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Parish Council Minutes - July 2009




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 1st July 2009 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Panton, Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock and Community Support Officer Gerald Hurtley. 


Open Meeting 

Mr Hurtley advised the Parish Council of the Julius Operation. This consists of Crime prevention advice such as ensuring that precious items are not visible from windows, locking garage doors and installation of external lighting. There are also regular police patrols in the area. Residents can contact the police if they are going away on 63333. Cllr Jackson requested that the ‘Farm watch Service ‘be reactivated There are bogus antique dealers in the area. Offensive racist leaflets have been distributed in Warton. Residents should contact the Police if they receive similar literature.

A letter of apology has been received regarding the poor standard of grass cutting in the area. A second cut will be made and the cut areas monitored.



There were no apologies. 


Minutes of the Meetings held on 13th May 2009

These were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters Arising

Footeran Lane

The Principal traffic engineer had written stating that whilst he was aware of the problems particular to the school, it was not policy to erect 20mph signs. 

A parent from the school had contacted the Parish Council regarding consideration of other possible safety measures .The Council agreed to support him in his efforts. 

Dykes Lane

The highway department have responded saying that they will ensure that the 30mph signs are visible .The cutting back of the growth may have to wait until August when the bird life has stopped nesting .The Superintendent intends to inspect on a regular basis and ensure that any dangerous vegetation is removed by the landowner. The wall is also being monitored. 


Police Report

This had been dealt with during the Open Meeting

Page 192 


AONB/Landscape trust 20th Anniversary Joint Project Budget.

The Clerk wished to discuss whether the Parish Council wished to pursue the purchase of the pond because she was concerned that the Auditors may feel that the Parish Council are accruing capital. Money in the Parish Council Accounts is intended as a working budget. If the purchase failed we will need to reduce our assets.

Cllr Calnan stated that she was opposed to buying the pond because of future maintenance responsibilities and was concerned that individual councillors could have a personal liability should there be an accident. She was assured that this is not the case.

Cllr Panton agreed to discuss the issue of liability at the next Landscape Trust meeting.

It was agreed to put this item on the agenda for the November meeting when the manager of the AONB will be attending. 


Provision of Police static Speed Indicator devices 

The Carnforth Neighbourhood Policing Team has asked the Parish Council to pledge £140 towards this joint initiative. The intention is to deploy the sign at two locations a week rotating its use about ten sites. The Parish Council agreed that this money should be paid on request. 



 A cheque was approved and signed .

 £24.00  to D Hancock  -Petty cash. £4 of which will be payment to Cllr Rothwell for photocopying. 

£58.47 Relyant gardening. 


Best kept Village Competition 

Judging will take place during June and July. The Final Judging will take place in the second half of August .The Judges will expect to make two visits during the judging period. Residents are encouraged to keep up with the good work that they are doing in keeping their properties tidy.

The Clerk will contact the Highways Cleansing Department and request that the road verges are cleaned.