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Parish Council Minutes - July 2013

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 3rd July 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Butler, Mercer, PC Tony Marsh, Mr & Mrs White together with Clerk  S. Harrison.


There were apologies for absence from Cllr Jackson. 


Open meeting
Mr and Mrs White spoke to the councillors and gave them an update as to the situation with regard to the faster broadband being installed. Christine White has spoken to Julia Watt from BT who informed her that they don’t have a long term plan to roll out faster broadband in this area, we need to know where BT are with the roll out plan as they keep changing what they’re saying about it. There seems to be no strategic plan as to what is happening so the clerk is going to write to David Morris MP.

Update re Broadband Mrs C White has spoken to Julia Watts at BT and the situation at the moment (15/7/13)

1. We are definitely covered in the council roll out for the superfast broadband to be completed by 2015 and both BT and the council agree on this. 

2. If they get some additional Rural Community funding (a project which Julia is spearheading) then we can perhaps be covered earlier if we can 60% of  the houses in Yealand Conyers want broadband. This coverage would be a full BT roll–out and is not  B4RN equivalent. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2013
The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Cllr Calnan. 


Matters Arising from the previous minutes 

Draft Minutes

Proposed 20mph Yealand School
The Cllrs were asking why has the issue been shelved, PC Marsh said that it might just be that 20mph will be enforced just at school times only. It was felt that the  

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Yealands should join forces on this issue and it was decided that the Clerk would write to the Head of Highways Ian Welsby regarding this. 

Dykes Lane
There has been complaints made to the council about Dykes Lane and the overhanging trees and the long grass on then verges which is obscuring the 30 mph speed sign and making it dangerous for residents to exit their drives safely. The highways have been notified on a number of occasions but we are still waiting for them to act. It was decided the Clerk would write to the highways again and PC Marsh said he would write to them as well. There was discussion about whether the 30 mph sign should be moved to the start of the lane nearer the A6. 

A cheque for £100 has been paid to them from the council. 

Canal Trust
It was decided that the council wouldn’t donate to the Canal Trust at the present time as they have not received any admin from them in the past year. 

Notice of Intention to carry out works to trees
The councillors had no issues with the works to be carried out on the trees, one at Mr Ian Thompson, Dykes Barn, Dykes Lane and the other at Mrs Hester Willink, 20 Yealand Road. 

Survey on Yealand Conyers/Redmayne village turlough
Lancs Wildlife Trust are currently involved in a project with the aim to carry out targeted surveys on ponds for associated species of flowering plants. They want to carry out a survey on the pond for marginal and aquatic plants simply through observance  and recording. 

War Memorial
Yealand Redmayne and Conyers  share the upkeep and costs for the war memorial, Relyant Gardening have done some work on tidying the area. Conyers costs for the their share is £13.


Police Report
Since the 3rd June 2013 there has been no crime reported in Yealand Conyers.

The area surrounding Yealand C of E School will be risk assessed outside school with the use of a handheld speed gun to assess the situation with regard to the implementation of the 20 mph speed limit.

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Cheques were generated for:

Cheque No:

   000257     AONB                                                      £13

   000261     Clerks Wages: D.Hancock                           £45     

   000262     Clerks Wages: S.Harrison                         £157.50

   000263     Yealand Redmayne Parish Council               £13 

All were approved and signed. 


Electoral Review of Lancaster
Further Consultation: Lancaster County Council is looking into whether it needs to reduce its councillors from 68 to 25, councillors agreed that every councillor is a cost and a delay in administration The councillors felt that a leaner council could be just as effective as a larger one and better able to serve the people and therefore save on wages etc. 


The Council, at present, hasn’t been able find a contractor willing to undertake the work on Yealand Road and Peter Hill but they are looking to find someone else to undertake the work. 


Planning Applications
There have been two planning applications put forward since the last meeting: 

Erection of a 70 metre high wind turbine at Greenland’s Farm, Tewitfield. 

Erection of a 100 kw wind turbine at Burton Services. 

The councillors objected to both turbines on the grounds of an individual turbine and the increasing number of individual turbines are having an increased impact on the environment as they felt not only were they not in keeping with the local environment and terrain but they had a detrimental effect on wildlife and the visual aspect and noised if someone lived in close proximity to the turbine.

As a council we express concern that there is an increasing amount of individual turbines, there was also concern for the safety of helicopters if they needed to access the motorway for any reason. 

Date for the next meeting Tuesday 10th September 2013.


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