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Parish Council Minutes - July 2006




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Page 142 

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on the 11th July 2006 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers 



Cllr Rothwell [Chairman] Cllr Jackson, Cllr Hoskinson, Clerk D. Hancock plus two members of the Parish. 


Open Meeting

Mr McIver expressed concern about the width of hedges. These are overhanging the footpath. Hopefully all hedges will be cut over the next few weeks . There is a lot of rubble on the verge adjoining the Clifford Hall development. The Parish Council will check that this is cleared, once the building work is completed.

A letter of complaint has been sent to United Utilities complaining about the disruption caused by the work on Yealand Road.

Mr. Philip Green,
Chief Executive,
United Utilities plc,
Dawson House,
Great Sankey,

Dear Mr. Green, 

Severe disruption in Yealand Conyers 

We write to express the concern in our village about the continuing disruptions caused by United Utilities’ activities. About five weeks ago your contractors, Balfour Beatty, arrived in our village without any notice to local residents. Their work is still continuing to cause problems in the village. 

There has been a history of failures in our water supplies. The two most recent were on 3rd April, when we were left without water for more than 12 hours, and 28th April when scheduled work overran. When the water main was replaced some years ago, the work caused much greater disruption than you envisaged and, on that occasion, was of a sufficient scale for you to compensate the village. We are disappointed that, yet again, the work has caused many more problems than would be expected. 

This latest work has involved one-way traffic flow with temporary traffic lights. The lights were initially powered by a generator. Because of the noise problems experienced last time you installed a water main, local residents objected and persuaded the contractor to use a battery pack. Over the weekend of 24th June the traffic lights permanently stopped at red in both directions which obviously caused traffic chaos. When one resident rang to inform you, she incurred a high mobile phone charge. 


The route length is something of the order of 110m and we are surprised at the length of time the work has taken. Residents are particularly angry about the mistakes that have been made. We are aware of three sewers or drainage pipes, an electric mains cable and a BT main cable that have been damaged. The damage to the BT line resulted in many houses not having a telephone for two or three days. There was also an accident between a JCB excavator and a public service bus.

Given that the work was going to take some considerable time, we are disappointed that we were not given any warning or explanation. Surely that would have been a good public relations exercise. 

Photographs are available for your inspection if required. 

We would be pleased if you could advise us on the following points:

1.       Why were the Parish Council not informed about the work, given that it was going to cause major disruption in the village and last for a considerable period?

2.       Why have so many services been damaged by the contractors?

3.       Can you assure the Council that all repair work to damaged services will be fully, properly and permanently completed? What undertaking will you provide if further damage is ultimately found to have occurred?

4.       Will the road be repaired to a high standard?

5.       There is currently of pile of stones and rock that have been dumped in a lay-by to the south of the village which has damaged surrounding trees and plants. How will this be restored?

6.       Why is the phone Helpline shown on the publicity boards to report the shortcomings of United Utilities or its contractors not a Freephone number? It is unfair that public spirited members of the public who ring to point out faults, such as the traffic lights failing, should have to incur the costs, especially when using a mobile phone.

7.       When will the work be completed? 

The Parish Council asks United Utilities to consider how the village should now be suitably compensated for the serious continuing disruption, inconvenience and lost services resulting from the unsatisfactory standard of work. 

We would be happy to meet a Senior United Utilities executive, competent to deal with all the above points. If you wish to speak to a member of the Parish Council, please ring our chairman, Michael Rothwell, on 01524 734585. 

The Council looks forward to your reply. 


The Clerk had not received a reply to this letter. 

Cllr Rothwell had been approached by the Council, regarding the correct name of Church Lane. At one time it had been called Kylbarrow Lane. The Council decided that it should remain  as Church Lane. 



Apologies were received from Cllr Mercer, Cllr Fishwick and PC Bassinder. 


Minutes of the Meetings held on 17th May 2006 

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.



This matter had been passed to the Planning Compliance Officer and the site is to be inspected .The Clerk will ascertain whether this has been done before the next meeting. 


Planning Langdale Demolition of existing tin clad shed and construction of barn/store 

Cllr Jackson left the room because she has an interest in this application. There has been an e mail objection from a member of the Parish objecting to the increased size. The Parish Council has no objections but noted the objection.


Speed Monitoring System 

The Clerk  of Silverdale Parish Council had placed this item on their agenda but questioned whether the cost should be borne by the Parish Council. Yealand Redmayne wondered whether the cost could be reduced by sharing it with more Councils. No response from Warton. The Clerk would contact the three Parish Councils again. Cllr Hoskinson questioned whether the high cost could be justified. Cllr Rothwell confirmed that they are a deterrent in the areas where they have been used. The Police cannot prosecute using the SPID but can use Speed Guns if a problem is identified.  


Police Report

Deborah Gwilliam had provided Annual Crime Figures. There has been one episode of Criminal damage, one assault, two burglaries and two other thefts. Care should be taken to lock doors, especially when working in the garden. 


Traffic issues

A Chevron sign is to be positioned in front of St Mary’s Church Wall, which has been, damaged again. The 30mph sign has not yet been repaired. The Clerk to urge that this is done as soon as possible. 



Arnside/Siverdale AONB Landscape Trust 20th Anniversary

The AONB has allocated £1000 for each of the five Parish Councils to fund an appropriate project positioned in such a place where it can be seen and appreciated by the parish community. Cllr Jackson suggested a toposcope. Other suggestions were a plaque with a short history of the village or a bench at the top of Peter Lane. Suggestions will be invited in both the Village and Parish Newsletter. The Clerk would find out if there were a deadline.  


School Travel Plan

There has been little progress on purchase of land to enable the laying of a footpath between the villages. The County Council would back a low cost scheme but would not be able to contribute to the cost of buying land. A footpath would meet their criteria of both a Community and School need. It may be possible to cut the hedges right back and to paint markings on the road.


Parish Partnership Business Plan

No further action taken on this. 



a. Loan to Village Hall Committee

Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Conyers Parish Councils had been approached regarding a loan towards the resurfacing of the Village Hall car park. The parish Council decided against a loan because of the necessity of drawing up a legal document to safeguard the loan. There was also no guarantee that the money would cover the cost and there was concern about the Contractors asking for money ‘up  front’.

b. Cheques

Cheques were approved  £33.50   Relyant Gardening
  £205.63   Ace Joinery for repair of Notice board.


Current Account £304.08
Deposit Account   £3276.26
Petty Cash  £12.62


Purchase of Spring Bulbs

It was felt that there were sufficient bulbs planted in the verges.



No correspondence received.