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Parish Council Minutes - November 2011




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 15th November 2011 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllr Calnan, Panton, Mercer, Butler and Cllr Graham together with clerk D. Hancock.


Open Meeting

Cllr Butler drew attention to the overhanging vegetation on Dykes Lane that is obscuring the 30mph sign. The Clerk will contact Highways and also ask them to inspect the wall to the north of Dykes Lane. The owners of the property have repaired the wall on Yealand Road. The Clerk will also enquire when work on the road markings on the A6 will commence.

Cllr Graham passed copies of correspondence to Yealand School involving possible purchase of land for a footpath. She indicated that the County Council would maintain a footpath but that it would be up to the Parish councils to lease or buy land. The Clerk agreed to contact the LAPTC as to the legal position of the Parish Council on these two options. Cllr Panton agreed to ask the AONB about rules on permissive footpaths.

Cllr Graham has written a short piece explaining the two key planning documents on Land allocation and Development management. This will be circulated to the Parish Councillors and possibly a shortened version could be included in the Parish magazine and Village newsletter.

Cllr Graham confirmed that the County Council were able to spray weed killer in May and September. This can be done in addition to the work done by the Lengthsman. 



There were apologies from Cllr Fishwick and P.C. Marsh, 


Minutes of the Meeting held on September 7th 2011

These were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan. 


Matters Arising

Wind Turbine

Cllr Panton had taken advice from the Chairman of FELLS. She was advised that it was pointless opposing a Planning Application which has been passed. The Parish Council agreed not to pursue this matter. 

Communication on the work of the Parish Council

The minutes of the Parish Councils are now exchanged by email. It is hoped that we can work together on issues that affect both Parishes. Cllr Butler agreed to draft an item about the work of the Parish Council, which can be included in the Village newsletter. 

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Police Report

P.C. Marsh ‘s email report stated that although there had been fifty incidents reported in the Silverdale / Yealands area, only one had been recorded as a crime. This was an assault. The Police continue to patrol the village in order to deter anti social behaviour / driving.

Cllr Butler drew attention to an article from the Daily Telegraph regarding theft from War memorials. The Clerk will contact the war Memorials Trust for information on Smart Water, a method for identifying stone work.


Winter Gritting

The Parish Council has been advised that Nineteen Acre Lane and Rose Acre lane have been added to the precautionary treatment route in the Yealand Conyers area so that there are now two treated routes to the A6. There is also an existing grit bin at the end of Dykes lane so the provision of an extra grit bin on Dykes Lane is not considered a necessity. However the Cllrs felt that the residents who live on Dykes Lane would still have difficulty driving to gritted roads.

Cllr Panton will approach Mr Green and ask him whether he would be willing to have a grit bin placed on the grass verge close to his property and to be responsible for grit spreading. The Parish Council Insurance would cover any Public Liability.  Householders are able to put in measures to de-ice the areas outside their properties as long as these fall within the published guidelines.

The Clerk will request extra information about Envirocare grit bins and enquire whether the City Council would be prepared to sell grit directly to the Parish Council.  She will also ask whether permission is needed prior to placing a bin on the grass verge.  


Best Kept Village

Although the Parish did not win in this year’s competition, the Parish Council feel that it is still worth entering. The competition encourages participation in keeping a tidy village.


Signage for St. Mary’s Church 

The Chair declared an interest in this matter but was invited to remain in the meeting. The Secretary of the PPC had asked whether two road signs might be erected to read St Mary’s RC Church and Hall. These, with appropriate direction arrows would be sited at either end of Dykes Lane. The Clerk had sought guidance from the Highways Authority. The Authority was unable to agree with the request for the following reasons. They felt that the Church could be found relatively easily following the general signage to Yealand Conyers. The erection of additional signage to the Church would add to highway clutter, particularly in a rural parish. There are no directional signs to churches prescribed in the Traffic Signs regulations that would be applicable to St. Mary’s Church. Brown tourist signs would not be appropriate as these are restricted to cathedrals or churches with special historic or architectural interest. Cllr Butler indicated that he would be unhappy about an increase in the number of signs.  

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There was also disquiet over whether one place of worship should have signage when the other do not. The Clerk will explain the situation to the Secretary of the Pastoral Council.



Cheques were approved and signed:

£25 Relyant Gardening 

£312 Clerk’s wages

£309.60 Zurich Insurance

The Parish Council agreed to a Long-term agreement for 5 years. The following areas of cover have been increased at no extra cost to the Council. Public liability Indemnity Limit £10,000,000 and Fidelity Guarantee Limit £25,000. 

The Clerk will now set up the PAYE system for the Parish Council. 


Beacons for the Diamond Jubilee

The Parish Council agreed that because there is an existing Beacon on Warton Crag, there is no necessity for another one. However the Parish Council expressed a wish to be involved with shared village celebrations. 


Reports from meetings

Cllrs Calnan and Butler had attended a meeting at Yealand Redmayne Parish Council, where they had been updated with changes to the planning laws. The Planning emphasised that any new housing planning applications would give precedence to low cost housing for rural workers. The Planning department will give free advice on applications. The Clerk reminded Cllrs that all outside changes require consent within the AONB.

Cllr Calnan had attended the PACT meeting where Sgt Bond spoke about crime issues in the area. Cllr Mercer agreed to attend the next meeting on 4th January 2012.


Representatives for the Archbishop Hutton Trust and AONB

The Parish Council agreed that Dawn Hancock should be the representative for Yealand Conyers. This post alternates between the two Parish Councils every four years.

Cllr Butler agreed to be the AONB representative. Cllr Jackson now represents the NFU. 



11/00882/RENU. Renewal of application 08/01228/FUL for various alterations and extensions, The Sheiling, Church Lane, Yealand Conyers.

There were no objections to the renewed application, except that the boundary hedge is retained. 

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Planning Application 11/00727/FUL

Conversion and alteration to existing garage to create a granny annexe, 53 Yealand Road, Yealand Conyers.

The Chair had responded to this application on behalf of the Parish Council. Objections had raised regarding the access to the property, the suitability of the building to a  change of use and the proposed sewage removal system.


Parish Council Notice Board

As part of the 40th Anniversary of the AONB there has been an offer for the installation of new Parish Notice Boards. These would contain a map of the AONB and a few words about the area.  The installation would be undertaken by the AONB volunteers. The Parish Council agreed that it would be helpful to have an extra board.

The Clerk will express an interest in this project. She will also ask for an update on Planning policy within the AONB.

The Clerk will also ask the Quaker meeting House board if they have any objections to the placement of another board alongside the existing one.


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