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Parish Council Minutes - March 2005




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 2nd March 2005 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Jackson & Hoskinson, Clerk, D. Hancock, Councillor S.Fishwick plus one member of the Parish, Mr Mc Iver


Open Meeting.

Mr Mc Iver thanked the Parish council for producing the Parish Council Newsletter. Building work has started on Clifford Hall and it was noted that contractor’s vehicles sometimes block the view to the right when turning from Dykes lane into Yealand Road. 

Rights of Way.

The Head of Legal services, Lancashire County council had clarified the situation regarding Rights when walking dogs on public footpaths. The letter stated that walking with a dog is not improper use of the footpath. The dog should be under close control. When a footpath is first dedicated to public use the landowner can make it subject to restrictions. Once dedicated and accepted without restriction, it is too late to restrict use. As to liabilities under the Hunting Act, the owner would have to know that the use would be for hunting and would have to grant permission. This would not be permitted on a highway.

This information is to be placed in the Village Newsletter and Web Site.



The minutes of the meeting held on 4th January 2005 were approved and signed by the Chairman, Cllr Rothwell.


Matters Arising.

Village Hall.

Cllr Mercer reported that a number of meetings have taken place but no final decision has been taken on the architect’s plans.


A letter of apology has been received regarding the non-delivery and mistakes with the calendar. A back up vehicle had been provided to collect bins that were put out on the wrong day. Information would be sent to the Parish Council next year.

Arrangements have been made to remove litter from the A6.





Cllr Rothwell had attended this meeting. Cllr. Jackson asked to be notified about these meetings.


Lancaster Area Rural Road Safety Committee.

A portable Speed trailer is available for use in Villages. Cllr Fishwick acknowledged that speed limits are an important issue with all Parish Councils and that the general feeling is that there should be a limit of 40m.p.h on all rural roads. Speed limits within villages should be 30m.p.h.or 20m.p.h.These restrictions should apply to the village boundaries because Schools, Village Halls etc are often situated on the outskirts. There are also problems when cars have to pass close to hedgerows. Hedges can’t be cut between 1st March and 31st July.



A new Project manager has been appointed.  Permission is to be sought for a storage container.


Parish Plan.

Nothing to report.


A.O.N.B. Conference.

Parish Plans - The local plan will have a ‘statement of community involvement ‘.So the AONB Management plan and Parish plans will be key starting points. Lancaster City Council must demonstrate how they feed into the planning document. Cllr Fishwick reminded the Parish Council that the Parish Plans must fit in with National Guidelines.


Web Site.

Cllr Mercer has written a history of Yealand Conyers for the Web Site. 



Steve Edwards had sent a proposal for the year 2005/2006. This is for a 48 week period, 18 hours /week at £10 per hour. Yealand Conyers would receive 2 hours per week at a cost of £466. The Parish Contributions are lower than last year due to a contribution of £840 from Lancaster City Council. The Parish Council agreed in principle to accept these costings. The matter will be discussed further at the meeting on 17th March.





Petty Cash.  £15.22

Deposit Account £2786.93

Current Account £562.10

£0.50 rental for the Pound to be added to Petty Cash

A cheque was approved for £97 –Warton Parish Council for work done by the Lengthsman.

A cheque was approved for £66.39 –Alan White for work on the Web Site.

A cheque was approved for  £100 - A.O.N.B. donation

A cheque was approved for   £7.05 - J.Stokes for photocopying the Parish plan Letter.

It was agreed that Cllr Rothwell could arrange an Internet Access to the Bank Accounts.  It was agreed to change the Deposit Account to one with a higher Interest rate.



Snape Lane .

Mr Holt, the Senior Traffic and Development Engineer had written stating that the ‘Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles’ signs were advisory only. The Clerk was asked to remind him of Mr Jopson’s letter, in which he had offered to write to regular offenders pointing out the inappropriate nature of Snape Lane for use of HGVs. Mr Holt is looking into the possibility of making some maintenance improvements.

30m.p.h. signs Yealand Road.

Mr Holt felt that the signing to the Village is adequate. He stated that the accident records along this approach road are relatively low and due to the nature and character of the road in this area, it would not be appropriate for an extension to the 30m.p.h.speed limit further out of the village.

Cllr Hoskinson asked for a copy of this letter so that the residents of Yealand House can write individually to Lancashire County Council.

This Issue will be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting.

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04/01633B Leighton Hall. Change of use of Stable block to Living accommodation.

Granted with the proviso that the accommodations shall be occupied only as a residential annexe to Leighton Hall.

05/00190/FUL Clifford Hall

Installation of dormer windows to the rear elevation on units 1 and 2 and addition of first floor over garages on units 1 to 3.

The Parish Council had no objections to these plans.



Cllr Calnan had agreed to represent the Parish Council on matters concerning Education and Social Services.


Local Public Service Agreement.

The Councillors agreed on the order of priority in a Consultation Document for the Second Generation L.A.P.S.A.