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Parish Council Minutes - November 2005




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 16th November 2005  in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers. 



Cllrs Rothwell, Hoskinson, Calnan, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk D. Hancock plus one member of the Parish and Community Support Officer, Deborah Gwilliam.


Open Meeting

Mr Wood reported that that the notice advising that Snape Lane was unsuitable for HGVs was not making any difference to vehicles using the lane. Any width restrictions on the lanes would need to have a legal basis and Lancashire follows the National guidelines in respect of speed limits. Deborah Gwilliam suggested that Mr Wood passed details of the regular HGVs that used the lane to P.C. Bassinder.

Any incidents with ‘boy racers ‘ should also be reported immediately to the Police Station. It is also appropriate to report cars with loud stereos.

There had been an incident where a driver had approached a teenage girl. Any further encounters must be reported immediately to the Police.

Cllr Jackson commented that youths were congregating at the MUGA but there had been no problems with this.

Someone had asked Cllr Mercer to report to the Parish Council that there was overhanging greenery on a wall by the New Inn. Cllr Rothwell agreed to look at this area but suggested that it might be more appropriate if the complainant dealt directly with the pub.


Matters arising

Rogersons Garage

The height of the portacabins has been reduced.


Leighton Hall

The Parish Council had written to the head of Planning and Building Control stating that although they were sympathetic to the need to develop the site they were opposed to the development in the current form. The letter indicated  steps that could be taken to enable the Council to support the development. The most important steps are as follows:

· All traffic to and from the site should be along the track from Crag Foot via Grisedale Farm.


· The creation of a public footpath through the woods by the track from Grisedale Farm to Crag foot Chimney and the creation of a footpath through the fields to the north of the lane from Grisedale Farm to Leighton Hall.

·A separate adopted bridleway from Grisedale Farm to Leighton hall main gate.

· No realigned roadway or further development outside the footprint of the site.

· The same route should be used for entering and leaving the car park.

· The car park needs to be in a cutting with substantial screening so that it is not visible particularly from the North.

·All income for Leighton Hall for the scheme should go into a maintenance fund managed by Trustees.

·There should be an economic assessment against identified needs of Leighton Hall.

The Clerk had written to the Department of the Environment asking for guidance in this matter.

Cllr Rothwell expressed thanks to Cllr Hoskinson and Mr Heaton for their help.



Cllr Calnan reported that Emma was no longer employed as Lengthsman. It was agreed that any outstanding bills be paid. John Holmes had agreed to work for Yealand Conyers Parish so the Clerk would contact the Clerk of Yealand Redmayne to discuss salary and organisation of working hours. Cllr Calnan agreed that members of the Parish could liaise with her regarding areas that required attention. This information could also be posted in the Newsletter.


Carnforth connect bus.

A decision on this service has been postponed until December 20th 2005 . Meanwhile Stagecoach buses are also servicing the village. Cllr Fishwick had promised to keep the Parish Council informed of any new developments.


Parish Plan Traffic and Transport Meeting.

Cllr Rothwell reported that the School had access to grant money, which could be used to formulate a School travel Plan. The Parish Council supported this idea and agreed that Cllr Rothwell contact Yealand Redmayne regarding a joint meeting. Cllr Calnan indicated that she would like to be involved with this project.

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Planning .Installation of Waste water treatment plant ,6 Dykes Lane

Application passed



Current account     £279.70

Deposit Account   £3365.36

Petty cash              £12.12

Cheques were approved for

£288.75    Zurich Insurance

£58.75     Audit Fee

£180        Clerk’s wages

£30          petty cash   

Cllr Rothwell presented a bill for £5.60 – photocopying

Cllr Hoskinson presented a bill for £7.20 - photocopying

These to be paid from petty cash.

The Parish Council agreed that £500 be transferred from the Deposit account to the Current account.


Conclusion of Audit

The Auditors have accepted the Annual Return. There were no matters that came to their attention. The Annual return and Conclusion of Audit will be displayed on the Notice Board for fourteen days.



It was agreed to set the precept at £1,350.


Clerk’s Wages

The minimum wage has risen to £5.05/hour.The Parish council agreed to raise the Clerk’s wages to £400/annum.


Underground Cables

United Utilities have £5million to spend over five years in protected areas in the North West to improve the landscape by undergrounding unsightly electricity lines.

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The Chairman had informed the AONB of our preferences, but it was thought best that Ian Henderson of the AONB should decide which lines should have priority.


AONB Meeting

Cllr Jackson had attended this meeting and reported that work had been done in restoration of the Lime Kiln on Summerhouse Hill.

Canal Group

Cllr Jackson reported that progress has been made on this project. Work is due to commence four miles south of Kendal in 2007. Yealand Conyers Parish will fall into the third phase of the scheme.