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Parish Council Minutes - July 2011




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 6th July 2011 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllr Calnan, Mercer, Panton and Butler, Clerk D. Hancock and City Cllr, Kath Graham.


Open meeting

Cllr Graham was welcomed by the Cllrs. Cllr Fishwick will continue to represent the Parish in her position as County Cllr. The Clerk would email copies of the minutes to Cllr Graham. There has been a delay in updating the website because Mr White has been away. 



There were apologies from Cllr Jackson. It was agreed that Cllr Calnan would send a get-well card. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 17th May 2011

These were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan. 


Matters arising  


These have been cleaned satisfactorily. The Clrk will check whether all the other outstanding highways jobs have been completed. 

Dog Fouling

Cllr Calnan had been whether a dedicated dog poop bin could be placed. Cllr Graham advised that waste bags could be placed in general purpose bins. There are two bins in the parish, one on Peter Hill and the other at the junction of Roseacre Lane and Yealand Road. Cllr Butler agreed to write a short piece for the village newsletter containing this information. 

Best Kept Village

Cllr Panton had been asked that attention should be drawn to the large number of weeds on the footpath on Yealand Road. It is obvious that spraying is not sufficient to keep them under control. Mr Rothwell had suggested that they could be removed by hand as a community project. However, Cllrs felt that weed killers would also have to be used and that this could present a health and safety issue. It was agreed that Cllr Panton would ask John Holmes whether he would be able to tackle this job twice a year or whether he would prefer the Parish Council to employ an outside contractor.

The Clerk will make preliminary enquires regarding other contractors. 


Attention was also drawn to the overhanging hawthorn and ivy on the wall adjoining Yealand Manor. The Clerk will draw attention to this and ask that it should be cut back. 

20mph limit

The Clerk had been advised that the County Council is committed to introducing 20mph limits outside every school by 2013. The intention for Yealand School is a time variable 20mph speed limit to cover the school opening and closing times. The County Council are not able to offer any assistance at this time for the purchase of land to create a new footpath.

Cllrs strongly felt that efforts should continue to be made to provide a footpath. The Clerk will write to the school and Yealand Redmayne Parish Council to discuss how this could proceed. 


Police Report

P.C. Marsh had sent his report in which he stated that there had been one burglary at stables on Dykes Lane. The Police had been visible during the Open gardens and school fete events. The neighbourhood Policing team will be focusing on anti social behaviour involving youths during the summer. The situation concerning parking on the A6 to attend car boot sales is being monitored and a number of fixed penalty notices have been issued. P.C.Marsh now has responsibility for the Kellet area in addition to Warton, Silverdale and the Yealands. 



A cheque for 36.50 was approved fro Relyant Gardening. 


Registration of Personal Interest Forms 

Following a meeting on Code of Conduct for Cllrs, it has become apparent that membership of any charitable body has to be entered on the form. Cllrs also have to put their place of residence in section h. The Clerk provided new forms and will send to completed forms to the monitoring officer. 



11/00500/LB Re roofing of Barn , New Inn , Yealand Conyers.

There were no objections to this application. 


Extra Comments on the Appeal for the application of 13 wind turbines, Claughton Quarry.

There were no extra comments to be added to those already provided.

The application for the wind Turbine at Burton services is still pending. 

Page 227 

Cllr Panton had been contacted by a FELLS spokesperson enquiring as to whether the Parish Council could be a channel to inform people on their stance on alternative energy.                                            

This could be done during the Open Meeting. Parishioners would have the opportunity to ask questions. Cllrs felt that a spokesperson should also be there to present a counterargument. Mr Calnan would be approached. Both sides would asked to give short presentations at the September meeting .All councillors felt that they would like to be better informed, because the use of alternative energy sources will continue to be an issue within the AONB.

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