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Parish Council Minutes - September 2005




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th September 2005 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Hoskinson, Clerk D. Hancock plus six members of the Parish.



Apologies were received from Cllr Jackson.


Open Meeting

Mr McIver drew attention to the fact that some households had overhanging branches and shrubs that made it difficult to walk along the footpath. He also drew attention to the number of nettles along the roads. The Clerk will write to one household and Mrs Carruthers agreed to approach one of her neighbours. The Council has dealt with the undergrowth on Church Lane satisfactorily.


Matters Arising


Cllr Calnan reported that although she has received Work Schedules for Emma there still seems to be a lack of communication. Several councillors feel that her time is not being used effectively and the quality of the work is poor. The Council have not signed a contract for the current year and do not know how many hours have been worked. The Councillors decided to cease using the Lengthsman Service and the Clerk would write to Steve Edwards accordingly. Cllr Rothwell would approach John Holmes and ask him if he would consider covering Yealand Conyers as well as Yealand Redmayne.



Alliance and Leicester are phasing out paper transfers. The deposit account has been changed to the Instant Reserve Deposit Account.

A refund of VAT has been claimed totalling £53.75

Current Account     £225.95

Petty Cash             £12.12

Deposit account   £3346.96




05/00719/LB Demolition of existing Conservatory and erection of a new Conservatory, 21 Yealand Road.

Planning Permission granted.

Rogersons Garage Portacabins

A Planning Application has not been received and the case has now been referred to the Councilís Legal Services for the commencement of formal action.

The Planning Officer dealing with the landscaping works is happy that this is being done according to the agreed plans.

05/01100/FUL Leighton Hall Home Farm. Erection of new buildings, extension to Keepers Cottage, creation of car parking and auxiliary facilities for rural workspace development.

Cllr Rothwell gave a brief explanation of the proposed development. The plan consists of conversion of the existing farm buildings and construction of two new buildings for use as rural businesses. There will be a new service road and parking for eighty eight cars .It is envisaged that sixty staff could be employed.

A holding letter had been sent to Andrew Dobson, Head of Planning and Building Control. This stated that the proposal would require careful consideration by the Parish Council, as it is large relative to the size of the Village. Neither Rural Solutions or Leighton Hall has sought to discuss the scheme prior to submission.

The Parish Council feel the findings in the Inspectors Report from the 1999 application are relevant to the latest proposal and will provide an initial response by the end of September.

Cllr Rothwell suggested that the plans were shown to those present and invited comments. The general feeling was that a smaller development using the existing buildings might be viewed sympathetically. It was felt that the loop road would be visible from Summerhouse Hill. Many people were concerned about the increased traffic through the village. There would be an increase in noise from large vehicles. Peter Hill Lane is not suitable for large numbers of vehicles.

Cllr Rothwell suggested forming a Working party to address these concerns. Cllrs Rothwell and Hoskinson invited Mr Heaton to join with assistance from Cllrs Calnan and Mercer. A Village Meeting will also be arranged.

Cllr Rothwell will write to the Department of the Environment, Government Office for the Northwest for guidance in the matter.

05/01011/FUL Alterations and extensions partly implemented in line with Planning consent, Glendavian, Dykes Lane.

The Parish Council had asked that a condition for planning consent should be that the stone wall is reinstated on completion of building work.

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Installation of Waste Water Treatment Plant and Soakaway, 6, Dykes Lane

No objections.


Yealand Conyers and Redmayne Area Appraisal Day

Lancaster City Council is undertaking a review of the conservation areas.  A Pilot Day has been arranged for the 29th September to establish the most efficient way of conducting a subsequent public consultation exercise. This Field day will gather information from the area, conduct mapping and photographic exercises and provide an opportunity for discussion of views and priorities.

Both Clerks will attend this meeting.



This is now completed, together with the storage facility.


Carnforth Connect Bus Service.

The Cabinet Minister for Sustainable Development, County Councillor Tony Martin will consider the continued operation of the Carnforth Connect Bus Service in a meeting on October 4th 2005.

If the decision is made to withdraw Carnforth Connect, the County Council will arrange for Stagecoach to revise their existing hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service from Lancaster to include the Yealands and Wharton. This would provide an hourly link. There is no guarantee of the service being linked with the train timetable.

The Clerk was asked to write to Cllr Fishwick expressing the Parish Councilís disappointment that there had been no consultation in this matter. .

The Parish Council had not been informed that funding would be withdrawn. The Service had met a real need in the villages and had fulfilled all the Government initiatives on use of public transport.

The Clerk would also write to Tony Martin and Geraldine Smith.