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Parish Council Minutes - November 2014

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 4th November 2014 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrís Panton, Heaton, Mr & Mrs Clarke, Mr C. Burrow, Mr D. Gardner together with Clerk S. Harrison. 



Cllr Jackson, Clerk Sue Brown. 


Open Meeting

Mrs Clarke expressed her concerns over the removal of the hedge which surrounds the beer garden at the New Inn, and what was going to replace it. The parishioners voiced their concerns over the future of the New Inn now it is closed over the winter for refurbishment. Cllr Panton said that the Parish Councillors would take on board all concerns and the Clerk would investigate further. Mr Gardner suggested  that we write to the owner of the New Inn expressing both the Cllrs and the publicís concerns and to say that the New Inn could be an asset to the village when it has been refurbished. The Clerk will write to Robinsonís. 


Minutes of the meeting held on the 9th September 2014.

The minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


Matters arising from the previous minutes 

New Inn Update

The contractors have had a serious problem procuring the roof trusses and joists, they have now sourced a new supplier but the timescale is longer than they expected. They are hoping to complete the work on the barn by mid December. 

Road Repairs to Yealand Road

The Clerk emailed Rachel Harrod District Lead Officer for Lancashire Highways Services regarding the potholes on both Yealand Road and Peters Hill. The issue has now been referred to the Highway Safety Unit and will be repaired as soon as possible. An order has been raised for the pothole on Peter Hill to be repaired as well. 

Dykes Lane

The Clerk is to write again to ask when work to clear the vegetation and saplings from the road will be completed as the work should have been completed by mid October. The corner of Church Lane and Dykes Lane has been cleared so that the bee hives can be placed here. No large trees have been removed. 

Page 403

Dog Waste Bin

The Cllrs discussed whether the village requires another dog waste bin and if so where best to site it, Chair Hancock suggested placing one at the end of Hynning Wood. Cllr Heaton asked whether it would be possible to buy a few notices reminding people to pick up after their dogs.

The Cllrs decided to purchase a dog waste bin if there are sufficient funds. 

Unit 6, Tarnwater, A6

Cllr Heaton was concerned that cars were being placed for sale outside the main gates of Tarnwater which she saw could be a distraction to drivers.

Debbie Threlfall, Planning Enforcement Officer emailed on the 27th October to report that the Tile Hub has ceased trading. 


B4YS are still trying to devise a definitive route. Chair Hancock is hoping to call a meeting in early December with the people who have pledged money to give them an update.

In the meantime we have received an email from BT on the 3rd October regarding inclusion of Yealand Conyers into the Superfast Lancashire programme. The feasibility of this will be considered in early 2015.

Furthermore in response to comments about those who are not in the 97% more funding has been made available under the Superfast Extension Programme, SEP. These funds will help extend coverage to an even greater percentage of the county.

Chair Hancock said that if the B4YS scheme covers the area it will have a big impact on BT.

B4Yís have to involve the Parish as we still need to be involved in the scheme but we need to keep BT on board and we need to keep reminding people that superfast broadband wonít happen without the community being involved. 


Appt of Councillor

There have been two applications, Mrs Arthurs and Mrs Page. The Cllrs decided to co opt Mrs Joan Page as a Councillor on Yealand Conyers Parish Council. This was a majority decision. Mrs Page has been a Parish Councillor before. The Clerk will inform Mrs Arthurs but invite her to apply again if another vacancy arises.  


Report from the AONB meeting

Cllr Panton attended the executive meeting. Next meeting with the AONB is a Planning meeting to be held on the 12th November 2014. 


Police Report

The Clerk received a letter from Lancashire Constabulary regarding regular police attendance at Parish meetings. The Police felt they had insufficient time to attend Parish meetings and directed the Councillors to their website where it is possible to access information relating to crimes in the whole of Lancashire. This information will be displayed on the Parish notice board and the village website.

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Louise Birtles is our new neighbourhood watch liaison Officer and she has been emailing Chair Hancock with consumer alerts such as internet/telephone scams, any information we receive will be displayed on the Parish notice board and village website.



                        Zurich Insurance              £309.60

                        Clerk Wages                    £227.50 

                        Santander Acct Balance  £1,489.68


                        Application No:        14/1121/FUL

                        Mrs S Thompson

                        Bank Barn, Dykes Lane, Yealand Conyers. 

                        Erection of a greenhouse to the rear of the property.

The Cllrs were concerned that the Planning for the greenhouse should have been retrospective as a greenhouse already exists. The Clerk is to enquire further with the Planning Office. 

Date of next meeting 21st January, 2014.


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