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Parish Council Minutes - March 2014

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 5th March 2014 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Jackson, Heaton. Clerk to Yealand Redmayne Sue Brown together with Clerk S. Harrison. 



Cllr Mercer. 


Open Meeting

Chair Hancock spoke about the idea of the villages of Conyers and Redmayne purchasing a defibrillator. She said there would need to be a team of first responders in the village who would have to receive training as to how to use the defibrillator. They would also have to be available to be able to respond to any emergencies.

It is an expensive piece of equipment to purchase but grants might be available. Chair Hancock felt that purchasing a defibrillator was not appropriate. There would be a problem as to siting, plus it’s use is for someone in full collapse. She suggested that we should enquire if a First Aid Course could be held for all Groups using the Village Hall. She would attend the next Village Hall Committee Meeting in order to discuss this proposal. She would also see if there was any interest in formation of a First Responders Scheme by an insert in the Village Newsletter. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2014.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes; 

Lancaster City Council Planning Response

Cllr Butler at the previous parish council meeting raised concerns over consideration of planning applications due to his concern over the number of wind turbines which have been approved recently. The Clerk wrote to both Lancaster City Council Planning Department and David Morris MP. The response that was received was as follows;

1.      1. All correspondence is analysed by the case officer.

2.      2. Using national and local planning policy, case officers assess the development proposals and reach a balanced recommendation/This is checked by the Planning Manager before a decision notice is issued.

3.      3. Each planning application is determined on its own merits.

4.      4. Members of the public or Parish Councillors have the right to speak on a planning application.

5.      5. The Council has made changes to its Planning Application Validation Guide and its Statement of Community Involvement to ensure applicants of wind 

Page 388 

turbine applications consult with the community in advance of submitting a planning application. This is a national government requirement. 

Dykes Lane

Andy Ashcroft, Public Realm Manager for Lancashire Highway Services, emailed the Clerk to apologise for the delay in relocating the sign on Yealand Road. He has raised this issue with Operations and this work is due to be carried out by mid April 2014. Mr Ashcroft also said that Highways are aware of the condition of the wall on Dykes Lane and will continue to monitor it and undertake remedial action as required.

The Cllr’s were still extremely concerned about the state of the wall as it has deteriorated further and are concerned about the saplings growing out of the wall and the debris and undergrowth impeding the highway. They requested that the Clerk to contact Highways and request that they come and visit the site to make them fully aware of the situation.  

Units A6 Rogersons, Tarnwater

Debbie Threlfall Senior Planning Officer at Lancaster City Council emailed the Clerk to say that an application has been submitted in respect of Unit 1, relating to car sales but that it is not valid as of yet. Ms Threlfall will update the Clerk as soon as it becomes valid. The Cllr’s were concerned due to the increase in traffic and that there must be adequate parking on the premises to prevent customers from parking on the A6 verges  which could pose a serious hazard to both pedestrians and road users. 

Community Payback Scheme

The Clerk emailed Roger Scanlon Lancashire Probation Officer regarding using the scheme to undertake some work on Yealand Road/Peter Hill where there is vegetation and soil to be removed and to generally tidy the area. 

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Andy Denton Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer North Division met with the parishioners at the village “Coffee Stop” to inform them of the benefits of implementing the scheme. There was a lot of interest and both parishes were keen to implement the scheme. The cost to Yealand Conyers would be  approximately £15 for the signs of which we would require 4. It was decided that it would be best to have several small groups rather than one Neighbourhood Watch Officer due to the layout of the villages.

Andy Denton said that the scheme also sends out information regarding the various scams and frauds which will be put on the parish website. The Chair is to contact Andy Denton re getting the scheme up and running in the village. 


The Chair and Cllr’s have not had the opportunity to speak with the lengthsman yet regarding his duties. They discussed the need to discuss the jobs which need doing within the parish and that if there is a big job to be done that it will have to be sub contracted out. 

Page 389 

New Inn

Cllr Heaton received a response from Robinsons the brewery stating that they would resume work on the building with scaffolding surrounding when the weather improves.

The Cllr’s requested the Clerk to alert the Conservation Officer at Lancaster City Council re the state of the building. 

AONB – wind turbines


Planning applications for installation of renewable energy technologies are considered on a case by case basis and are based on analysis of visual impact in a particular location.  More specific policies will be included in the AONB Developmental Plan Document that will aim to manage renewable energy development within the AONB.


AONB are keeping a watching brief on fracking, they have not been made aware of any concrete proposals for this area.

Superfast Broadband

The Management is very clearly supportive of superfast broadband for the area. As long as the boxes are consistent with village Conservation Area management plans, and are sensitively sited and designed, it is likely that they would be supportive.  


Police  Report

Between the 1st of January and the 28th February there have been 44 incidents reported in the Silverdale/Yealands area. Of these 3 relate to Yealand Conyers, there have been no crimes reported. 


Co-option a new Cllr

The Cllr’s proposed Norma Heaton who was co opted onto the Parish Council.  



Relyant Gardening £39.00  
LALC £44.63  
Alan White (website) £56.40  
John Harron (payroll) £65.00  
Clerk Expenses £40.00  
Clerk Wages  £227.50  
Quaker Old Sch Room Hire £86.00  

1. Cllr’s approved the Clerk expenses for this financial year and it was decided expenses for the next financial year would be £60.

Page 390 



Planning Ref: 14/00072/FUL

Bank Barn, Yealand Conyers. Erection of greenhouse at the rear of the property.

The Cllr’s queried the fact that there were no dimensions as to the proposed size of the green house and they asked the Clerk to enquire. 

Planning Ref: 14/00163/RON

Erection of a new industrial unit – pursuant to condition 5 on application 12/01041/FUL. The Councillors wish that Provision of Parking Spaces  should be considered on this proposal. 

Date of next meeting

Annual Parish  Meeting and AGM: 7th May 2014.


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