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Parish Council Minutes - May 2016

Minutes of the Annual Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Tyldesley, Page, together with Joan Jackson, Alan Tyldesley and Clerk S. Harrison. 



Cllr Arthurs 


Election of Chairman and Cllrs

The Cllrs were welcomed. Chair Hancock was proposed and accepted by Cllr Panton and seconded by Cllr Page. Vice Chair Panton was proposed by Chair Hancock and seconded by Cllr Page. 


Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed. Cllr’s were reminded to inform the Clerk of any changes to the Register of Personal Interests. 


Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd March 2016.

These were approved and signed by Chair Hancock. 


Matters Arising


The Parish Council would hope to fund this together with extra donations during the next financial year. 

Post-box, Dykes Lane

The ‘missing’ post-box from Yealand Road has now been repositioned on Dykes Lane on the verge by Clifford Barn which is owned by Lancaster City Council. Cllr Panton thought she owned the verge. When she queried this with the GPO and Highways they said that they had twice spoken to the Parish Council regarding the positioning of the new post box. Highways said that they have positioned the post box so it is in line with the bollards and is out of the vision of Cllr Panton’s house. Chair Hancock asked whether it was Cllr Panton’s wish for the Clerk to write to the Royal Mail regarding the issue and Cllr Panton would like a letter of complaint writing. 

New Inn

The final date for funding to be in place is 1st July. There is still a significant amount of money needing to be raised and the Friends of the New Inn are looking at other avenues of funding from external sources. A committee member from FOTNI said that although Robinsons Brewery will carry on marketing the New Inn for sale they won’t make any decisions until after the July 1st deadline has passed. 

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Community Payback Scheme

Lancaster City Council has renewed its contract with the Community Payback Scheme for the period 1/04/16 to 31/03/17 and if the Parish has any projects that could be undertaken by the team to email the Environment Officer.

Chair Hancock has received a letter from Lancaster City Council re Public Rights of Way - Local Delivery Scheme for 2016 - 2017 to say that the Parish Council can apply for a grant of £250 to be used to clear and tidy vegetation areas around footpaths and public rights of way. If the PC wish to apply for the funding we have to apply for it by the 1st June. Cllr Tyldesley asked would we have to specify what area needs clearing. The Chair asked the Cllrs if there any areas which they feel are in need of clearing or improvement. Alan Tyldesley asked who looks after the canal corridor and that maybe the Canal Trust could be in need of financial assistance. This payment would be a one off payment of £250 for this financial year. We would have to ask the Lengthsman to do specific jobs .Chair asked if it was the Cllrs wish to opt in  and the Cllrs were all in agreement. Chair Hancock said she would inspect the pond by the village school and see if any improvements are needed there. 


Community Emergency Plan for the Yealands

The PC has been approached by Mike Bartlett from Lancaster City Council with a proposal to put in place a plan for any future disasters The plan would include places of safety, people with 4 wheel drive vehicles etc and contacts who could help  vulnerable elderly people who lived alone. The Chair thought it was a good idea for the Parish Council to put something in place and to work with Yealand Redmayne Parish Council to draw up a proforma to be displayed at the Village Hall and Parish website asking for people’s names and contact details. Then a complete list will be drawn up and displayed. The village hall is already a designated place of refuge. The Quaker Meeting House and St. Mary’s Church need to be formally approached. 


Accounts 2015 - 2016

George Heaton was our internal auditor. There were no matters arising. The Clerk presented the accounts for the year ending 2015/2016.

The closing balance as of the 31/03/14 was £602.51 

Income:                                    £2720.85

Expenditure:                             £2118.34

Unpresented cheques:                 £392.72

Balance:                                     £602.51 

Due to the BDO raising an issue with regard to assets owned by the Parish Council the war memorial now has to be listed as an asset with a value of £1.00 and it is a requirement that any future items purchased by the Parish Council would need to be put down on the audit as an asset. 

The Accounts are available to view via the Clerk and will also be placed on the website.

The Clerk will write a report for the Auditors.  


Certificate of Assurance

The Certificate of Assurance was approved and signed by the Chair. 

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The Cllr’s were unanimous to keep the donation they give to the AONB at £100.

A cheque to Lancaster City Council  for the AONB was approved for £100

A cheque was generated for £672 for the purchase of a new noticeboard. 

A cheque for £672 .00 was approved for Vista

Joan Jackson asked whether the Parish Council are still giving a donation to the Canal Trust but Chair Hancock said that the PC had needed to think about expenditure over the last few years and hence had not given a donation for a number of years. 


Resignation of Clerk

The Clerk has decided to resign from her post as Clerk and will finish at the end of May. The Cllrs wished her all the best for the future. 


Dates of Meetings 2016 – 2017 

6th July 2016

7th September 2016

2nd November 2016

18th January 2017

1st March 2017

3rd May 2017


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