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Parish Council Minutes - March 2010




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 31st March 2010 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Mercer, Jackson and Calnan. Clerk D. Hancock P.C. Marsh and one member of the Parish Mr Heaton. 


Open Meeting

Cllr Rothwell requested that future meetings should be more formal and that all questions should be addressed through the Chair.

Cllr Jackson reported that a member of the Parish, had asked if the ivy on the wall adjacent to Yealand Manor could be cut back. The Clerk agreed to approach the householder. John Holmes could do this work, with agreement from the householder.

Mr Heaton had visited the County Records Office. He gave a most interesting report on the business of the Parish Council since 1863 .It was then called the Rate Payers Association .The issues were much the same as today including sewerage, roads and access to footpaths. The Parish Council had also been involved in the distribution of charitable donations .The Records Office hold minutes from 1863- 1956. The Clerk reported that she holds the minutes from1983 but the whereabouts of the other minutes are unknown. Cllr Mercer agreed to ask Mrs Greaves if she knew where they were held. The Clerk would ask the Clerk of Yealand Redmayne and the City Council. It was agreed to house all the minutes at the County Records Office. Cllr Jackson had kept her own personal record of residents and changes to houses in the village. This is  a  valuable record .

The Clerk had attended the Public Meeting at Keer Bridge Household Waste Recycling Centre. This was well attended and people were most vocal about the potential closure of this site. Disquiet was expressed at the expense of employing consultants who also did not know the area .It was agreed that a letter should be sent on behalf of the Parish Council. This would state that if the site should close there would be an increase in fly tipping. Residents would be forced to travel long distances through congested areas to Saltaire. The present site is well run and provides a useful service .The Parish Council would also like to see a copy of the consultative report. A copy of the letter would be sent to Cllr Fishwick.  



Apologies have been received from Cllr Fishwick and Cllr Panton. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 6th January 2010

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell.


Matters arising

The Stopping Up Order of 26 metres of the highway verge on Dykes Lane was approved on the 19th February 2010.

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Police Report

P.C. Marsh reported that there had been two cases of arson at the school. Rubbish Bins were ignited. There has been an increase in police patrols especially at the weekends. The Police were not in a position to provide CCTV cameras. There had been a night time disturbance at Yealand Hall. The Police were working with St Mary’s Church to prevent parking on the footpath. Cllr Calnan said that it was hoped to provide more parking spaces within the car park. P. C. Marsh felt that it would be appropriate for the Church to purchase traffic cones. Joint Police operations have led to a reduction in overnight crime. Cllr Jackson thanked him for his help in protecting the community. 


Report of the Meeting with United Utilities

Cllr Calnan had prepared a report on her meeting with the network manager of United Utilities. The Clerk had also received a letter from United Utilities ,which addressed the problems with the supply over the Christmas period . She had also received an e email from the resort manager of Pine Lake. As the stories appeared to differ, Cllr Rothwell suggested that the information be read by all the Councillors and that this matter should be discussed at the next meeting. 


Village Pond

No response had been received from Mr Winder. It was agreed that no further efforts should be made to purchase the pond.

The Playgroup Leader had approached Mr Winder to ask if extra bars be placed around the landing stage. This had been done at no cost to the Parish Council and should provide a safer environment. It was agreed that the Parish Council would purchase and plant more bulbs in the area adjacent to the car park.



Relyant Gardening

Cheques were approved for £39 and £30. Cllr Calnan would ask John Holmes to clean the road signs . She would also ask him to inform us of his hourly rate from April 2010.

The Clerk will also liaise with the Clerk Of Yealand Redmayne over this matter.

The Clerk will ask the AONB to repair the footpath signs on the green lane running between Dykes lane and Snape Lane and on Peter Hill.

Clerk’s Wages and Expenses

A cheque for £360 was approved for wages and annual expenses. A wage of £650 per annum was approved in line with the part time clerk hourly rate.


A cheque for £56.40 was approved for Alan White, It had come to the Chairman’s attention that it is not possible to access the website using some browsers. The Clerk will contact Mr White to see if this can be rectified. Some of the minutes have also not been posted.

LALC Annual subscription

A cheque for £37.99 was approved. 

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Best  Kept Village Competition 

£10.00  competition entrance fee was approved. Cllr Calnan agreed to write a short notice about the competition, which would go into the May Newsletter.

The judging period will be from Tuesday 1st June –Sunday 11th July inclusive. 



Wind Turbine at Rogersons Application

This application has been approved by the Planning Office .A wind turbine has been erected in the garden of a householder on Dykes Lane. The Planning Office will inspect this site and report back to the Parish Council as to whether Planning permission is required. 


Traffic Issues

Cllr Rothwell had asked the Cllrs to comment on traffic calming measures that have been utilised in Cumbria. It was agreed that measures such as planters and removal of white lines would have less impact on the environment than more signage. The Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with the County Highways department to discuss these ideas.  


Notice Board

Mr Heaton kindly agreed to repair the Notice Board and to arrange refurbishment of the sign. The Parish Council agreed to pay him for any expenditure.