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Parish Council Minutes - October 2015

Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 21st October 2015 at the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Chair Dawn Hancock, Cllr’s Panton, Page, Cllr M. Macklin, Mr G. Heaton, Mr B. Hancock together with the Clerk S. Harrison.



Apologies received from Cllr Arthurs and Tyldesley.


Planning Application No: 15/00949/FUL, Installation of arrays of 1.8m high PV panels, underground cabling, inverter and switchgear cabinets, 2 substations, 1.9m high security fencing, 4m high CCTV masts and construction of an access point and internal roads to form a solar farm at land South of Cinderbarrow Lane, Priest Hutton, Carnforth, Lancashire LA6 1JH.

Chair Hancock talked at length about the Planning Application and the implications if it were to be passed. Nothing of any geological interest which could affect the land being used for solar panels has been found and there was no evidence of any protected species on the site. Chair Hancock displayed photographs of the proposed site which Livos Energy had taken. There are line drawings but no photomontage images. No photograph has been taken from the pump at Yealand Road. This widely used public place would have a direct view to the proposed development and as Chair Hancock said as Yealand Conyers lies on higher ground so any hedging around the site would make little difference to the visual impact. The A.O.N.B are going to send an independent response to this application. 

Everyone present felt that the presence of these solar panel farms and wind turbines would lead to a cumulative effect. There are applications for other wind turbines/ solar panel farms in the immediate area – Green Dragon Farm, Deerslet Farm, M6 Motorway Services, Catch 23 Café and Cinderbarrow. Cllr Macklin asked are these in line with Lancaster City Council Planning Policy.

Cllr Page asked would the hedging obscure the solar panels but from Yealand Conyers it wouldn’t make any difference as Yealand Conyers lies on higher ground. The panels are blue/black and non-reflective but there are concerns that the panels could possibly be reflective at certain times of the day. 

Mr Heaton was unhappy with regard to the shortness of the notice of the meeting that Livios Energy gave and he felt that it hadn’t been well advertised, this meeting was prior to the Planning Application being put in. Chair Hancock also queried what community benefit Yealand Conyers would receive as she said it will affect our communities and Livios said they had some money set aside which could be used to benefit the village and they were happy to discuss the money being used towards projects such as obtaining a defibrillator, solar panels for the village Hall. There was discussion about true community benefit. Mr Heaton suggested that should permission be granted, a donation running for the length of the project should be agreed.

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Cllr Tyldesley who is pro renewable energy was concerned as she felt not enough thought has been given to the visual impact of the panels. She also felt that photomontage pictures of the panels should have been provided.

Cllr Arthurs felt that the negative visual impact on this area of outstanding beauty will be appalling and will have a detrimental impact on the surrounding villages both from a residential and business/ tourism point of view. One of the main purposes why people visit this region is for the unspoilt views. She has concerns over the environmental impact of these units whilst they are being put in place and while they are in their long term location. Cllr Arthurs queried how much electricity the site will potentially generate and is concerned it will not be as much as people are lead to believe. Will the site generate any permanent jobs in the region? 

The landowner would receive £10,000 a year from having the solar panels on his land, Mr Heaton asked who owns Livios Energy and Cllr Macklin suggested should we ask for a delay in the Planning Application but Chair Hancock said she would prefer to send in our objections. Mr Heaton said one of the reasons they have chosen this area is because of the location of the primary sub station at Hilderstone Lane.

Chair asked the Clerk to contact Sue Sykes City Counsellor and ask her to look at the application and comment.

Chair Hancock said she would write a piece for the newsletter encouraging people to give their views and a Publicity notice will be put on our notice board and Parish website.

All present indicated what points they wished to be included in the report to the City Council. The Chair agreed to write a report and also offered to speak at the Planning Committee meeting.


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