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Parish Council Minutes - November 2015

DRAFT Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 4th November 2015 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllrs Panton, Arthurs, Tyldesley, Mr Hancock, Miss Rigby together with Clerk S. Harrison. 


Open Meeting.                          

Chair Hancock gave the Cllr’s an update regarding the Post box at the top of Yealand Road which went missing last month, she has spoken to Carnforth Post Office who assured her that it will be returning and has only been taken away as it was needing to be replaced, Cllr Tyldesley suggested that we should put it in writing regarding the missing bin and send to the Post Office and have it minuted as it was felt that the longer the bin is missing there is a possibility it won’t be replaced.  



Cllr Page, Cllr Sykes. 


Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd September 2015.and 21st October 2015.

Both sets of minutes were approved and signed by the Chair Dawn Hancock. 


New Inn Update

The Friends of the New Inn committee have decided to draw up a business plan to try and purchase the New Inn as a Community Asset. There has been a problem with  the paperwork so Chair Hancock has put the application in Yealand Conyers Parish Council name as the Parish Council were the ones that had originally applied for the ACV. Dave Hollins who is an expert in setting up community pubs and has helped set up 35 pubs so far has offered his services. Cllr Tydlesley asked whether the company has now been set up, the Chair said they were waiting to hear. FOTNI need to raise funds and draw up a business plan and if there was no offer in 6 months’ time then the property can be put on the open market. The Lancaster City Council deadline was the 25th October, 2015, this deadline was just for the ‘intention to bid’. Cllr Tyldesley asked if FOTNI know how they are going to raise funds and Chair Hancock said they have been promised grants from the Princes Trust and The Plunkett Foundation. Cllr Arthurs mentioned that it might be worth looking into applying for a grant from the Heritage Lottery. The committee members of FOTNI have extensive catering and business links and Cllr Page will continue as Liaison Officer between FOTNI and Yealand Conyers P.C. 

Page 424 


Parish Plan Update

The Chair asked whether the Cllr’s wanted to discuss any matters that had arisen from the Lancaster City Council 2015 Housing Requirement Report and Local Plan Consultation. The AONB are holding a consultation Day on December 2nd and this will have more of an effect on our area than the City Councils Housing Plan. The Chair asked if it was the wish to comment on the report and the Cllr’s said no they feel the report has covered everything. A resident in Yealand Redmayne picked up something regarding Yealand Conyers Parish Plan which is displayed on the village website. The information is  now outdated and it was decided it would be removed from the parish website and updated after the Cllrs had attended the AONB and Planning meetings. Cllr Tyldesley said maybe we should be putting something in the village newsletter such as a questionnaire for the parishioners to ask their opinions re housing and transport  and how they wish to see the village develop. Any Community run schemes would have to involve villages in the wider area.  

There was some discussion about how much notice should be given for meetings. The time for the Agenda to be displayed was 3 days minimum but it was agreed that it should be ten days in order to give the Cllrs an opportunity to ask for items to be added and 7 days for the Parish website and noticeboard. Draft Minutes to be typed up within 1 week, sent to the Chair and 2 weeks for them to be displayed on the Parish website and noticeboard. 


Discussion of Assets the Parish own with regard to The Parish Audit 

On the Audit conclusion BDO queried the figures we had down for the assets that the Parish own such as the MUGA, the Pound on Dykes Lane and the War Memorial. After making enquiries with BDO they stated that any items which the Parish has bought are classified as assets, such as dog waste bins, benches, Parish noticeboards are deemed to be asses as they are owned by the Parish Council and as such should be included in next year’s audit. The War Memorial should be given a value of £1. The Clerk was asked if she could ascertain whether we had to give old assets like benches, planters etc a value, or whether we could now start listing new purchases. All this information has to be put on the website .  



Clerk Wages    £260.00
LALC Finance Workshop Course £25.00
Zurich Insurance    £369.14
Santander C/Acct Balance £2,264.84

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Application No: 15/01227/FUL 

Proposal : Erection of a small scale standby electricity generation plant comprising a substation, two control/communication buildings, two 30,000 litre bunded fuel tanks, nine engines block, four transformers, welfare facilities, turning area, landscaping and access road

For: James Jamieson

Site Address: Land at Tarn Bank, Tarn Lane, Yealand Redmayne, Lancashire. 

This Planning Application is from TGC Renewables, They will not have any direct  impact within Yealand Conyers Parish but we have been invited to comment. The Cllrs felt that this type of development was better suited to a more industrial area. There was no explanation as to what type of diesel would be used. Diesel gives off emissions which contain potentially harmful particulates and is highly polluting .Cllr Tyldesley felt that this development would detract from the character of the landscape and would result in the loss of land for agricultural purposes.

Access to the site is poor. Tarn Lane has a narrow bridge with a blind summit. 

Cllr Arthurs said that it does not have any locational aspect to it so it could be positioned anywhere, such as the industrial units at Carnforth which are situated adjacent to the M6. Cllr Arthurs said she wished they had used a brownfield site rather than a greenfield site i.e. Carnforth as access  better as straight off the M6 potentially a much better location. Environmental impact if there was a leakage Chair will write a response Cllr Arthurs said she felt it wasn’t so much what it’s about but position. The Chair agreed to respond to this application. 


Application No: 15/00949/FUL 

Proposal : Installation of arrays of 1.8m high PV panels, underground cabling, inverter and switchgear cabinets, 2 substations, 1.9m high security fencing, 4m high CCTV masts and construction of an access point and internal roads to form a solar farm.

For: Mr Martin Cole

Site Address: Land South Of, Cinderbarrow Lane, Priest Hutton, Carnforth,

Lancashire LA6 1JH 

The Parish Council’s response is on the parish website and the Chair has applied to speak at the Planning Committee. There is extra time for comments because the application was not accompanied with a listed building application [the Canal Locks ]which are within sight of the proposed solar farm. The newsletter advises people how to comment on Planning applications. It was requested from the Cllr’s for the Clerk to contact Mark Potts from Lancaster City Council Planning department to ask him to come and view the area from the Pump Seat. This is a well-used Public Area lying

Page 426 

within the A.O.N.B.  The Chair has requested proper photomontage from Livios but had no response. 


Application No: SL/2015/0627 

Proposal: Installation of a single wind turbine measuring 30m to hub and 45m to blade tip with associated infrastructure and access track.

For: Mr Richard Fawcett

Site Address: Green Dragon farm, Main Street, Burton in Kendal, LA6 1LQ

Granted with conditions. 


Date of next meeting: 06/01/2016


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