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Parish Council Minutes - September 2006




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Council Meeting held on 6th September 2006 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllr Rothwell[Chairman], Cllr Jackson, Cllr Calnan, Cllr Hoskinson, Cllr Mercer, Clerk
D. Hancock, plus two members of the Parish and P.C. Bassinder


Open Meeting

Carnforth Connect was due to be axed at the beginning of September. However there has been a request for funding from the Parish Councils to keep the Service running for another six months. Hopefully further funding will be secured during this time. Members of the Parish do feel that a bus service is an attraction but the service must be used.



P.C. Bassinder passed on apologies from Deborah Gwilliam who has undergone a hip replacement. The Clerk will send a get-well card on behalf of the Parish Council.


Minutes of the meeting held on 11th July 2006 

The minutes were approved and signed by the chairman, Cllr Rothwell 


United Utilities

Following letters from the Parish council, Lancashire County Council served a defect notice on United Utilities to reinstate the grass verge. This has now been restored to an acceptable standard .The Clerk was asked to ask United Utilities to remove paint from Yealand Road where they had marked out the services to the surrounding properties.  


Police Report

P.C. Bassinder was pleased to report no incidences of crime over the last three months. He stressed the importance of obtaining a log number when reporting any events. 


Speed Monitoring System 

P.C. Bassinder assured the Parish Council that the police will deploy speed checks in the area. He felt that the deterrent effect of the SPIDs were short lived. Both Warton and Silverdale Parish Councils had decided against participation in the scheme. 

Page 147 


Rogersons Garage 

Peter Rivet, the Senior Planning Officer, has inspected this site. Rogersons have assured him that the containers are stored on this site when not being used elsewhere. It was accepted that provided they did not take on any degree of permanence, planning consent would not be required. The large company banner has been removed. 


Traffic Issues

A small chevron sign has been erected at St Mary’s Church. A cranked 30 m.p.h. sign should be placed opposite the entrance to Yealand House. The white road lines have not yet been painted. 


Arnside/Silverdale AONB Landscape Trust 20th Anniversary 

Bids for projects have to be received within the Anniversary Year. The Chairman agreed to speak to the co-ordinator, Jim McQueen in order to gather more information. 


School Travel Plan 

No progress has been made on obtaining land for a footpath. It may be possible to get a 20 m.p.h. speed limit by the School due to a change of government policy. 



Beechfield. Retrospective planning permission for a pond.  No comments. 

31,Yealand Road. Demolition of a single storey building and erection of a two storey extension. No comments. 

Temporary classroom, Yealand School. No comments. 



A cheque was approved for £72 to Yealand Friends Meeting House for Room Hire

Current Account £304.08
Deposit Account   £3293.79
Petty Cash  £8.78

Page 148                                                               

The external auditor had asked for an explanation for the healthy balance in the Deposit Account. It is expected that there will be capital outlays in the current financial year. The charges for the Lengthsman will also be higher. 



No correspondence. 


Carnforth Connect

Parish Councils in the area served by the Carnforth Connect have been asked for donations. This is to keep the Service running whilst other sources of funding are pursued. Parish councils are allowed to give grants for transport under the local Government Rating Act 1997, section 26. Cllr Calnan felt that a donation from the Parish Council would show our commitment to a continuation of the service. It was agreed to donate £500. 


AONB Signage Review 

Yealand Conyers Parish Council have not been notified or consulted on this matter. The Clerk would contact Cllr Martin requesting consultation.