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Parish Council Minutes - September 2007




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Annual Parish Meeting held on 5th September 2007 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Rothwell, Panton, Calnan, Mercer and Jackson, Clerk , D. Hancock, together with Cllr Fishwick and P.C. Broadbent.


Open Meeting

P.C. Broadbent reported that there have been several incidences of thefts from parked vehicles. There has also been some fly tipping of fridges and freezers. Cllr Rothwell reported that there has been increase in the numbers of ‘boy racers’. Those cars with noisy acceleration can be impounded if the registration numbers are identified.

Cllr Jackson reported that her car had been vandalised in Booths Car Park.

Cllr Calnan reported that a vehicle damaged the steps up to Summerhouse Hill. The Highways Authority has repaired these.

Cllr Jackson reported a damaged style at the end of Accommodation Lane. The Clerk would contact the AONB.



Apologies were received from the clerk of Yealand Redmayne, Sue Brown. 


Minutes of the Meeting held on 4th July 2007

These were approved and signed by the Chairman, Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters Arising

D. Hancock had attended the meeting on the Model Code of Conduct. She reported that any changes in personal interests have to be declared within twenty-eight days of the change. Also councillors’ private houses have to be declared when they reside in the Parish.

Carnforth Connect. Cllr Fishwick informed the Parish Council that there is now a bus every hour. The service runs up to the A6 in Carnforth.


Village Pond

The Clerk had received a document from the Legal services Unit, Lancashire County Council that could be used as a model for a lease. The Clerk agreed to contact Jobbing and Knape re potential cost. Any money from CARP would need to be spent by March 07. And there is concern that the Parish does not own the pond. Cllr Panton agreed to ask the Landscape Trust if there would be any problem about separating the monies pledged to the two Parish Councils. The Clerk will ask Yealand Redmayne Parish Council if they would have problems with two projects. The issue of the footpath between the villages was raised again but there seems no possibility of moving this forward without the agreement of the landowners in both parishes.

Suggestions were made for alternative projects, either a bench or a plaque giving the history of the pound. The Clerk will ascertain whether we would need to reapply to the Landscape Trust. 

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Abbeyfield Trust Proposal, Cove Road, Silverdale 

Yealand Conyers would be in the catchment area for the proposed expansion of the Abbeyfield Home to provide owned houses giving continuing care for the elderly. 



A cheque for £40 was approved for Relyant Gardening.

The Clerk will thank John Holmes for the work he did for the Best Kept Village Competition.


Best Kept Village

Yealand Conyers received a Highly Commended Certificate. The judges found all the entries very interesting and were impressed by the high quality of the applications. 



07/0017/TCA   Felling of two Leyandii Trees, New Inn.

07/01022/CU   Change of use of coach House to Holiday accommodation. Mr Allen. 

There were no objections to either of these applications. 


Town and Parish Charter

The councillors had no comments to make on this document. 



There had been a near accident involving a pedestrian on Rose Acre Lane. Overhanging hedges are obscuring the view of drivers.   One landowner had acted promptly to the request from the Highways Authority and has cut the hedges. The other landowner has yet to respond .The Clerk will inform the Highways Authority. The work on the white lines and speed roundels is still outstanding. 


Yealand CE School

The Parish Council have been ask to approve the fixing of the Goal posts to the ground. It will increase safety and prevent vandalism. The Parish Council also approved  the provision of a padlocked gate which will increase security.