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Parish Council Minutes - March 2013

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 20th March 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs Calnan, Jackson, Mercer and Butler, Clerk D. Hancock and two members of the Parish, Mr and Mrs White.


Open meeting

Mr and Mrs White reported that they and the Clerk had attended the BARN meeting in Arkholme. Although this scheme would provide good Broadband speeds, there would be all sorts of hurdles to overcome to bring a link over from Borwick.  It would involve both a manpower and financial commitment from the whole Parish. However the latest update from Mr Sutton, Assistant Chief Executive, Lancaster County Council states that Yealand Conyers will be included in the superfast Broadband roll out. Funding has now been approved for this scheme. There is still a problem of the ‘black hole' at the top of Dykes Lane. It was agreed to wait until the roll out commenced. Then the Parish Council could push for a service for the whole Parish. The Clerk is also in correspondence with BT. The Complaints team have been asked to find out about the specific problems in our area. It was agreed that the Clerk should send average upload and download speeds from several households in the Parish. Mr and Mrs White agreed to continue in their useful work in liaising with all parties.



There were apologies from Cllrs Panton, Fishwick and Graham and P.C. Marsh.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 5th February 2013

The Minutes were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising


Planning permission 12/01091/FUL, erection of two storey extension, The Sheiling, Church Lane has been granted.

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Dykes Lane

The undergrowth to the north of Dykes Lane has not been cut back. The Clerk will contact Highways again. The wall to the south has partly collapsed. Although this will be attended to,  the safe navigation of the road continues to be a concern.


Police Report

P.C. Marsh had sent a report by email. Eight incidents have been reported. There has been a burglary at St. John’s Church. Nothing was taken but damage was caused. A suspect has been arrested. The village is regularly patrolled to deter anti social behaviour and driving.



Cheques were approved and signed

Clerk’s wages and expenses £332.00

LALC annual fee £39.49

Relyant Gardening £39.00

Executive Office Support Services Ltd, website  £56.40


Broadband Update

This had been covered in the Open Meeting.


Changes on HMRC rules on PAYE

From April 2013 HMRC rules are changing. PAYE details will have to be sent every time a wage is paid. Other details will have to be provided such as hours worked, staff changes employees paid below the National Insurance Lower Earnings Limit. At present the Clerk pays PAYE quarterly. She suggested that the Clerk should be paid quarterly rather than twice yearly. The Parish Council could make use of one of the payroll services for Parish Councils. This would cost £16.25 per quarter. 

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Lengthsman and Community Payback

It was agreed that the Clerk should write to the Lengthsman for Silverdale and ask for a quote for removing the weeds along Yealand Road. This may need to be done more than once a year. John Holmes could then concentrate on other tasks. Cllr Butler asked that the Owner of Yealand Manor could be asked to cut back the hedge where it encroaches onto Yealand Road. Overhanging branches make it impossible to walk along the pavement.

The Clerk will write to Highways and if the deeply rutted road verges on Dykes Lane, Roseacre Lane and Church Lane could be cleared.

Cllr Mercer will ask if overhanging branches can be cut back from the gardens of the Quaker Properties.

Community Payback has funding for the next financial year and could be used again. The work they did was satisfactory.



Two candidates have been interviewed. A decision was taken on appointment of a new Clerk. Cllr Jackson thanked Cllr Calnan for all the work that she had done on the selection process.

The Cllrs agreed the wording of a new contract and agreed a pay scale.


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