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Parish Council Minutes - March 2009




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 4th March 2009 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell,Calnan, Mercer Jackson and Clerk, D. Hancock and P.C. Marsh 


Open Meeting

P.C. Marsh was invited to give his report during the Open Meeting. A tree was blown down on Yealand Road narrowly missing a car. Parishioners are urged to take extra care in poor weather. There have been two incidences of damage to vehicles on the A6.Some hoax letters requesting money have been received in the Silverdale area. Parishioners should be alert to both paper and e-mail scams. There is a Police Information board in the New Inn. This provides contact details and explains the Policing Policy .The priorities for the local Parishes are speeding and antisocial behaviour.  There is also information on Internet safety and house security.

The Clerk had been requested to make the New Inn aware of the Bike Aid Scheme. This can help with the cost of providing bike racks. The New Inn is keen to pursue this offer.



Apologies were received from Cllrs Fishwick and Panton. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 7th January 2009.

These were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters arising

Storm Drains

The storm drains have now been cleared.

Dykes Lane

Attention has been drawn to the condition of north side of Dykes Lane between the cottages and Church Lane. In some areas the stone wall has collapsed and saplings have grown out of the wall making it difficult to be cleared during normal road clearing operations. The Highways Authority has been contacted about this matter. The Clerk was asked to write to them again to explain exactly which areas need attention. 



Cheques were approved

D.Hancock 352.00   Wages and expenses 

D.Hancock  56.35      Fee for Regional conference 

A.White      56.40       Fee for web site Maintenance 

Page 187 

Best Kept Village Competition  10.00 

A refund of 142.92 has been received from Jobling and Knape in respect of fees paid in advance for the sale of the pond. 

The rent for the Pound will be due in June. This is 10pence /annum payable every ten years .The Clerk will contact Mrs Scrase and suggest that the area is measured and a photograph taken. The Clerk will pass this information onto the external auditors explaining that the Parish Council do not think it necessary to pay for a formal valuation. 


Village Pond Project 

The Parish Council has received advice from the legal department of the National Association of Local Councils. They have concluded that we may have a case if we wished to reclaim the grant money from Mr Winder. There has been a meeting between two representatives from CARP, Cllrs Rothwell and Panton and the Clerk, D. Hancock. Confidential information relating to the financial situation was exchanged. The Parish Council agreed that a report of this meeting should be filed separately from the minutes.


Discussion of the AONB Action Plan Consultation Document 

The Cllrs were asked to pass on any comments on this document to the Clerk .Cllr Jackson reported that there were many management issues that now have to be specifically targeted .The Action Plan will be reviewed bi annually. She suggested that Lucy Baron, Manager of the AONB should be invited to the next meeting. The document will also be discussed at the Joint Parish Councils Meeting. 



09/00119/FUL Erection of extensions and alterations to existing building. Rogersons, Milnthorpe Road, Yealand Conyers. 

The Parish Council considered these plans and raised the following points.

1 The proposed size of the extension is very large in relation to the existing building.  

2 The application states that foul water will be disposed into the main sewer.  Clarification is needed as to whether a main sewer exists and if there will be treatment plant for surface water. 

3 The requirement for screen planting should be enforced. This was missing from the original application. The area adjoining the A6 has never been landscaped.


Best Kept Village Competition

The Council agreed to enter again this year. Attention to be paid to the area around the pump. Cllr Mercer will co-ordinate with the Village Hall Committee.