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Parish Council Minutes - July 2010




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 7th July 2010 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Rothwell, Panton and Jackson, Clerk, D. Hancock, and P.C. Marsh.


Open Meeting

P.C.Marsh was invited to present his report. Since the 5th May there has been one crime reported in Yealand Conyers. A garage on Church Road was broken into and golf clubs stolen. The same number of crimes was reported in the same period last year.

There has only been one incident of note. There has been a report of anti social shooting. the parties involved have been spoken to. There have recently been a number of vehicles stolen in rural North Lancashire where vehicles have been left insecure, with keys nearby or in the ignition. There is an obvious moral to doing this. The village has been patrolled regularly in order to deter/prevent anti social behaviour and inconsiderate driving.

Cllr Rothwell asked for clarification on the use of firearms on private land. P.C. Marsh explained that they should not be deployed less than 50ft from a footpath. 

The Clerk had received an invitation from the LALC for a trip around Lancaster Castle on Sunday 10th October. This was open to Cllrs and partners at a cost of £10 /person.  



There were apologies from Cllr Mercer. 


 A Formal thanks to Cllr Rothwell

Cllr Calnan expressed thanks on behalf of the community for the work, known and unknown that Cllr Rothwell had been involved in as a Councillor for Yealand Conyers.

Of special note is the Leighton hall planning application and subsequent appeal. The liaison that he had with the school regarding the travel plan and access safety and the Parish plan also was no mean task.

Cllr Calnan said that it is easy to judge the performance and diligence of Parish councillors on activities that can be seen and have a high profile . However it is the numerous phone calls, made and received, meetings attended and papers read. These are not often noted but take time, effort and often invade personal space and privacy.

Without unpaid, committed volunteers like Cllr Rothwell, small communities like Yealand Conyers, could loose out on local, social and environmental issues.

The other Cllrs and the Clerk recognised the value of Cllr Rothwell’s guidance and experience that he had brought to his Chairmanship.We hoped that we could continue to benefit from his support and experience. 

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The Parish Councillors registered their vote of thanks and, together with the Clerk, added their own personal thanks.

Cllr Rothwell thanked Cllr Calnan and said that he would be happy to continue to help the Parish Council.     


Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th May 2010 

The minutes of this meeting were approved and signed by the Chair , Cllr Calnan. 


Matters Arising  

[a] Best kept Village

Attention was drawn to the poor state of the edges of the footpaths . There are a lot of weeds along the wall adjoining Yealand Manor , the east side of Church Lane , and the east side of Yealand Road by the New Inn . There are also weeds on both sides of Peter Hill .Cllr Panton suggested that the Parish Council draw up a list of areas that need attention ,so that John Holmes could start work at the end of April next year .

The Clerk agreed to contact the AONB again re the broken footpath signs.

It was agreed not to purchase more bulbs for the verges but to purchase bulbs for the trough.

[b] Keer Bridge recycling Depot

It has been agreed that this local facility should remain open. This will be of great benefit to residents.

[c] Wind Turbine, Bank Barn

The LPA have stated that wind turbines within the AONB are subject to planning permission. They have been told that this a temporary arrangement but have asked for written assurance. The LPA will then determine whether to pursue this matter further.

[d] Planning

Demolition of the Sheiling ,Church Lane and erection of four bedroom property


This application is still pending consideration. 


Approval of changes to the Annual Return

The Clerk had received a letter from the Auditors stating that the Total Balances and reconciled Bank Balance should reflect the unpresented cheques on 31.03 2010. This amount to £485.39.The Amendment to the Annual Return was authorised by the Parish Council and the Clerk in the presence of the Chair, Cllr Calnan, had initialled the adjustment. A copy of the minute evidencing Council approval for the amendment would be sent to BDO LLP by 09.07.2010 as agreed with the Auditors.

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A cheque for £20 was approved and signed for Mr Calnan for the provision of a nameplate for the Notice Board.

Cllr Rothwell agreed to set up a new password ,so that Cllr Calnan could access the internet  Parish Council bank account.                                            


Traffic Issues                        

Mr Foster, the principal traffic engineer , had agreed to an enhanced 30mph sign at the Southern end of the village. The Cllrs considered various designs and agreed on a sign width 926mm, height 1150 mm on a yellow background. The sign will show 30 and underneath, Yealand Conyers, Please drive carefully.

A second option o a sign 964mms by 1138 mms was chosen, should the first choice be too large.

The vegetation obscuring the 30mph sign to the east of Hyning Lane will be cut back. 

The centre line on Yealand Road cannot be removed, because the width of the road requires a line to be present. However consideration could be given to the area outside the Post House where it is impossible to drive without crossing the line.

The double bend sign will be moved further from the edge of the carriageway. 

The request for 20mph limit outside the school will be considered when the County Council considers its programme of introducing these limits at other sites in the County.

Cllr Rothwell reported that there might be a possibility of purchasing land in Yealand Redmayne in order to provide a permissive path near the school. It was agreed every effort should be taken to facilitate this.

It had been noticed that the steep hill sign on Peter Hill was incorrect. This should be replaced when the other signage is attended to.


Missing Minutes

The City Council has checked their record department and cannot find any trace of the missing minutes. Cllr Jackson recalled that a previous Clerk had been appointed by the City Council. She agreed to investigate whether the minutes could be stored elsewhere.


Reports from meetings

No meetings had been attended. 

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Membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks

The Clerk asked the Parish Council whether they wished her to join the Society . It was agreed that she should just continue to attend such meetings as were relevant to our Parish. Advice on parish matters was available from the LALC, to whom we pay an annual subscription.    


Changes to the signatories for the Bank account

It was agreed to delay making any changes until May 2011. 


Date of November Meeting

I was agreed to change the date until Nov 17th 2010.