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Parish Council Minutes - January 2016

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 6th January 2016 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair ,D. Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Arthurs, Tyldesley and Page ,Mrs Selman and Clerk, S. Harrison


Open meeting

Cllr Tyldesley asked if there had been any developments re the missing Post box on Yealand Road. We had been given a timescale of 6 – 8 weeks for a new one to be fitted. The letter from Royal Mail was dated from the3rd December, 2015. Chair Hancock asked for the Clerk enquire if a fitting date has been set and whereabouts Royal Mail are going to site the replacement Post box. One place it could be sited is on the piece of common land on Dykes Lane beside the Telephone Box.



Cllr Sykes


Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th November 2015

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair D. Hancock.


New Inn Update

Mrs Selman, representing the New Inn Committee gave the Cllr’s an update with regard to the purchase of the New Inn Public House. It is now Community Benefit Society. The pub is on the market for £350,000. The committee have put a bid into Robinson’s Brewery for £250,000 for the whole site. The cost of a share will be £250 per share up to a £100,000 maximum purchase. The bid for the pub has to be in by the end of February and people are able to obtain information from the following social networks of Facebook, Twitter and the website. There will be a public meeting in the Village Hal on the 19th January 2016

Cllr Panton asked Mrs Rose if she could clarify what she meant by the 6 week window and she explained that the ACV expires by the beginning of March so the funds need to be in place by then. Chair Hancock asked Mrs Selman if the Parish Council were still the first point of contact with Lancaster City Council. It would appear that the Community Benefit Society will deal directly with Robinsons and the City Council.

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Purchase of a Defibrillator

The Chair had contacted the British Heart Foundation with regard to obtaining a defibrillator but they’ve closed the applications as they’ve been overwhelmed.. Cllr Hancock agreed to get prices from other sources. Cllr Page will ask one of the Cllrs from Warton how he went about purchasing two. The Parish Council agreed to fund running costs.

Cllr Tyldesley said Quakers might be able to help with funding . A defibrillator could be placed at the Quaker Meeting House  Cllr Panton said it would be good to hear from other Parish Councils who already have them and how many times in a public places have they been used. At present the proposal l is to have one at the Village Hall and one at Yealand Storrs. Two Heart Start sessions have been arranged at the Village Hall.


Withdrawal of Bus Services

Cuts by Lancashire City Council to Bus services will affect all or some of the local buses though the villages. Bob Roe will be attending Yealand Redmayne Parish Council to discuss Community shared transport, representatives from Warton, Silverdale and Conyers Parish Councils have been invited to attend.


AONB Consultation Plan

Chair Hancock has responded to the AONB Consultation Plan re small developments in rural places. She is concerned that there is confusion over pieces of land highlighted as possibilities for development and the public then thinking that this has been approved for building. The Chair wondered if it would be helpful to produce a joint statement with Yealand Redmayne Parish Council to clarify the situation as parishioners are concerned over the situation.

Cllr Arthurs said that anyone can put forward a piece of land for possible development and that we will have to expect there will be some building within the AONB area. Lancaster City Council will always give priority to brownfield sites and Yealand Conyers are in a good position as we have no amenities such as Doctor’s Surgery, shop’s etc. Chair Hancock will write a synopsis of our response for the Parish website to update information on the Parish Plan. 

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After discussion on future expenditure the Cllrs were in agreement that the Precept will remain at the same amount as last year at £2,500.


Replacement of Parish Council Noticeboard

Due to the recent bad weather the Parish Noticeboard has fallen off the wall and is beyond repair. The Clerk will obtain prices on a new noticeboard and a decision made at the next meeting in March. Cllr Arthurs queried as to whether we could use recycled materials instead of the traditional wood. 



  £13.00             War Memorial Cleaning

  £50.00             Yealand Newsletter Donation

  Balance Santander Acct £1610.70


Changes to Audit Rules

From the start of the 2017/18 financial year smaller authorities with a turnover of less than £25,000 will be exempt from having to submit an Annual return  for Audit but will still need to complete and Annual Return and have an auditor appointed in case there are any questions form electors to be resolved .Councils can chooses to have an auditor appointed to them by a new Sector led body ,the Smaller Authority Audit Appointment Authority Limited, or they can decide to procure their own.

The Cllrs agreed to be automatically opted in to the new SLB



Application No: 15/00949/FUL Amended Plans Consultation

                        Land South of Cinderbarrow Lane, Lancaster.

                        For: Mr Martin Cole

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Chair Hancock will be attending the Planning meeting on Monday 11/01/16 to put forward the views of the Parish. The revised Planning Application the height of the panels have been lowered. 


Application No: 15/01491/FUL

                        Erection of an agricultural livestock building.

                        For: Mr Chris Alty

                        Moss House Farm, New Road, Warton, LA5 9SA.

There were no objections. Cllr Arthurs had declared an Interest prior to the Meeting. 


Application No: 15/01484/VCN

                        Conversion and alteration to existing garage to create a granny annexe (pursuant to the variation condition 2 and 3 on planning permission 11/000727/FUL to substitute the approved drawings).

There were no objections providing that it must always remain as a granny flat and not sold as an independent dwelling. 


Application No: 15/01598/FUL

                        Retrospective application for the retention of an access track.

                        For: Mrs C. Winder

                        Site Address: Barn Field No 2187, Milnthorpe Road, Yealand Conyers.

There were no objections.

Date of next meeting: 2nd March 2016. 


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