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Parish Council Minutes - September 2008




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Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 3rd September 2008 in the Quaker Meeting House, Yealand Conyers.

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Cllrs Rothwell, Calnan, Mercer, Panton, Jackson and Clerk D. Hancock. Community Police Officer, Tony Marsh and three members of the Parish also attended. 


Open Meeting

P.C. Marsh reported thefts from the Quaker Old School and a premise on the A6. There has been a neighbour dispute that involved the Police. Alcohol had been seized from under 18ís at a village event. Speed monitoring continues at three sites in the villages and antisocial driving measures have been implemented for speeding drivers.

Cllr Panton requested that vehicles driving along Dykes Lane are also monitored.

General concern was expressed over the potential increase in traffic along Dykes Lane if the Leighton Hall project proceeds. Large contractors vehicles would present a hazard to both pedestrians and buildings. Comparisons were drawn with Carnforth where vibrations from traffic had caused considerable damage to buildings on the High Street.

Cllr Panton asked whether 20mph signs are used in Lancashire. Cllr Rothwell informed the Parish Council that a speed limit review would soon be undertaken.

A static speed indicator costs £3,000. Some officers are undergoing training in the use of mobile speed traps. P.C. Marsh would request that these are utilised in the village.

Cllr Jackson asked whether the Clerk knew if the fire hydrants were serviced. Nobody knew where all the hydrants are situated. The Clerk will contact the Fire Brigade for information.

Mr Winder informed the Parish Council of his intention to reinstate the barn as a farm building if permission is refused for a holiday cottage. He would then concrete the access road so that cattle could be moved on and off the land.



There were no apologies.


Minutes of the meeting held on the 25th June 2008.

These were approved and signed by the Chairman Cllr Rothwell. 


Matters Arising

Bus timetable

The RIBS system has been reinstated. A correct timetable is posted on the Notice Board.

Best kept Village

Yealand Conyers has been unsuccessful this year. More publicity will be circulated in 2009 and at an earlier date.

The Clerk will collect the spring bulbs, John Holmes will be asked to plant them around the village. 

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Mr and Mrs Hancock agreed to strim the area around the pond as soon as weather conditions are suitable.

30mph signs

Foliage has been removed so these are visible

Leighton Hall

An email has been received from the Planning Office informing the Parish Council that the Leighton Hall representatives have ruled out Crag Foot as an access road for contractorsí vehicles.

The Parish Council will respond expressing our concern that the roads through the village are equally unsuitable for heavy traffic. The points already raised by the Parish Council have not been considered. There is a particular hazard on Dykes Lane. This is already signed íNot suitable for long vehicles.'  because they cannot negotiate the T junction with Yealand Road.

An increase in traffic could be hazardous to both buildings and pedestrians. There is also a lack of footpaths through the village.

The junction at Peter Hill and Yealand Road has already been deemed to have poor visibility by the Highways authority.

The sharp bend at the top of Peter Hill presents a hazard to long vehicles.

Cllrs Panton and Calnan asked how the strong feelings of the Parish Council could be given more consideration. Cllr Panton suggested informing Geraldine Smith M.P. about the proposals. Cllr Rothwell agreed to speak to both Geraldine Smith and Cllr Fishwick. 

Play Equipment

Mr Lodge, Community Futures had advised the Parish Council that funds are available for the purchase of Play equipment. This information has been forwarded to the School and the Clerk of Yealand Redmayne.


Village Pond

Mr Winder assured the Parish Council that he also wished to complete on the sale of the pond as soon as possible. He confirmed that the shooting and fishing rights belong to Mr Bates. The Clerk had confirmed the boundaries and that the pond was not going to be used for recreational purposes.

The pond is now officially protected as a habitat of Great Crested newts.

The Landscape trust do not wish to buy the pond but would manage the area at the cost of £50/day. It was agreed that on completion the Parish Council would do a risk assessment and ascertain whether an increase in public liability cover is necessary. A sign would be erected stating Danger Deep Water. Children must be supervised at all times. 



08/00237/FUL Appeal by Rogersons re extension to a single storey storage building

The Parish Council had several concerns about further expansion of this site. The number of portacabins has increased. There is increasing intensity of use.

The Company did not comply with the requirement to provide landscaping in the 2002 application.

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Excess surface water is a problem on this site. Holmer Tarn is adjacent to the building. During the winter of 2007-2008 the standing water presented a traffic hazard when Rogersons pumped excess water from their property out onto the A6. The Parish Council felt that this was highly dangerous. Consideration to the provision of adequate drainage should be addressed. 

08/00873/CU Parish Council/Neighbourhood Council Consultation

Change of use of barn to holiday accommodation with vehicle access from A6

The majority of the Councillors had no objections to the change of the barn to a holiday cottage.

There were still reservations about the revised plans for vehicle access from the A6 and the Highways Authority's comments should be taken into account.


Listed building application for the demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a new conservatory. Green Garth, 19 Yealand Road.

Cllr Calnan declared a prejudicial interest and vacated the room.

There were no objections to this proposal. 



A cheque for £39 was approved for Relyant Gardening.