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Parish Council Minutes - November 2010




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 17th November 2010 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs Calnan. Rothwell, Panton , Mercer and Jackson and Clerk D. Hancock.


Open Meeting

A member of the Parish had requested that the Parish Council attend to the condition of the War Memorial. Some of the inscription is eroded and the stone work may need cleaning. It was agreed to get an opinion from a stone mason. The Clerk will contact the Yealand Redmayne Parish Council about sharing any costs. There are also grants for 50% of any costs up to £2500 available from the War Memorials Trust. 



There were apologies from P.C. Marsh and Cllr Fishwick.


Minutes of the meeting held on September 15th 2010

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising 

Relyant Gardening

John Holmes had indicated that he did wish to continue as Lengthsman. Cllr Calnan and Cllr Panton agreed to draw up a new work itinerary. 

Wind turbine, Bank Barn

The Planning Enforcement officer had determined that is not expedient to pursue the matter. She stated that if an application were to be submitted for its retention, it might be looked upon favourably. There is no evidence that its siting is causing any harm. It would not seta precedent as each case is dealt with on its own merits. 

Windows, Kilross 

The Council’s Legal Service are pursuing this matter. However there is no fixed date as to when the windows will be replaced. 

Snow and ice clearance

The Council will clear the priority road network. They have also mapped a secondary route network, where grit will be used as a replacement for salt. Grit bins will be monitored. A salt and sand mixture will be placed in these. Householders should not be put off clearing paths because of the fear that someone could slip and be injured. Individuals are responsible for their own safety. Cllr Rothwell agreed to write a short guide on snow clearing for the village newsletter.  

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Best Kept Village  

The Clerk had not received any reply to her request for further information regarding the Judges decision. One member of the parish had heard that Peter Hill was a cause for concern. The Clerk will investigate this matter. 


Police Report 

P.C. Marsh  had provided report in which he stated that there had been an attempted burglary at Holmere Bank, Dykes Lane. An attempt had been made to lever a window open.

There have been a number of reports of transit vans seen in unusual places often near to farms. Details have been circulated through the Farmwatch Scheme.

The signs used to advertise the craft fair at Leighton Hall were within the remit of the local planning department.

It is hoped that speed monitoring can be resumed over he next few months. Although the Constabulary is currently undergoing a period of review P.C. Marsh and ECSO Hurtley are fully committed to providing a quality service in the area. 


Renewable energy Project,  Claughton Moor, Lancashire

The application for the erection of twenty wind turbines is going to appeal. Cllrs had been asked for any extra comments in objection. The consensus of opinion is that there is little evidence that the energy generated justifies the impact on the environment. The Clerk will forward all comments to the Planning Inspectorate.



[a] Cheques for £39 and £49 were approved for Relyant Gardening

[b] A cheque for £312 was approved for Clerks’ wages. The Clerk requested that the £40 annual expenses be reviewed. The number of phone calls have decreased as have written letters .It was agreed that the expenses be reduced to £20.

[c] Zurich Insurance.  It was agreed to continue with Zurich Insurance and that the annual fee should be paid in December.  


Condition of the wall on Dykes Lane 

The retaining wall to the north of Dykes Lane is in poor repair. It has collapsed in some areas. The Clerk will request that the Highways department look at this area. Cllr Rothwell pointed out that double bend sign on Yealand Road has yet to be moved further from the edge of the carriageway. 


Reports from meetings

No meetings had been attended. Cllr Jackson reported that she had not received notice of the Canal Trust meetings .It was agreed that the parish Council become an affiliated member of the Trust for an annual fee of £8. This would mean that we


would be kept up to date with any developments affecting the canal. Cllr Jackson agreed to continue to represent the Parish Council.  


Lancaster Planning and housing policy rural consultation 

The Parish Council had been asked to comment on a range of issues involving rural planning and housing issues. There is also an opportunity for Parish Councils to identify land within the parish that could be put to new use. After discussion with the Cllrs., the Clerk was in a position to complete these reports. 


Seasonal Decorations

The Clerk had been advised that a licence is required for the erection of a Christmas tree on Dykes Lane. Lights will run on solar power. Zurich Insurance had advised that there is adequate cover. Mr Redshaw has agreed to be the ‘responsible person.’ The application will now be made. 


Dates of Meetings March 2011 and May 2011 

The dates of these meetings were arranged for Tuesday March 15th and Tuesday May 10th. The date of the next meeting is Wednesday January 5th.  

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