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Parish Council Minutes - January 2015

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21st January 2015 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Heaton, Page together with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Open Meeting

The Chair welcomed the new Councillor Joan Page onto the Parish Council. The Clerk reported that there had no crimes reported for Yealand Conyers – the police website was last updated November 2014.

The Chair reported that Neighbourhood Watch scheme was working well and that she is receiving information, for example, scams and suspicious activity within the village and all information goes onto the Parish website and in the village newsletter. 



Cllr Jackson 


Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 4th November 2014.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes 

New Inn Update

The adjacent barn at the New Inn has now had the roof completed and all scaffolding removed. Cllr Heaton expressed concern over the overhanging ivy which makes it difficult to walk close to the side of the road as it protrudes over the wall so much. The Cllrs asked if there had been any further information with regard to when the New Inn was due to reopen, Chair Hancock asked if the Clerk would make enquiries both in to the issue of the ivy and the information as to when the New Inn might reopen for business.  

Road Repairs to Yealand Road

The Clerk emailed Rachel Harrod District Lead Officer for Lancashire Highways Services re the poor state of Dykes Lane and to ask for an update with regard to the work which was due to be carried out by Lancashire Highways to cut back the saplings and overgrowth on Dykes Lane. The work was due to be completed by October 2014 but this has yet to be done. The Clerk is to make further enquiries as to why this work is yet to be carried out and stress upon the importance of it being done due the reason that two cars cannot now pass each other on this stretch of road. 

Dog Waste Bin

The Cllr’s were all in agreement to purchase a dog waste bin which will be situated by the footpath at the end of Hyning Wood. The Clerk will ask the Lengthsman to fit the bin. 

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Cllr Panton asked if the state of the village could be put on the next Parish Agenda. She felt that we need to address  how we want the village to look. Chair Hancock said she doesn’t want to stop using the Lengthsman but accessing the Community Payback Scheme has been a huge help with finances this year and they are due to come every spring to clear undergrowth and vegetation. However they are limited in where they can work.  

Retrospective Planning

The Cllr’s were concerned that there had recently been 3 retrospective Planning applications and they were that this is an increasing issue. The Clerk emailed the Planning department to ask if they could clarify this situation and they replied saying that they cannot prevent retrospective applications being submitted. Once they are aware of buildings, structures being erected or installed they always encourage application to be submitted, otherwise enforcement action will be considered. 

Lengthsman Duties 2015

The Chair and Cllr’s discussed what work requires to be done and they agreed that road signs and finger posts were due to be cleaned. 


The trench is now approaching Yealand Village Hall. Cllr Heaton asked whether the Parish Council could donate towards this scheme. Other Parish Councils have given money. Cllr Hancock agreed to enquire about the legal position on share purchase. She and two other Cllr’s have to declare an interest. 


Precept 2015

Council Tax is going up as Lancaster City Council are going to target road repairs. The precept for 2014 was £2080, The Parish Council were slightly in debit at the end of the financial year and hence they have had to be extremely careful with budgeting this year and have had to reduce the amount the Parish Council donate to AONB and we haven’t employed the Lengthsman this last year. Chair Hancock said that we would have to raise the precept for the next financial year. A realistic figure would be needed but the Chair felt we would have to increase the precept as at present the Parish Council does not have any excess money for items such as a new notice board or any community projects. Insurance, expenses and statutory fees all make up a large proportion of the annual precept. We also have to allow for training courses for the Clerk. The Chair suggested increasing the precept to £2,500 for the next financial year. The Cllrs agreed this figure.

The Chair and Councillor’s discussed increasing the Clerk’s wage and they decided to increase it from £7.50 per hour  from January 2015 to £8.00 after the May AGM. The second increase was dependant on performance. 


Reports from meetings

Cllr Panton attended the Planning Housing Needs meeting. Lancaster City Council is the first Council to involve the AONB in the Planning needs. What they’re looking               

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for are suitable sites for housing development. Their intention is to have their decisions made and plans done by 2016. Lucy Barron from the AONB said that Parish Councils will be kept well informed. Parish Councils have to take an active involvement to find sites that may be suitable.  The questionnaire concluded that affordable or smaller size dwellings were needed, especially for the elderly. The Chair said she feels we need to respond by saying that there were no obvious sites because of lack of amenities within the village. 



War Memorial Annual Clean                          £24.48

Petty Cash                                                 £20.00 

Santander Current Account Balance              £921.10 


Date of next meeting:             04/03/2015


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