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Parish Council Minutes - September 2012




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 5th September 2012 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs. Calnan, Butler, Mercer and Jackson, Cllr Fishwick, Stephanie Manley of the Westmoreland Gazette, and Clerk D. Hancock.


Open Meeting

Cllr Butler raised concerns about tipping on land adjacent to the A6. He was assured that this had been investigated. The land owner was using the area for storage and because it is private land, the Parish Council has no power to intervene. Cllr Butler also raised concerns about the ongoing deterioration of the state of road on Dykes Lane. This is now covered with thick debris encroaching the Highway. Overhanging trees obscure the 30mph sign and large vehicles would certainly brush against the foliage.

Mr Rothwell had written to the Parish Council requesting that they review whether rate payers are getting value for money from the Lengthsman. There are several areas where nettles and weeds encroach onto the road and footpaths.

The 30mph signs on the east side of Yealand Road is obscured as are the signs at the top of Snape Lane. These are falling over. The benches at the top of Snape Lane are encroached by weeds. Mr Rothwell asked whether the Parish Council should consider waiting until there is a noticeable improvement before entering the Best Kept Village competition again.

The Clerk confirmed that we had not been placed in the Best Kept Village competition.

John Holmes has invoiced the Parish Council for £39.00 on 16.5.12 for labour and application of weedkiller at the Rose Acre Junction, both sides of Yealand Road, and the pump seating area. He invoiced for £30 on 31.7.12 for clearing weeds around the drains at the New Inn bus stop.

The Lengthsmanís contract budgets for a maximum of eight hours per month during the summer months. The hours worked fall well short of this and it is obvious that a lot more input is required.

The Parish Council agreed to ask whether the Community Payback scheme could be utilised to remove weeds and strim the areas where shrubs encroach onto the footpath.

The Clerk will contact Highways regarding 30mph signs. She will ask for a site visit to Dykes Lane and point out the areas where there is debris which is now inches thick. She will request that action should be taken over the boundary on the north side.     

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The Parish Council will consider at the November meeting, whether permanent extra help should be sought.

The Clerk advised that there would be temporary buildings erected in the field adjacent to the West of Footeran lane. A planning application for a permanent building is pending. This land now belongs to Mr Gardner.



There were apologies from Cllrs Panton, Cllr graham and P.C. Marsh.


Minutes of the Meeting held on 6th June 2012

The minutes were accepted and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan.


Matters Arising

Fire Safety Initiative.

There will be a leaflet drop to every householder from 25th-28th September. This will be followed by a visit to all properties. All residents will have the opportunity to arrange a free home safety visit.

New Inn

The Clerk had been asked to write to Robinsonís Brewery to ask why work on the roof had stopped. Attention was drawn to the fact that ladders are left unattended and on public view. She had been assured that work will recommence in October.

Notice Board

The AONB are going to provide new notice boards. There will be no cost to the Parish Council.

20mph signs

Cllr Fishwick advised the Parish Council that there has been no date fixed for the 20mph speed limit. She agreed to enquire on progress. She suggested that the Parish Council should discuss whether the Parishioners felt that 30mph limits should be extended, once a timetable is available.

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Enforcement Order

There has been no application for providing a gate across the entrance to the land from Dykes Lane and for the treatment of the boundary of the land with the adjoining field. The Clerk will raise this matter with the Planning Officer.

Village Newsletter

Cllr Butler confirmed that he would be able to write a short piece for the next newsletter. This would include an update on the appearance of the village and the Parish Councilís response to the Leighton Hall planning application.


Planning Update


Redevelopment of existing Leighton Hall Home Farm complex, including conversion, extensions and new build to 19 self catering holiday units with associated parking and landscaping

Cllr Calnan and the Clerk had attended a meeting with J. Rehman, the dedicated planning Officer for this application. Our concerns about increased traffic and access to the area were raised. Consideration will be given to these points. The Planning meeting will be held on 17th September. The Planning Officerís report will be available on the web site one week prior to the meeting.


Yealand Manor. Change of use of upper storey of Coach House to ancillary residential accommodation

Application passed.


Erection of a two storey extension to the side and a two storey extension to the rear, the Sheiling, Church Lane

Application withdrawn.

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Police report

Since the 1st May there have been ten incidents relating to Yealand Conyers. These mostly relate to highway problems on the A6. There have been a number of calls relating to door to door sales. Residents are reminded to use door chains if fitted, or, if in any doubt, not to answer the door. The village has been patrolled regularly. A rural crime operation is planned for October.


Landscape Trust Yealands Weekend

This will take place on 22nd -23rd September and all residents are encouraged to attend. Information has been sent out with the Village Newsletter. Help is needed in the Village Hall providing refreshments. The Clerk can provide contact details for the organiser.


Adoption of a Code Of Conduct

All the Councillors agreed to adopt the Model Code of Conduct. The Clerk will advise the Standards Officer.

The Clerk advised the Parish Council that Cllrs will have to apply for a dispensation in order to discuss fixing the Precept. This applies to all Cllrs whose property interests makes them liable to Council tax. This matter will be put on the November agenda.



Cheques were approved and signed

£60 Audit fee

£30 Relyant gardening

£20 D. Hancock Petty cash


Conclusion of Audit

The Annual Return has been approved. The Conclusion of Audit Notice has been placed on the Notice Board.

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Matters arising from audit

There were no matters arising from the Audit.


Cllr Jackson and the Clerk had attended the AGM of the Canal Trust. Work continues on opening up the canal at Stainton. The Publicity officer agreed to provide information for the Yealands weekend. There will be a walk along the canal, where it runs through the parish.

There will be Parish Council representatives at the Leighton Hall Planning Meeting.


Jubilee Mugs

There are two spare Jubilee mugs. Cllr Jackson expressed the desire to buy one. The other will be offered for sale at Coffee stop.


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