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Parish Council Minutes - May 2014

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 7th May 2014 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.

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Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton , Jackson, Alan Tyldesley, Clerk to Yealand Redmayne Sue Brown together with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Election of Chairman and Cllr’s

The Cllr’s were welcomed. Chair Hancock was proposed and accepted by Cllr Panton and seconded by Cllr Jackson. Vice Chair Panton was proposed by Chair Hancock and seconded by Cllr Jackson. 


Declaration of Acceptance of Office 

Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed. Cllr’s were reminded to inform the Clerk of any changes to the Register of Personal Interests. 



Cllr’s Graham, James, Heaton. 


Minutes of the meeting held on the 5th March 2014

These were approved and signed by Chair Hancock. 


Matters Arising 

B4RN (Broadband)

Chair Hancock is working with B4YS to find ways to move the idea forward. It would have to be a community project. Fibres would have to be laid through the Yealands in order to link Borwick with the other areas. We aim to ask B4RN to provide information as to how funding could be raised plus the mechanics of getting the service to each property. 

Community Payback Scheme

The Clerk spoke with Roger Scanlon, Probation Officer, to arrange a meeting with him to come and assess the area’s which require work to

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tidy the village up, especially the area on Yealand Road leading up to Peter Hill. 

Neighbourhood Watch

Andy Denton Neighbourhood Watch Officer has been out to assess where signs could be attached in the village. Chair Hancock said there were existing signs in the village so only two more signs would need to be purchased at a cost of £15 per sign.

Chair Hancock said that no one had come forward with regard to being a Liaison Officer for the scheme and therefore it was suggested that information from Andy Denton would be displayed on the village website and newsletter. Chair Hancock said she would write a short piece to go in the village newsletter each month. 


Accounts 2013 - 2014

The Accounts for the year were 2013/2014 were presented. The balance

on the 31/03/14  was a deficit of £9.54.

Petty Cash £9.28   Current Account - £9.54.

Income:                £2265.69

Expenditure:          £2165.60 (plus 2 Unpresented cheques £44.63 and £65.00)

Total expenditure   £2275.23

We spent more money than planned because of unexpected payments for computer upgrade and the  two room hire invoices. Expenditure next year will have to cover future courses for the Clerk. The Council hasn’t any planned extra expenditure on the war memorial.

The over spend on the Acct was because of unexpected and unavoidable expenses. We also had banking problems due to access and change of signatories. This has now been addressed.

The Accounts are available to view via the Clerk and will also be placed on the website.

The Clerk will write a report for the Auditors. Mr Heaton has also written a report as internal Auditor.

The Certificate of Assurance was approved and signed by the Clerk and Chair. 

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PC Richard Barr and PC Sarah Leverton sent the report via email.

One crime has been reported, burglary to a property on Dykes Lane. 



The Cllr’s decided for this year to reduce the £100 donation the Parish Council give to AONB to £70 due to the low funds available in the Parish Acct. 




Sunningdale, Milnthorpe Road, Yealand Conyers. 

Retrospective  Application for conversion of outbuildings to accommodation.

There were no objections. 


Dates of Meetings 2014 – 2015 

Wednesday     2nd July 2014

Tuesday         9th September 2014

Wednesday     5th November 2014

Wednesday     21st January 2015

Wednesday    4th March 2015

Wednesday     6th May 2015



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