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Parish Council Minutes - May 2005




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 4th May 2005 in the Quaker old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan and Hoskinson, Clerk, D.Hancock plus one member of the public, Mr. McIver.


Annual Parish Meeting.

This had preceded the Annual Parish Council meeting.



Apologies were received form Cllrs Mercer and Jackson and Cllr S.Fishwick.


Election of Chairman and Officers.

Cllr Rothwell agreed to stand for Chairman .He was proposed by Cllr Calnan and seconded by Cllr Hoskinson. The other Councillors agreed to remain in post.


Minutes of the Meeting held on the 2nd March 2005

These were corrected and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell 


Matters Arising


Cllr Calnan reported that Emma has removed rubbish from Dykes Lane and Roseacre Lane. She will be asked to clean the Yealand Conyers road signs. Cllr Calnan suggested that a planter could be sited at the pump. She would take responsibility for watering the plants.

Emma will be retained for the next year. John Holmes has expressed an interest in doing the Lengthsman work in Yealand Conyers.


LCC Traffic- Snape Lane

Mr Holt, the Senior Traffic Engineer had written to say that the ‘Unsuitable for Heavy Goods Vehicles’ signs are advisory signs for HGVs not vans. The Clerk had been asked to confirm that the two main offenders are HGVs and to provide addresses if possible. The Clerk agreed to enquire what the criteria are for a vehicle to be classed as a HGV. She would also update Mr Wood on the situation.



Mr Holt has agreed to carryout a survey of the vehicle speeds close to the access to Yealand House. This will be carried out over a period of a week and will help determine if any further action or amendments to the lining and signing would be appropriate.






Accounts 2004-2005

The Clerk presented the Accounts

Deposit account

Current Account





Mr Heaton had completed the Internal audit. He had asked that the Assets are recorded in the ledger.

The Council approved the Statement of Assurance.

A cheque was approved for £210 salary and expenses for the Clerk

A cheque was approved for  £39.71  LAPTC subscription

A cheque was approved for   £100    AONB donation 2005-2006

Deposit Account

The Clerk has not yet changed the Deposit Account, as she required some extra signatures.



Cllr Calnan and the Clerk had attended the joint Village meetings. It had been agreed that the Village newsletter was the best way of publicising local events .The Clerk had agreed to send details of the AONB work parties. It is hoped that use of the Village Hall will expand especially after refurbishment.

Cllr Rothwell had attended the Lancashire Area Road Safety Committee. Lancashire follows the National Guidelines re Speed Limits in Populated areas and population density has a bearing on where these signs are placed. Trials are being undertaken on speed limits of 20mph outside schools.


Dates of the next meetings.

Thursday 7th July, Wednesday 14th September, 2nd November, 4th January 2006,
1st March 2006