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Parish Council Minutes - July 2014

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd July 2014 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.

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Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Jackson, Heaton with Clerk S. Harrison. 



Cllr Mercer. Clerk Sue Brown. 


Open Meeting

The Clerk met with Roger Scanlon Probation Officer re the Community Payback scheme to look at the area’s which are in need of clearing within the village. Yealand Road and Peter’s Lane were the area’s that Mr Scanlon felt would be ideal for the Community Payback Scheme and hoped that the work could be carried out within three months. He viewed this job as a high priority due to weeds and vegetation and hedgerow all encroaching onto the pavement thus causing pedestrians to walk on the road. He did say that work to this area could be carried out every May using the Community Payback Scheme  in the future

The Cllr’s voiced their concerns re Dykes Lane and the disrepair that is occurring, it is inhibiting road users as two cars cannot now pass at the same time and cars have been scratched by the encroaching hedge onto the highway. Cllr Jackson queried what benefits have we had from the AONB re their help to tidy village verges and hedges, Cllr Jackson felt that the AONB should be responsible for this and for the maintenance of stiles in fields but the AONB isn’t responsible for roads or private land. It is the Highways Department who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the roads but they still haven’t been out to assess Dykes Lane, Chair Hancock asked the Clerk to email Highways again and to stress that the area on Dykes Lane is getting worse and that cars are getting scratched when they have to pull in and wait for the oncoming vehicle. 


Minutes of the meeting held on the 7th May 2014.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes 

Planning Response AONB meeting

A detailed Development Plan Document is being prepared jointly by SLDC and LCC for the whole of the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Once complete this document will form part of both authorities Local Plans.This document will be extremely important for the future of this area as it will identify sites for new housing and will set out Planning Policies. Chair Hancock explained that AONB are trying to get a representative from both SLDC and LCC to attend each Planning meeting. Chair Hancock said we are pretty sheltered from any new proposed housing developments.

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Community Payback Scheme

See Open Meeting notes 

Neighbourhood Watch

Chair Hancock asked if the Cllr’s were happy to purchase one Neighbourhood Watch sign for Dykes Lane at a cost of £25. The other roads already have pre-existing signs from when the scheme was in operation from a number of years ago. 

Chair Hancock will write an insert for the village newsletter and is willing to act as the Liaison Officer for the scheme and for Andy Denton (Neighbourhood Watch Officer) to feed her information.

Cllr Heaton said she could assist and ask residents of Yealand Conyers to look out for each other and to report any suspicious behaviour to the Police. Cllr Heaton said she would liase with Andy Denton and put on the website and village newsletter any information she receives. Cllr Panton queried where the sign would be placed and Chair Hancock said it would be sited as you enter the village down at the bottom of the lane near the A6. 


John Holmes has been asked to strim and tidy around the road signs, Cllr Panton is to ask him about the verges and queried that if he did Yealand Redmayne’s verges then why not Conyers. Cllr Panton asked the Chair if she would have any objection to her asking him to strim verges, Chair Hancock said to go ahead and ask him. 

Santander form for Clerk (view only access)

The form has now been filled in and signed by both Clerk, Chair and Cllr’s, this will allow the Clerk to view the current account for Yealand Conyers Parish Council. 


Discuss allocation of jobs for the Cllr’s

The Chair asked if the Cllr’s were willing to undertake specific areas to assist her, Cllr Panton asked if the Chair had a list. After discussion Cllr Panton she was happy to keep everyone updated with AONB information, Cllr Heaton said she would be responsible for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and Chair Hancock said she would carry on dealing with superfast broadband.  


Condition of Yealand Road

Mr Tyldesley, a parishioner queried how Lancaster City Council allocate the funds for road repairs. There is now a national fund that is to be used to improve the state of the roads. Mr Tydlesley queried why has the back road from Carnforth to Crag Bank been nearly completely been re surfaced with this being a quiet road and not on a bus route whilst the road from Warton village through to Conyers is full of potholes, some of which have been roughly filled in and the surface of the road is pretty non-existent in places, he queried how Lancaster City Council allocate which roads get to be re surfaced. The Clerk is to email Highways regarding this and the extremely poor condition of the whole of Yealand Road and to stress that this a bus route and the main road that connects all the villages. 

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Police Report

There have been no crimes or incidents reported for the period 1st June – 31st July within Yealand Conyers village. 




            Clerk Wages:   £227.50

            Acct Balance: £1,987.64       



Planning Ref: SL/2014/0496

Land associated with Deerslet, Burton in Kendal, Carnforth.

South Lakeland District Council

Siting of a 46.3 metre high (to blade tip) wind turbine.

The Cllr’s strongly objected to this as they felt it would have an adverse visual impact, it would be sited on a hill close to a mobile phone mast and electricity pylon. The wind turbine would be higher than the mobile phone mast thus seriously interfering with the technical functioning. The visual cumulative effect of another wind turbine that could be seen from the AONB would be detrimental to this special area.

The Clerk has forwarded all comments to South Lakeland District Council. 

Planning Ref: 14/00072/FUL

20 Yealand Road, Yealand Conyers

Tree work’s application for the felling of 2 Spruce trees, 3 Elder trees, 1 Ash tree, 4 Cypress trees, 1 Portuguese Laurel tree

The Cllr’s were in agreement that this area had become very overgrown and was in need of being thinned out. Cllr Panton asked what the rules are on felling trees in your garden and Chair said that it is generally a certain circumference but as we are

In an area of outstanding natural beauty it really needs to go through planning. 

Planning Ref: LCC/2014/0109

Erection of sun shelter (sail shark) over children’s playground at Yealand Cof E School.

The Cllr’s had no objections to this. 


Broadband Update 

BAYS is the ‘son’ of B4RN and BAYS group are people who live to the west of the M6, this includes Yealand Conyers, Redmayne, Storth and Silverdale.

Yealand Conyers comes under the Carnforth exchange, Chair Hancock still cannot get a start date from BT – and the Chair has asked Eddie Sutton if we are ‘still in the loop’.

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BT have the contract to carry out superfast broadband in the county. BT are still looking for funding and Chair Hancock said that she doesn’t want to discard BT but BAYS want to bring it over from Borwick, Arkholme and places over to Yealand Redmayne, Silverdale. Public would need to buy shares. The next step is a public meeting on the 2nd August at Yealand Village Hall to make the public aware what the scheme entails. As a Parish Council we have to be involved as the fibre optic has to come through our Parish. A notice will be on the village website and a ‘flyer’ will be delivered to all houses. Chair Hancock is confident that providing they secure the funding then BT would do the work.

Cllr Panton thanked Chair Hancock for all her hard work and help with this issue.                        

Date of next meeting: 09/09/14 

Change of date to November’s Parish Meeting

The Parish meeting will now be held on Tuesday 4th November instead of the 5th November 2014.


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