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Parish Council Minutes - March 2017

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held at the Quaker Meeting House on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 7.45pm.

Present – Cllr Dawn Hancock (chair), Cllr Lucy Arthurs, Cllr Sue Tyldesley, Cllr Joan Page, Cllr Jane Panton (vice – chair).   

Gill Mason – clerk to the parish council.

One member of the public. 

1452 Apologies – None. 

1453 Minutes of the previous meeting.

It was resolved that the minutes be approved by the parish council and signed by the chair, Cllr Hancock, as a true record of the meeting held on Wednesday 18th January 2017.

Proposed by Cllr Arthurs.

Seconded by Cllr Tyldsley. 

1454 Declarations of interests and dispensations.

Cllr Panton declared a personal interest agenda item 5. Finance – MUGA donation. 

1455 Open forum.

The member of the public present, informed the parish council that the A6 between Holmere Hall and Rogersons is still flooded. This is a danger to drivers especially at night time. The clerk was asked to contact LCC Highways and ask them to review the road. 

The mobile home development, on the road to Borwick, has a new sign saying ‘The Yealands’. There is also a large stone with ‘Yealand Conyers’ written on it. The resident is concerned that this will cause confusion as it isn’t in Yealand Conyers. The clerk was asked to find out who the developers are and why the development is called ‘The Yealands’. 

The cones are still present on the M6 motorway and the resident informed the parish council that little work is being done. The clerk was asked to contact Highways, Birmingham to find out why the traffic cones are still on the M6. 

Cllr Hancock reported that there had been two attempted burglaries in Silverdale and one in Yealand Conyers. Cllr Hancock will write about this in the newsletter to inform residents to be vigilant. 

Cllr Arthurs informed the parish council that the road around the New Inn had been tidied up and the area was looking really good.  

1456 Finance


G Mason, clerk’s wages £113.36 expenses £10.08         £123.44

G Mason annual office use                                             £60.00

MUGA   donation                                                         £300.00

Newsletter donation                                                      £50.00

LALC                                                                            £46.51

Relyant gardening                                                         £36.00

Website hosting                                                             £56.40

Room hire                                                                     £90.00

It was resolved that the above payments be made.

Proposed by Cllr Panton.

Seconded by Cllr Tyldsley. 

1457 Clerks wage rise review.     

It was resolved that the clerk’s hourly rate rise from £8.72 to £8.87 from the 1st April 2017.

Proposed by Cllr Page.

Seconded by Cllr Arthurs. 

1458 Reports and correspondence.

Cllr Hancock attended the parish and town councils conference on Saturday 25th February. The conference had informed the parish councils that flooding was the overall responsibility of the coordinating services to prevent further flooding.  The parish champion, Cynthia Dereli said there were still grants left for parish projects of up to £500.00.

Other items discussed were health (Lancashire was the worst for health needs) and the Lancashire based public transport scheme.

Cllr Hancock circulated the public transport scheme, scammer guide and consumer safety leaflets. 

1459 Meetings dates for 2017/2018

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 (APM and APCM)

Wednesday 5th July 2017

Wednesday 6th September 2017

Wednesday 1st November 2017

Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Wednesday 7th March 2018 

1460 Date and time of next meeting.

Wednesday 3rd May 2017 (APM and APCM)

The meeting closed at 8.35pm


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