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Parish Council Minutes - November 2013

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 6th November 2013 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Vice Chair Jane Panton, Cllr’s Graham, Butler, Mercer, Jackson. Mr Andy Denton, Mrs Dawn Hancock together with the Clerk Susie Harrison.



None received.


Open Meeting

Burton in Kendal wind turbine, community fund payment.

Moto Hospitality Ltd have proposed a community fund payment of £20,000 to be split between Yealand Conyers and Redmayne Parish Councils and there will be an ongoing £1,000 per year which will  go into the Moto in the Community Trust. Moto Hospitality are keen for the money to support projects that:

Encourage renewable energy use, help develop more sustainable communities and enhance quality of life, support local conservation and environmental initiatives.

Dawn Hancock said that that maybe the £10,000 could be put towards the cost of installing superfast broadband to the village.

Andy Denton Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer North Division came to speak with the Cllr’s about the neighbourhood watch scheme. He explained that the scheme was introduced to the UK in the early eighties and it can reduce people’s fear of crime and creates a solid link between communities and the police and both parties are able to share information with each other but it has to be community lead for it to succeed. Mr Denton said he had a pack which could be given to parishioners with information regarding the scheme. It would require someone to be the point of interest and take charge and would also require the forming of a small committee. The scheme can operate with as few as ten houses up to a full community depending on the interest. The Parish Council decided for this information to be put in the next village newsletter and the Council would arrange a meeting for people to find out more about the scheme.


Minutes of the meeting held on 10th September 2013.

Page 380

The minutes were approved and signed by the Vice Chair Cllr Panton. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes

Dykes Lane

There are still issues regarding the hedgerow and vegetation at the side of the road though some of the trees have now been cut back. Clerk to ring Highways Department and the Cllr’s were asking if notices to the parishioners have ever been served. Dawn Hancock is going to speak with the Head of Highways regarding this.

The Cllr’s enquired as to the positioning of the 30 mph sign on Dykes Lane and whether it could be moved to the bottom of the lane by the A6 as it is obscured by the hedges and long grass. This is not possible as it depends on the number of properties .There aren’t  enough for an application to be approved.

Vegetation and overhanging trees on Yealand and Peter Road

The trees on Yealand Road have been cut back but the vegetation still needs to be done. Vice Chair and Dawn Hancock were going to meet and discuss how this work could be done.

Quote for wooden planter

The planter by the pump on Yealand Road has started to rot and Mr Sharples has supplied a quote for £80 to build a new one and the Cllrs approved this.

New Inn

The Clerk wrote to Robinsons Brewery re the scaffolding still being up after more than 2 years, the danger it posed and the eyesore it created. Robinsons replied to say that they were aware of how long the scaffolding had been up and it is a priority for the work to be done on the building. This was put down on the agenda for January 2014 meeting for further discussion.

Unit 2 Tarnwater A6

The Clerk emailed Gail Hendren at the Planning Department regarding a change of use to Unit 2 Tarnwater. The Planning Depart at Lancaster City Council have not received any applications for change of use. The Clerk is to make further enquires regarding this.

Superfast Broadband

Julia Watts from BT was due to meet with Lancaster City Council at the end of October.Page 381


Police Report 

From the 1ST September up to the 31st October there were 53 incidents reported in the Yealands/Silverdale area, 13 relate to Conyers. There was 1 assault which resulted with a positive outcome.


Co-opt a new Councillor and  Chair

The Cllr’s proposed Dawn Hancock who was co-opted onto the council.  She was then elected as Chair.



Cheque No:     000267  £117  Installation of Office Publisher

Cheque No:     000268    £92  Invoice for Relyant Gardening

Cheque No:     000269  £251  Zurich Insurance

It was agreed that the Clerk should claim petrol expenses from Petty cash. 


Proposal for 1 Account

Interest on the deposit account  held with Santander is negligible., Cllrs were in agreement for the Chair and Vice Chair to be signatories. Once this has been approved, the Deposit Account will be closed.


Speed Indicator Device

PC Marsh spoke to say that the site by Yealand C of E School has been approved for Speed  Warning signs ,which will be operational during school hours .This is completely separate to the SPID cameras for the village. PC Marsh has been successful in obtaining funding for two SPID devices. This means that the estimated cost to the parishes that have been approached is £550 and the annual estimated cost is£100 - £150. Assuming that all 3 parishes agree to the scheme this works out at an estimated initial  cost of £183 and an estimated annual cost of £33- £50 per parish council.

Page 382

SPiDs can only be put up at certain points that have been risk assessed. There are 2 devices to share between Warton, Yealand Redmayne and Conyers and sites need to be identified between villages as to where to site the SPiD’s. There would need to be an agreement between councils as to how long each parish uses them. It would also require 1 person to be the co-ordinator for all 3 parishes who would be able to put up and take down the SPiD. The Cllr’s were concerned about where to site the signs and finding a person who’s trained to put up and take down the SPiD’s.  The Cllr’s were not in favour as they felt there were too many logistical problems .They asked for the Clerk to email PC Marsh to say that after discussion the Cllr’s don’t feel there’s enough of a real need to participate in this scheme.


Zurich Insurance

This is due in December, the price remains the same as last year as it’s on a fixed rate.This cover now offers free legal advice at no extra cost to the Policy holder .



This 23 page document covers community rights Not all of the Cllr’s have read the document so this was put forward to January 2014 meeting.



Lancashire County Council Property Group has been appointed by the Governors of Yealand C of E School to act as their property consultant to apply for planning permission to build a new store and covered seating area. The new store will be situated on land that is owned by Yealand Parish Council which is currently leased by the school. Cllr’s were all in agreement about the proposed planning, their only concerns being that occasionally the school field and MUGA can flood, the Clerk is to email Sion Thomas, district surveyor with  the Cllrs concerns.



Management Plan 2014 – 19, Consultation Draft. Cllr Butler at the last meeting with the AONB felt planning guidance was a very important issue and was hoping there would be clarification in the new report regarding this. 

Next meeting January 15th 2014.



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