meeting held on 6th November, 2013.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Hancock.


Matters arising from the previous minutes:

Clearance of vegetation, Dykes Lane

The Clerk has emailed a number of people at Lancaster City Council with regard to this and received a reply from Gillian Kitchen, Customer Service manager for Lancashire Highways. Gillian Kitchen has passed the matter onto the District Lead Officer for Lancaster to follow it up urgently due to the length of time which has passed since initial enquires were made regarding the state of the road. The Clerk has emailed Gillian Kitchen to ask for details of who the Officer is and contact details.

Change of use to units at Tarnwater, A6

Debbie Threlfall, Senior Planning Control Officer for Lancaster City Council has rung to say that she has written to Phil Rogerson the owner of the premises, with regard to the Tile Hub as there is a condition on the site which states that no retail sales should take place, and she was wanting to clarify this issue with Mr Rogerson. The Clerk spoke with her about the selling of second hand cars on the site, this she was not aware of so is looking into this as well and will contact the Clerk with an update on the situation.

Burton Motorway Services Wind Turbine

The Clerk received a letter from Seren stating that Conyers would not be eligible for the grant of £10k due to the reason that the proposed development straddles the two parishes of Redmayne and Burton in Kendal.


Chair Hancock had a meeting with Christine White and Julia Watts from BT on Monday 13th January, 2014. A feasibility study has been carried out with a map showing the siting of two boxes, one on the A6 and the other in Borwick. The installation of the broadband is still funding dependant but Chair Hancock asked if the parish council would have to find funding and Julia Watts said no they wouldn’t. If BA4N become involved then BT will withdraw. Conyers should have superfast broadband by 2014/15 and Eddie Sutton, Enforcement Officer for rural broadband has said we are still top of the list. AONB have also stated that they want superfast broadband as soon as possible and they have no objections with it.


See notes above in the open meeting.


Lengthsman Duties 2014

The feeling amongst the Cllr’s is that there is too much work within the Parish for the lengthsman to be able to do on his own. There was an issue with the invoices from Relyant Gardening as there is no structure as to when the bills will be presented and as such it is hard to know how much to budget for in the precept the following year. The Cllr’s agreed to arrange a meeting with Relyant Gardening to discuss duties and invoices.


Police Report

There were 28 incidents reported within the Parishes of Silverdale, Warton and the Yealands between the dates of 1st – 31st December, 2013. 6 of those relate to Conyers, one of which was a sneak in burglary on Yealand Road in which a purse and its contents were stolen.

No crimes were reported in the same period last year.

PC Marsh has swapped beats with PC Richard Barr, who is now our community beat officer for this area.


Lancaster City Council reviewed its localised council tax support scheme at the meeting held on 11/12/13 and resolved to keep it unchanged. This year there is no proposal to provide compensatory grants to offset these reductions. Parishioners who were exempt from council tax wouldn’t have to pay it and that amount would be deducted from the precept.



The precept for last year was £1,860 And it was proposed to raise it to £2,000 for the year 2014 with £80 added to cover for the council tax. The increase was due to this year being the centenary of the war hence there might be an added expense with that, Dykes lane as the Parish Council might have to employ contractors to sort the situation out. Cllr Butler asked if this information could be put in the village newsletter.



Cheques signed:

1.      Cheque No 000270 £32.97    Upkeep of war memorial      

2.      Cheque No 000271 £309.60  Zurich Insurance

3.      Cheque No 000272 £39.00    Relyant Gardening

4.      Cheque No 000273 £225.50  Clerk Wages

5.      Cheque No 000274 £20.00    Petty Cash

6.      Cheque No 000275 £59.00    Relyant Gardening


The Cllrs agreed to close the deposit acct held with Santander and to only hold a current account with them. Chair Hancock and Cllr Panton will be signatories on the account.



From the 1st January 2014 all plans are going to be to view online and no paper copies will be issued. This is due to Lancaster City Council needing to find 3.5 million of savings within the next 2 years.

The Cllr’s said that all planning applications would be put on to Yealand Conyers website from now on.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday March 5th, 2014.


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