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Parish Council Minutes - March 2015

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 4th March 2015 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Jackson Heaton, Page together with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Open Meeting

Cllr Panton attended a meeting about a new patient group which is to be set up. It is a health watch body which is there to listen to your views and experiences of healthcare services be they complaints or positive, it is not part of the NHS and is strictly independent. The Clerk is to display the leaflets within the villages and Chair Hancock is to put a piece in the village newsletter.

Cllr Panton also spoke about the issue of volunteer community transport to assist parishioners in shopping, hospital, doctorís appointments etc. The village used to have this service in the village but itís now down to parishioners helping each other out. Cllr Panton said it might be difficult to set up as there would have to be a body set up and it would require commitments from people and also someone to run it and oversee it and the rotas. Panton felt that wasnít a need at present but asked the Chair if she would put a piece in the village newsletter.

Chair Hancock would like to raise that the next meeting on the 7th May will be the AGM and the next day will be the election and hence we may need to move the date of the next meeting. Cllr Heaton will definitely be standing down. We need to advertise the election in the village newsletter and website and notice boards. 



Clerk Sue Brown 


Minutes of the meeting held on 21st January 2015.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes 

New Inn Update

Cllr Heaton has written twice to Robinsonís Brewery regarding the overhanging ivy on the wall by the New Inn but has had no reply; some of the ivy has since been ripped off probably by passing vehicles.

The Clerk spoke to William Robinson from Robinsonís Brewery at Stockport and he gave his reassurance that they are looking at the New Inn and getting it reopened again and back on track.

Page 409

Mr Robinson visited the New Inn a couple of weeks ago and said that there is work still to do on the barn and tidying up the outside area, work to do internally and he would be looking at setting up a retail marketing plan, none of which was going to happen instantly but will contact the Clerk in the next couple of weekís re timescales and actions.

Dykes Lane

Work has been completed by Lancashire Highways to cut back the saplings and overgrowth on Dykes Lane with 15 tons of rubbish and debris been removed. The Chair said that the Lengthsman would need to keep an eye on the drains and that the wall was still in quite a precarious state. The Lengthsman can trim the trees back now on this stretch of road. 


Lengthsman Duties 2015

Now that we have increased the Precept we can look at reemploying the Lengthsman. Cllr Panton said that keeping weeds down is a problem, a lot of parishioners do sort their own verges out but some donít. It was decided that we would ask the Lengthsman to complete one job a month from the 1st April onwards. The Clerk will contact Community Payback Scheme and enquire as to when they are coming.  


Superfast Broadband

The Chair reported to say that work is progressing well, they are hoping to cross the A6 next week. All permission has been granted in applying for the crossings. 


Donations from the Parish Council

Regarding a donation from the Parish Council to B4RN Chair Hancock spoke to the LALC who advised that the Parish Council could give a donation under the S317 ruling which is £7.20 per the relevant population. This expenditure should be in the interest of, and will bring direct benefit to their area or any part of it. The legal advice from the LALC was that the share option was not suitable a) because the value of investments can go down as well as up and b) the money would to be invested for at least 3 years. A change of Parish Councillors in May 2015 would mean that the situation could arise, where there was a long term financial commitment that had not been agreed by a new Parish Council. A loan option was not appropriate for our Parish Council because it involves larger amounts of money.

Chair said that if we wish to make a donation to superfast broadband we can with the money we have left in the acct, Cllr Panton said should we wait to see how Yealand Redmayne proceed and Cllr Heaton felt that as we have so little in the acct shouldnít we keep what money there is. Chair said that all Cllrs need to declare an interest if they are share holders .. The Cllrís decided to leave making a decision until the next meeting.

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Invoices received from:

Relyant Gardening £55.00
LALC  £43.90
Executive and Office Support Services Ltd £66.77
Thirsk Community Care £65.00
Clerk Expenses £60.00
Quaker Old School Room Hire £90.00
Clerk Wages  £243.75
Adjusted fee for waste bin, VAT invoice £16.80

Santander Acct Balance                              £816.10 (Balance prior to invoices)

              £174.95 (Balance after invoices been paid)




        Mr and Mrs Clark

        Old Hall, 59 Yealand Road, Carnforth 

        Change of use from dwelling/office (C3/B1) to residential dwelling


        Mr and Mrs Clark

        Old Hall, Yealand Conyers, Carnforth 

        Listed Building application to facilitate the change of use from dwelling/office to
        residential dwelling.

The Cllrs had no objections and the Clerk is to write to support the application.


Date of next meeting:             20/05/2015 (AGM) and Annual Parish Meeting


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