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Parish Council Minutes - June 2012




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 6th June 2012 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Jackson and Butler, Cllr Fishwick and Cllr Graham, Clerk, D, Hancock., Seven members of the Parish and three members of the Parish of Warton, together with Mr Fradley and Mr Kearney of Natural Retreats.


Open Meeting

Mr Fradley presented the proposal for the development of the farm cottages at Home Farm, Leighton Hall. This is for 19 luxury self catering cottages including two new builds. They will consist of one, two and three bedroom units .There will be twenty one car parking spaces. There will be the use of local materials and local builders will be used if possible .The company wish to encourage the use of public transport and wish to use existing transport links. Key rights of way will be protected. The Guest information pack will include information about local shops, pubs and other amenities. The concierge  service would be based at Head Office but it is hoped that ten jobs could be created on a full, part time and seasonal basis. A Planning decision can be expected by August 2012, with a provisional start to building in June 2013. Construction traffic and building work would be confined to the hours of 7a.m - 5 p.m.

Questions were welcomed through the Chair.  Mr Heaton stressed the importance of referring to the conditions of the 106 travel agreement agreed for the previous application for small industrial units. He was assured that there would be no marketing day, because this application was not for time shares.

There was concern expressed by several people about access to Leighton Hall. There are a lack of passing places on Peter Lane and the drive way to Leighton Hall. Mr Butler also drew attention to the narrow lane past the tennis court. This is used by walkers and is also a permissive bridleway.

A resident of Warton explained that Coach Road could not be used to create a one way system. There are no pavements or passing places. The junction between Coach Road and Yealand Road is too tight for large vehicles, as is the junction at Dykes Lane. General concern was expressed about access to the site in bad weather. Peter Hill is not gritted and Dykes Lane is not a designated primary route. Mr Fradley explained that there has been no consideration given to upgrade the road from Grisedale Farm to Crag Foot.

Cllr Butler requested that there should be a limitation on times of access for service vehicles.

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The Parish was assured that there would be no restaurant on site or wind turbine.

Mr Rothwell asked if there could be an ongoing commitment from Natural Retreats into projects that could benefit the whole community. This could range from an input into the Lengthsman scheme to helping maintain local amenities and churches. The Clerk agreed to send Mr Fradley a list of possible ideas. The Parish welcomed the opportunity to liaise with Natural Retreats if this application is passed.

Mr Kearney and Mr Fradley left the room during the Parish Council Meeting.



There were apologies from Cllrs Mercer and Panton.


Minutes of the Meetings held on 1st May 2012

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising


Mr White has indicated that he could not upgrade the web site to enable other platforms to easy access. A new web site would cost in the region of 400 plus upkeep costs. The Parish Council agreed to keep to the existing site. The draft minutes are now displayed.

Audit Fee 

The Clerk has been advised by the Audit Commission that there should be no fee payable for the year 2012-2013 because income/expenditure falls into the 0-10,000 band.

Enforcement order Meeting

The Planning Inspectorate has agree that the limestone chippings should remain on the land adjacent to 7 Dykes Lane, Yealand Conyers. There should be a gate across the entrance and a post and wire fence rather than the present wall of stacked brieze blocks.

Jubilee Mugs

These have been given out and have been well received.

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Fire Safety Initiative in the Yealands

Fire Officer Steve Turnerspoke about the proposed fire safety initiative. The intention is to make a leaflet drop and then undertake fire safety visits to houses in Yealand Conyers. Fire Alarms can be fitted and old heaters replaced with oil filled radiators. Mr Turner will liaise with the Clerk and information put into the village newsletter and onto the website.


Police Report

PC Marsh could not remain for the meeting but provided an email report. There has been an operation targeting scrap metal collectors. A number of tickets have been issued for minor traffic offences and defects on vehicles.




Redevelopment of existing Leighton Hall Home farm Complex including conversion, extensions and new build to 19 self catering holiday units with associated parking and landscaping.

The Parish Council went over the main points raised in the Open Meeting . The Clerk will draft a response to the Planning Department. This will be given to all Councillors for approval. There was a wish that, should the proposal go ahead, the Parish should benefit. The Clerk would request that the Application go to Full Council and that the Parish Council be informed about any Planning Meetings that they could attend.


Yealand Manor. Change of use of upper storey of Coach House to ancillary residential accommodation.

There were no objections to this application.


Erection of a two storey extension to the side and a two storey extension to the rear. The Sheiling, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers.

Mr Pinder was invited to speak. He expressed concerns about the size of the windows on the extension. The proposal is that they should be constructed in UPVC which would not be in keeping with the rest of the area. The extension would be visible from Roseacre Lane to the

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north and the back of the house is visible from the west. It was felt that the first floor lounge would be visible above the hedge. The Parish Council will comment accordingly. 


Conversion and alteration to existing garage to create granny annexe, 53 Yealand Road.

This application has been passed.



Cheques were approved and signed

Relyant Gardening  39.00

Yealand Friends Meeting Old School account room hire 84.00

D. Hancock plants for troughs 18.00

There had been a request for a donation towards the cost of the Parish magazine. The Parish Council agreed not to contribute because they do not place information in this magazine.


Best Kept Village Competition

The judging takes place from the 9th June. Efforts have been made to clear the weeds on Yealand Road. The Clerk has been advised that we could make use of the Community Payback Scheme. This comes under the auspices of Lancashire Probation services. The Parish would only need to pick up material costs. The Parish Council declined to make use of this service.  The Clerk will contact the City Council again re the use of weed killer on Yealand Road and Peter Hill.

It was agreed to have the next meeting on 5th September unless there were any matters that needed to be urgently discussed. The Yealands Weekend September 22nd and 23rd can be put on the next agenda.


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