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Parish Council Minutes - September 2011




Minutes of the Yealand Conyers Parish Meeting held on 7th September 2011 in the Quaker Old School, Yealand Conyers.



Cllrs Calnan, Mercer, Jackson, Panton and Butler, Clerk D. Hancock, City Cllr Kath Graham, Cllr Macklin, Clerk S. Brown and Mr Brown.

Cllr Calan welcomed Cllr Macklin and S. Brown and hoped that we could work together on issues that affect both parishes. 


Open Meeting

Mrs Hancock had received information from the Environment Agency  regarding the registration of septic tanks. The requirement to register was the result of regulations made in 2010 by the Defra and the Welsh Government as part of the implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive. Registration was considered to provide the lightest touch approach to meet legal obligations. The Environment Agency are now undertaking a joint review with government on the requirement to register small domestic discharges in England, details of which will be announced in the next few weeks. While the review is underway there is no requirement to register septic tanks in England. Householders may still register if they wish. This can be done by visiting the Environment Agency website. 

Cllr Graham advised that the City Council is responsible for clearing the sides of the roads and the County Council is responsible for the footpaths. She agreed to find out how this applies to Parish Councils that employ a Lengthsman.



There were apologies from P.C. Marsh.


Minutes of the meeting held on 6th July 2011

These were approved and signed by the Chair, Cllr Calnan. 


Matters Arising  

Weeds on Yealand Road

The weeds have been dealt with by the Lengthsman. The ivy has been cut back although there is still debris on the road which requires removal. 

Dog Fouling

Yealand Redmayne Parish council have placed a notice in the Village newsletter stating that the City Council’s dog wardens are now making regular visits to the area and have issued two on the spot fines. Free dog waste bags are available from Coffee Stop and Yealand Redmayne Cllrs. Cllr Butler had drafted an insert fro the newsletter urging dog owners to clean up after their dogs. Bagged waste can be placed in domestic grey bins or in the two communal bins within Yealand Conyers. Cllr Calnan thought that some culprits do not reside within the Parishes. However it was agreed

Page 229

that time should be allowed to see if these measures work, before increasing the use of wardens  

Wind turbine

The application for a wind turbine at Burton services has been passed. Cllr Panton expressed concern that the views of local people have been ignored. The application was passed without the availability of wind speed data. Planning applications for wind turbines require the use of an ammeter. It was agreed that Cllr Panton draft a letter to the Planning Department and David Morris MP with advice from the FELLS advisor. It has not been possible to arrange speakers to speak for and against methods of alternative energy but it is hoped that this can be arranged for a later date.


Police Report

P.C. Marsh had sent a report in which he stated that there have been no crimes reported. There has been one collision on the A6. The Police have continued to patrol the village regularly in order to deter antisocial behaviour and bad driving. It has not been possible to conduct any speed enforcement. P.C. Marsh has been appointed Community Beat manager for Carnforth in addition to his other duties. Cllr Calnan asked if a rota could be formed between Cllrs from both parishes in order to attend the PACT [Carnforth Police and Communities Together] meetings . These are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 18.30 in the Carnforth Civic Hall. Many of the issues are the same as those raised  within Parish Councils.

The Clerk agreed to Contact P.C. Marsh regarding the increasing number of signs by the road at Rogersons.



Cheques were approved

BDOLLP audit fee £60

Relyant Gardening £40

Yealand Friends meeting for room hire  £84  


Conclusion of Audit

The Audit opinion has been given. The Annual return has been approved and accepted by the Council. The Conclusion of Audit notice will be placed on the Notice Board. 


Matters arising from Audit

The Auditors asked that the Parish Council consider whether the level of Fidelity guarantee was sufficient to protect the monies held. The Parish Council agreed that the cover should not be increased. The Clerk agreed to ask the chair to sign the bank statements and that the balances be made available to each councillor prior to the meetings.


National Planning Policy framework

The Clerk had asked the Cllrs to read an article from the Journal of Local Planning regarding Government proposals to simplify national Planning guidance .The

Page 230

statement that ‘there is no necessary contradictions between increased levels of development and protecting and enhancing the environment’ have raised concerns.

Neighbourhood plans will have powers and that the restrictions that stand from being within an AONB will continue. There is a small area of the parish that lies outside the AONB.

Lancaster City Council is committed to building 400 new homes a year and various sites have been suggested as possible plots for building. One could be the field to the north of Well lane with around forty houses potentially built. It was agreed that the Clerk offer objections to this proposal. Our parish plan was only in favour of small developments of low cost housing. A development of forty houses would have a major impact on the area in terms of traffic along narrow lanes and the demand on utilities as well as the impact on the landscape. The Clerk would give details of the link to the Planning consultation portal to the cllrs.

At present no areas in Yealand Conyers have been identified as possible building plots. Cllr Calnan urged all cllrs to keep informed on these potential changes to planning laws. 


Reports from Meetings

The Clerk had attended a meeting on Low Carbon AONB which addressed the commitment of the AONB to reduce their carbon footprint. Climate change means that our environment will change and the AONB are keen to promote energy saving measures whilst protecting the landscape. Various renewable energy technologies were discussed. This will have an impact on how planning applications for solar panels and woodland and wetland management are viewed. 

The Clerk would place information on the notice board on how parishioners could receive free independent local energy advice in order to improve energy efficiency in their own homes. 


Bulky items disposal day

Bulky matters had asked if they could arrange a disposal day for unwanted items for the two parishes. The charge is £3/item. It was agreed to try to arrange a date for 28th October when the village hall car park would be free. Information would be sent to the Village newsletter.  


Increasing awareness of the work of the Parish Council

Cllr Calnan felt that many parishioners were not aware of the work that the parish Council perform. It was agreed that there should be more input to the Village newsletter. Cllrs could attend Coffee Stop and also show more of a presence at local meetings. It was agreed to discuss this matter further at the next meeting.


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