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Parish Council Minutes - May 2011




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 17th May 2011 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Panton, Jackson and Butler, Clerk D. Hancock, P.C. Marsh and two members of the Parish. 


Welcome to Councillors and election of Chairman and Officers

The newly elected councillors were welcomed. Cllr Calnan was elected Chair 2011-2012 having been proposed by Cllr Jackson, seconded by Cllr Panton. Cllr Panton was proposed as vice chair by Cllr Calnan, seconded by Cllr Jackson.

Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed. Cllrs were asked to complete Register of Personal Interests documents and to return them to the monitoring officer.



There were apologies from Cllr Mercer.


Minutes of the meeting held on 15th March 2011 

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising

Ivy St Johnís Church

This has been removed from the wall  by John Holmes. A bill for £19 has been sent to the PCC. 

Road Signs

The Clerk has been advised by Highways that the double bend sign will require resiting. All other outstanding jobs will be down at the same time. 

Lengthsman Pilot

The Clerk had been advised that our present arrangement could remain in place .We pay the Lengthsman from the precept. He does not undertake jobs such as cleaning drains, maintaining playgrounds or graveyards. Therefore we would not be eligible to apply for extra funding.  

Winter Road gritting

The Parish Council had asked that consideration should be given to gritting Dykes Lane. The finance for the gritting budget will be reviewed in the Autumn and we will be advised whether our request has been successful. 

Best kept Village  

The Clerk had advised the judges where the boundary line finishes.  She had also asked that some areas are not judged. These are areas where the Parish Council is not in a position to make improvements .

Page 222 

Dog fouling

A notice advising that dog fouling is illegal has been laced on Church Lane. 


Police Report 

P.C.Marsh presented his report.



17th MAY 2011

In policing terms Yealand Conyers falls within the same geographic area as Silverdale and Yealand Redmayne. The figures are collated and I have done my best to extract the details relevant to the village-please excuse any errors. 

Over the last financial year there have been 371 incidents reported in the Yealands/Silverdale area. Whilst this sounds a lot an incident can be anything from a report of a door-to-door seller, to sheep on the road, to a multi-vehicle accident. An incident is created when the Police are notified of something. Of these incidents only 89 have been recorded as crimes (5 of which occurred in Yealand Conyers). A summary follows: 

Crime Class




Burglary Dwelling




Burglary Other
























Hate incidents




As can be seen the level of all crime with has remained consistent. What has been very reassuring over the last year is the number of calls from the residents reporting suspicious activity. This vigilance has kept the figures low.

Page 223 

Since the date of the last meeting there has been one crime reported in the area. This was the theft of a chainsaw from Silverdale Road. There were two crimes reported over the same period last year.  

We have patrolled the village regularly in order to meet the PACT priorities.

Cllr Calnan thanked P.C. Marsh for his presence in the village . Mr Heaton was concerned about the number of thefts from the Quaker Meeting House and would welcome advice on how to increase security. P.C. Marsh will arrange a meeting with the crime prevention officer.

The Clerk requested a police presence during the Open gardens event on 25th June. 


Planning discussion

11/00172/FUL wind turbine, land south of Burton service area.

The Parish Council had objected to this application on the grounds that the height and design would result in a significant visual impact. It would not be possible to adjust the siting or provide screening. We questioned whether the power generated would mitigate the affect on the landscape. We drew attention to the fells document and support itís findings. 

11/00256/CU Change of barn into dwelling, Sunningdale, Milnthorpe Road.

There were no objections to this application other than suggesting that solar panels may be more efficient than a small wind turbine. 


Best kept village Competition 

Judging will commence on 11th June. Cllr Calnan agreed to write a piece for the Village newsletter, in order to encourage everyone to participate. The PCC, CPC and the Quakers will be advised that this event is taking place. Judges look at the state of Churchyards.


A cheque for £38.82 had been sent to LALC.

A cheque for £120 was approved for Tony Holmes Ltd for the cleaning of the War memorial . £25 had been received from Yealand Redmayne parish council and £50 from the war memorials trust.

A cheque fro £100 was approved and signed for the AONB donation. 


Accounts 2010-2011

The Accounts for  the year 2010-2011 were presented . The balance on 31.03 2010 was £1166.16

Petty cash £9.34

Deposit Account £983.39

Current Account £263.25

The council approved the statement of Assurance which was signed by the Chair and the Clerk . The Clerk would report to the auditors. 

Page 224 

The Clerk advised by the Auditors that the Revenue have decided to issue new guidance on the tax treatment of parish clerks. From April 2011 Parish Clerks can never be considered as self employed for tax or NIC purposes . They must not be paid gross and must be taxed under PAYE. The Clerk advised that she had spoken to the Revenue who have advised that the system should be set up when the next wage is due in November2011.

In the meantime the Clerk has written a document assuring that previous payments have been entered as employment and entered on her personal tax return. A tax code was then set by the Revenue. The Chair and Vice Chair signed this document which will be sent to the auditor along with the Annual return. 


Dates for meetings 2011-2012

These were arranged for

Wednesday 6th July  2011

Wednesday 7th September 2011

Tuesday 15th November  2011

Wednesday 4th January 2012

Wednesday 7th March 2012

Wednesday 2nd May 2012

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